How many filmfare awards has

How many filmfare awards has won so farknows it very well and the reason behind it is epic Check it out hereClick here to watch it On YouTube

iFaridoon Mumbai, India How many filmfare awards has @ikamalhaasan won so far? @shrutihaasan knows it very well and the reason behind it is epic. Check it out here! #TalkingFilms #BollywoodHungama Click here to watch it On YouTube : Journalist based in Mumbai, India, who believes in credible infotainment. Works at Bollywood Hungama. Views are personal. RTs are not endorsements.
bungarsargon Brooklyn @washingtonpost It would be really nice if the far left looked at this ban on Jewish Pride flags and symbols and asked, "How have we contributed to an environment in which this is possible? This year of all years?" I'm really, really hoping that's what today brings. Don't @ me, pessimists! Opinion Editor at the Forward, but opinions here are my own. Hit me up with some hot takes: batya@forward.com
agentbizzle So Oculus Quest is my favorite new toy since the Nintendo Switch launched. It's ridiculously fun. I'm super impressed with how comfortable/hassle-free it is for VR. So far I've bought: - Vader Immortal - Beat Saber - Superhot - Tilt Brush What other games & apps should I buy? Host/producer at IGN. I make Up at Noon, Beyond, & NVC. Also the Comedy Button & Weird Heat. Comedy writer, musician, Star Wars nerd & pizza snob. Stay busy.
How Far is it?
chomiieon 레이븐의 마음 @choiyewun Good afternoon, Arin? Is it okay to call you with just name? Kkk how is your day going so far anyway? Still promoting your latest song? [ RP ] 아이.. 안녕하세요, (여자)이이들의 파워 보컬 미연입니다. (여자)이이들의 공식 트위터 @G_I_DLE. 레이븐의 11O2 부부 *ೃ༄ #옴면면면
Sometallwhited1 @MSNBC He's far from the only one whose appalled... . 6corporations of less own all themajormedia. Whatharm couldcomefromthat?Endless, cascading,corruption,& from how widespread it is, turns some to automaticdenial of just how evil the corporatefascistoligarchy is&then🐘s exploit that👎 ClosingtheGap byGmB Bailey, 🐘s?,are wrong on every issue,cheat to get elected,&by definition fit description of domestic terrorists. Vote🐘out?
OfficialIIUM Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Assalamualaikum. How's your Raya Celebration so far? Still in Raya mood perhaps? Well, don't forget to perform six days fasting in Syawal if possible. It is highly recommended. #leadingtheway #iiumraya The official twitter account of International Islamic University Malaysia, Garden of Knowledge and Virtue.
Pryzies 200 Subs 5,000+ Channel Views How is it looking so far? Player for @RoseHQs | @vlonefuy is a cutie
quillypen VA, USA @JasperHedgehog Haha, I'll try em! Gonna get all the level 0 character wins first though, it looks like things get hard. How far have you gotten? And which character is your favorite? (he/him) Tabletop roleplayer, Magic player, indie music fan.
DefenderToronto Fort York, Upper Canada What is it with the far right and their belief that they're living in something akin to The Matrix? These sorts of faux-grave pronouncements are a dime a dozen among this crowd. Then they go back to memes about gay frogs and talk about how they all hate each other. 🏳️‍🌈Tweets about Faith Goldy are fair criticism of a public figure using openly available facts. Profile pic computer generated; will change when I get bored
mollysmcdonough pennington, nj @abbydphillip @takingaction4us Is it going too far to say that this is treasonous? Traitorous, clearly. How far do we let Trump go before our national security and intelligence forces are completely decimated? #ImpeachTrumpNow molly sword mcdonough, concert producer, Obama/ Hillary Democrat, politics, music, sports, DOGS
plascencia_ap @5point5Dan I don’t think plugging guys in from the minors and thinking they’re all gonna pan out is smart. How many of those guys have really worked this year? Reyes, wingenter, Stock, Wieck all guys expected to be strong this year. And all have been far from it.
breebwrites1 Ta~da! My next read in honor of Pride Month! “Let’s Talk About Love” by the oh-so-talented @KannClaire and so far, ya’ll...I’m fuckin’ in love. 👀 I mean, second chapter in, I was hooked and giggling and awwing because how cute is this!? Read it with me! #currentlyreading Reader of romance. Writer of romance. Advocate for my plus-sized, Brown-skinned beauties! 🤗😘
dekiiranika Bhutan @kesangep @KoreanUpdates Ikrrrr and now I heard that sbs is going to edit out hanbin from LOTJ( don’t know how far it is true) but seriously???? Whyyyyy man urghhhh such a mood spoiler. I really want to find out who tf A is -:- || iKON ㅠㅠ || Double-B & Junbob enthusiasts 💋💋💋 || iKON || Love scenario SOTY 2k18|| B.I Best song writer ||
TheDoctorStark Winterfell Reflecting on my writing is hard because I'm just like how have I made it this far? I really BS'ed my way into a university and they bought it all. I also just think right now I'm on a creative burn out coming off a presentation and 2 essays. I can't write any more. 💀 🇲🇽🇺🇸 | Film student | I love the world, but I just don't love the way it makes me feel. My love isn't lost, it's all I got. | #PinstripePride | #IronMan
ShadacusBlkhrt @Purplepardus Actually Metroid Prime 4 is in the works as far as I know. How can anyone be disappointed you ask? Well look at what people say about Other M, which frankly given the syetem it was on yea bad controls mainly. Not your average furry. Wolf with the mouth! Writer,idea guy,learning how to make stuff. Fursuiter, DM friendly. Lover of action and horror...and booze
PsychicHygiene Adelaide, South Australia Many will always think Labor is a left party, no matter how far right they move ie to the so-called "sensible centre", determined by the might of the billionaire right. So why not go for it & actually be what people believe it stands for & stop the dissonance? #mixedeconomy Tweets like the clappers during my executive time. Lives in Ngangkiparinga, with gratitude to Kaurna nation. She/hers. Not anonymous if you ask.
sn_caranci @ZachLowy How does ffp do nothing to psg? I understand their owner is rich but doesn’t ffp only calculate how much the club makes and everything having to do with money wise just in the club? France tv rights are the lowest of top 5 leagues and they don’t make it too far in UCL ⚽️ account |Forza Azzurri | ✍️ for @calcioholicblog |
sQDriver1 @justinamash how is your China business cash flow doing ? Trump's tariffs affecting it so far? I Luv Q & Q+
CallMeAhmjusAyn @PauletteParis1 @ksorbs 6) I am not one to call @gop #conservative #maga #TrumpTrain2020 Nazis. We don't have #ConcentrationCamps as such. We do have #TrumpChildrenCamps and #privatePrisons (#jeffsessions is invested). But how far down the road are we/u comfortable going? Those who know #history see it. The variety of humanity fascinates. Rise above ignorance, goose the apathetic. History: Remember the Dachau Dems. Obama, my captain. Blocked by @secupp. Why!?🗣
EL1JAX_ Canada @Scott_Ayers @MeredithLClark okay so i think i understand. In your schools they teach you "taking a stand" is "treason" or "burning the flag" or "terrorism"..did i get it right? I actually feel pain for your founding fathers looking at how americans respond to protest. how far you have fallen :( //be a master at your craft, but know you're not the master.
notsowiseowl San Francisco, CA @laurenthehough This thread was majestic and majestically depressing. How is it possible that all these people have made it this far in life with absolutely no self-awareness whatsoever?! What is that *like*? Storysmith/word witch for hire, website 👇🏻 (formerly of @harperbooks/@harperperennial/@doubledaybooks). Owned by a pug, recovering New Yorker. She/her.