How low can Oma go

How low can Oma go is now expected to remain offshore but will continue to impact the southern Qld amp northern coast for several days So how unusual is it for a to track this far south Read our blog for more TC Wanda 1974

BOM_au Australia How low can Oma go? #CycloneOma is now expected to remain offshore, but will continue to impact the southern Qld & northern #NSW coast for several days. So, how unusual is it for a #cyclone to track this far south? Read our blog for more: πŸ“· TC Wanda 1974 Official Bureau of Meteorology account for national weather and Bureau information. Always check for the latest warnings.

Omonioboli Lagos, Nigeria It’s obvious they don’t care about us! How do you postpone elections with just a few hours to go? 😑 Seriously?!!! People have traveled far and wide! International observers are here! The whole nation is set and you do this? Why make us a laughing stock? 😀 #NigeriaDecides2019 Wife, Mom, Award Winning Actress & Producer, Writer, Director, Author, Fashionpreneur. #TutuFellow

Lexialex Back in the day I used to breeze through a torn ligament ordeal...either this stuff gets harder with age or Germany had by far better pain management. How is it possible that your choices in America are meds that don’t work or meds that will turn you into an opium addict? Palestinian by blood πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Έ German by birth American by choice

MarleHarlequin @Melipastel1 Oh Feel better ! Tea is the best ! πŸ˜€ Saw you've been playing FF9, How you enjoying it so far ? After FF8, that one would be my second favorite FF game.

Jinzle_ USA Y’all ever think maybe this is it for you? Like the growth you’ve made so far is all you were meant to have? My YouTube growth is all I’ve ever been meant to have until I get tired of doing it? Shits crazy to think about, how destiny in life already has you figured out YouTube | Twitch | JOIN MY DISCORD | Don’t Dream About It, Be About It | ▢️◀️
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RUINDOLLY she/her hi ! i hope you've had a great day so far. what time is it for u? - πŸ’« β€” rn it’s 3:12am! i had an okay ish day, how about u? sixteen | switch (dom+)

PIOYuodis37 Louisville, KY Thank you @LivePdFans @OfficialLivePD for spreading our message about #moveover! How far can it go this week?! πŸ‘€πŸš“πŸš’πŸš‘ #moveover #moveover #moveover #moveover @BEACON_4_LIFE Once 2000 followers is hit, the last 100 people will receive a goodie bags! Let’s MOVE OVER! Firefighter/Public Information Officer/Spokesperson. Official Information @jeffcofire/ @nioa /@NABJ member/#Engaged πŸ’‘ #moveover πŸ‘€πŸš“πŸš’πŸš‘

KodaMathenia Missouri, USA Car shopping is STRESSFUL. Like how far can I stretch my budget yet how bad can I low ball and get away with it? AND why do people try to sell cars with 300,000 miles on it for $5000? Your tiny 3 1/2 door car with a rusted hood is gonna blow up in a week, BITE ME Momma of boysπŸ’™ #wifetobe2019

kendrybird New York, NY Is there a ST poster this tour? I would love one of those... this album is by far my FAV Muse album art ever!! How cool if I had a Weeknd "Starboy" poster and ST one next to it πŸ˜πŸ‘€ All the space vibes!!! Novelist, jewelry designer, fashion vlogger, alien. πŸ¦„πŸŒŸπŸ‘½
SolielFluer Wagstaff School Anyone gone to Planned Parenthood before for UTI testing? How much does it cost? (So far the cheapest is $40) A safe space for everyone who thought @nlyonne was gay. August 2019 ✈️ China bound. #FutureExpat

StandsforMe This NCT theory is mind blowing. How could they think of it this far? I mean, i only stan them without wondering anything πŸ˜‚ paboya. #NCT127 #NCTTheory #NCT #SMtown What do you want?

Jherane_ Jamaica I feel like I'm being trolled, is this really his lawyer? Everything he has said to the press so far sounds like it's out of satirical guide on 'How To Defend A Rapist.' I like books, plants, tea, @LANDS_ja, and @RebelWomenLit [She/Her] I'm a 🌈 too.

playinggamez Eugene, OR @NBCNews @NBCNewsMACH I think we may find it IS the "Largest" Planet. At Least: Most Intricate...LOL... WE ALREADY Knew that... REALIZE Makes the world go 'Round! How far did "the RABBIT HOLE" down WE go? Born in the United States. #JUDICATION ~~~~ created by: Jesse Ryan Dobson

richrtkmedia Colorado Springs @AOC How about you do nothing and then Earth will get hot and cold like it has over the entirety of its history. And if there is an issue, how are you going to fix the real countries that are contributing to pollution? Oh, forgot, you think the earth ends only as far as you can see! Lover of all who don't cheat

themoderator86 Nevada, USA @LawyerGirlMiami Oh now you’re reaching. Which is funny because it’s so far from the truth. You’ve built a page from anger of how dusty your vagina is. All that brain power and all you can do is talk about a dick you never seen? Someone really hurt you in your past huh? Calling out media that spins news stories to fit a left or right narrative. Moderate politics will set us free. United we stand, divided we fall.

MattDeGennaro Miami, FL @ALittleOfJoe I am loving it so far. Just day one. How is Michiko liking hers? Mosquito neuroscientist & Cnidarian geneticist

lellowturtle @EricBeckerman @zarachxndler I'm convinced anything the Internet has for YouTubers and streamers as far as networth goes is super false. Because you can track movie stars and TV stars, it shows you how much they get paid per movie/TV episode per show, etc. But YouTube? Twitch? How would they begin? Praying for love in a lap dance| Book Lady| Meme Grandma| Over-communicator| She/Her| πŸ¦„β­| I'm an old weirdo and human freckle| πŸπŸ‘‘

WWeaverbot It measures the average how far does a ball move before it is not science?