How is it possible that

How is it possible that the officials so far seem to completely out of synchtheyre under big microscope here even more than usual

BillPlaschke Los Angeles, CA How is it possible that the officials so far seem to completely out of synch?..they're under big microscope here, even more than usual @latimes sports columnist and regular panelist on @ESPN's Around The Horn.

JazzTrombonist Los Angeles, California If this picture of a trombone gets 1 Million Retweets, we will knock Kylie Jenner's babies 1st birthday out of trending... How far can we take it? Internet, it is in your hands... Trombonist & Music Producer Featured on @abc @foxtv @buzzfeed @ryanseacrest @msn @mashable @yahoonews 20+Million Views Album charts @amazon

KMacTWN Canada How low can you go? This is the coldest it's been so far this winter in these cities. Interesting to note that #Toronto has managed to get colder than #Edmonton. That will change soon though. Shout out to Geraldton, Ontario. @weathernetwork @weathernetwork evening anchor, @bcsc spokesperson, and lover of patios. Don't shoot the messenger.

m_i_c_kelley South Dakota, USA (Rt is Halsey puts you in the feels)πŸ–€ Tell me how's it feel sittin' up there Feeling so high but too far away to hold me You know I'm the one who put you up there Name in the sky Does it ever get lonely? Thinking you could live without me

loftontech @RobHarbin8 Do you need a map to know how far Afghanistan is from our southern border? He was a Navy Seal, for which he deserves honor & respect. In no way is it something that prepares him for national security policy making. Might has well claim he's an expert on everything ala Trump. All opinions provisional

fanoonman Phoenix, AZ @CatsRule98 @TulsiGabbard @ggreenwald @nbc Why? When & how was it infallibly determined that Russia is Absolute Evil, and everything it could possibly want is Evil simply because it wants it? Should we start World War III just because Russia doesn't want this? How far do we take this unbridled hate and irrational logic? Nutritional consultant/formulator, Parfarg analyst, polyrhythmic yodeler, cybercretin; 1996 Olympic Chortling team--Zoomboovia (bronze medalist); more to come!

JustinKamp2 #MWE day 2: funny that the first concept album was just β€œsad” The music is almost alien in how calcified it is but overall interesting in thinking of the definition of β€œalbums” as we know them- is a concept album all that far from an orchestral suite? WSH straddles worlds apparently the second Justin Kamp | I write Bylines: @pastemagazine @chicagoreader email: jkamp36@gmail.com

troicurtosi Phoenix,AZ @Michael40004521 Wrong, first of all, the amount of coverage on the liberal media is low in comparison to attacks on Republicans over far less. Even CNN tried to soften it by doing an article on how the critics are missing so much. They ask,"Who would pass the racist abstinence pledge? I am a happily married conservative American man. Currently I work in behavioral health motivational counseling. I am working on my Masters in LPC #LNYHBT

astralhaze01 @CyTheFox Sounds fun. How far is it? Bi/pan? Vegan furry maso/sub, ~18.014 years old (sill probably forget to update that. In fact, will definitely not update it ever 0.001 year)

VirtuousRaee Chasing After God Man how Rams make it this far? Goff is a joke! A Proverbs 31 Lady ! ❀️ Blessed ..Faithing it until I make it! Howard Alumna πŸ’™ | Educator 🍎 | Grad Student πŸ“

Com4tbly_Numb Goff is horrible! How did the Rams make it this far? #SuperBowl It's better to die on your feet then to live on your knees.

Grace3rd Valley Forge @wegotmail @RealJamesWoods THAT, and how far does it go? Mouse-traps? They are animals too! We KILL 1000000’s of pigs, steers,fish... to eat. Thats kinda cruel too. Where is the line? (Fellow hunter; was making jerky all day from my buck!) Just a peaceful USAF vet,defending the Constitution,from all enemies,foreign+domestic. I usually use humor or logic to insult the bad guy.

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