How is significant after 30

How is significant after 30 years What are some recent discoveries How far can it seeAnswers to all these questions and more from scientist Jennifer Wiseman in the latest episode of at Home

NASA 🔭 How is @NASAHubble significant after 30 years? 💫 What are some recent discoveries? 👀 How far can it see? Answers to all these questions and more from scientist Jennifer Wiseman in the latest episode of #AskNASA at Home: #Hubble30 Explore the universe and discover our home planet with @NASA. We usually post in EDT (UTC-4)

t0nit0ne London, England Also, I think it’s so damaging when parents use their children to form competition with other parents. Like who cares about what so and so’s child is doing?! Focus on supporting and loving your own child. That’s how your child gets far. Content Creator | Speaker | As seen on @HuffPost, @Cosmopolitan, @OprahMagazine, @MailOnline and more | @YWTrust Ambassador | IG: t0nit0ne | Toni@ToniTone.co.uk

robertshrimsley @PickardJE Other useful questions for the media: Can the secretary of state tell us how far it is to Tipperary? Can he suggest anywhere we might pack up our troubles? Is there anywhere we might see bluebirds? Chief UK political commentator and UK editor at large, Financial Times; no sense of English irony.
austin_grabill1 It feels so pointless Is anyone there Where is your faith That keeps you moving Who decides how far we go Who walks behind us in case we Trip over, the smallest crack Am I Unworthy? These things can only be said so many times Before they become our fears $AustinGrabill (just for @cashapp)

deesiredes_ Cornbread Fed Ave. @D_1andOnly_ How is it so far? 1913. 🔺

GarlandTraining Cheshire, United Kingdom Apparently today is Thursday (not yesterday). So what are you doing today? I put a new running belt on our ancient treadmill yesterday, so today I'll be using it for a while. Wonder how far I'll make it? Here to help with your safety training needs. Fire, Food, First aid, H&S, Mental health, Safeguarding, Security & more. Contact us to see how we can help you.

_JohannaT_ Deutschland @horseissues I'm happy for you! I also had surgery last september on my acl, but I am still far away from doing anything like that.. I basically lost all my muscle after surgery and it is taking me forever to get it back. how did you manage to get back so quickly? I workout every other day..

comeherefloyd New Jersey, USA RT nprmusic: Our Daily Breather for April 29: Steve Aoki (steveaoki) is cultivating a workout routine in quarantine. How has he made it stick so far? "Start with one thing that is manageable," he told us. Unique writing and reviews on music. 'Quirk' comes with the territory (IG) FzJ2pA

OviattDoug Sandy, UT @saribethrose @Alyssa_Milano How is it complex? I saw no wavering, no rationalization, no equivocating, no explanations when it was Kavanaugh being accused with far less credibility. No, she was adamant that we believe all women. Why is that not applicable now? Molon Labe

choppa_matsimbi Malamulele, South Africa @OfficialSASSA @MorningLiveSABC I think we need to face reality. How long will it gonna take those volunteers on the ground to reach everyone in far remote areas? My worry is that they may get the money in the final 2 month of these 6 while those with access would have received it from May US Alumni 📚📖 Football ⚽️ my daily dose @KaizerChiefs, @ChelseaFC and @FCBarcelona Music 🎼 🎻 runs in my veins

emothurman Lidia 💕 EVERYONE SAY HAPPY BDAY LIDIA!!!! yes! it is my gfs bday! and boy oh boy where do I start? I’m so proud of her and how far she’s come in just the 3 bdays we’ve been together for! everyday this woman both exceeds and knocks down every expectation that’s been thrown at her. I’m Maddy, I’m 23, and I got throat cancer from eating some bad pussy (she/her)

TheNewK10703348 @TeamKenFM #Google is #Alternativlos. There are Internet 3.0 platforms (like #steem or #Cos) but people just don't know how to get there & therefore so far it is #censorship 1 - #freespeech 0. What can change the game? The New King - the one that moves the crypt

AphexGwyn @OneTrueSpartan @MarPerRodr @newsman1000 @toadmeister Do you know how a five year average works? 2020 has seen a number of deaths, in hospitals and care homes, far in excess of the last five years. If it's not Covid19, then what is it? We won, get over it! ...as soon as you can tell us exactly what it is that we won.

SalvadorBernal @PibbleGal @jtcope4 @MattWalshBlog 66,000+ American corpses so far is "Trump took it seriously"? How many America's would be dead if trump believed it really was a "hoax"?

Bennishoes Denver, CO @rrxvamp CHRIST; like 2020 years?! Like 2020x365x180000?! Gimme the smaller 2 numbers a day and I’m retiring ASAP. It’s like I’m trying to understand how far another galaxy is away Promotional Product / Custom Apparel Sales / Tour Merch @abstractrude @illeniummusic @jauzofficial

CoupeBad Progressive_Independent @dcexaminer @RepJerryNadler Ask Tucker Carlson .. Trumps Cock Is So Far Up His Ass it's effecting his Speech . @seanhannity @foxandfriends How Many Dead Americans Can be Attributed to @rupermurdoch @foxnews Purposely False Misleading Sensationalized Partisan Lying to the Public? Inquiring @FCC @cnn @ap retweet_&_retweet

LiamMcIlvanney Dunedin, NZ ‘How far will the Scottish Government’s strategy protect its people and save lives?’, is surely the pertinent question. Not ‘how far will it differ from the UK?’ Academic, slow-motion crime writer, dad, Kilmarnock supporter, adoptive New Zealander. Working on new novel (sequel to The Quaker), due 2021 from HarperCollins.

idaannleo Melbourne How do you guys think it is so far? Heyo! Welcome stranger who is looking at my page UwU I am a Gacha Life and roblox artist! I do art for to 50 Roblox or 10,000 diamonds-Royale high :D

JustinaBenson10 United Arab Emirates @vicdugu @estherclimate @daily_trust The thought process of a follower is even more dangerous than that of the so called leader. How difficult for you to reason it out that we're multiplying geometrically far above our means & resources? Are you even taxed like the small developed nations? Girl-Child Advocate, Project Handler, Risk Mgt. Enthusiast

im_shenoi Cochin, Bharat @surnell Ji is the Virus spreading now in outskirts too of cities?? So far Good Management I heard how has it been in the past 1-2 weeks?? GSBian | Utd❤️ | SwayamSevak |Inspiration:@narendramodi/@Tejasvi_Surya. Law Aspirant~Interested in Law,Politics, Economics~ | TWEETS = Personal | |Views = Mine|

MauiLiberty Maui, Hawaii It is outrageous that Orange Psycho is forcing meat processing plants to remain open. How many workers will die because of this? And for what? Meat is not essential in anyone's diet. Most Americans eat far too much of it and would benefit by laying off it for a few months. Rationalist, anti-health fraud writer/activist, defender of free speech & due process, dangerous to government criminals and criminal governments.

cakeintherain Kansas, USA @MarFdzL I'm not sure when I'll get to watch it, but I loved S1. How is S2 starting out, good so far? Lurking on the internet, but not in a creepy way.

hexhammer_ @HJfod @_exerity this is a fair point but i still don't see how it discredits NONG songs? if it's not on newgrounds it doesn't harm the site directly. or are people uploading stuff like reanimate or xo in hopes that the original creator will use it far more common than i make it out to be she/her, thank u \\ pfp by myself and @npckc \\ banner is a pic of @Shotoid \\ priv account is @sherryinsilence \\

tlakomy Poznan, Poland @notmadhur How is it going so far? 🌟 Senior Frontend Engineer @OLXtecheurope 🌟 @eggheadio instructor 🌟 AWS Certified 🌟 Tech speaker 🌟 jQuery evangelist (lol) 🌟 Profile pic by @mirlu_exe

kalaish23 London, England @JGForsyth On what basis? The UK has the highest per capita death rate in the world. What use has any of it been. Having google on a call is absolutly meaningless and just shows how far out their depth they all are. DnB lovin, Scienceatist, Futurist & CEO

BrynCocynFarm Denbigh, Wales & how far must human interference shrink? Whatever the grassland polemicists say – no (UK) grassland is as rich in life as the forest it has replaced. Yet, beautiful human cultures have evolved with grasslands. How can we deny that? . Here’s something – thinking of the UK, ... I write about the possibility of a more convivial economy - with shrunken needs and increased happiness. My day job is on an organic farm in North Wales.

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