How hot is it in

How hot is it in Snapshot of conditions at 2pm - city sitting on 32C and parts of the far west about 40C Unfortunately stopped reporting from about 1am this morning and we are working to get this up and running again soon See latest at

BOM_NSW New South Wales, Australia How hot is it in #Sydney? Snapshot of conditions at 2pm - city sitting on 32C and parts of the far west about 40C. Unfortunately #Penrith stopped reporting from about 1am this morning and we are working to get this up and running again soon. See latest at Official Bureau of Meteorology account for New South Wales weather information. Always check for the latest warnings.
Kellinquinn world Can we just stop and appreciate how good @olobersyko is at singing? It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come my friend! You really shine on this new album! Can’t wait to jam #amo all the way through! @bmthofficial
PamelaGeller At Pakistan’s command, Twitter warns me to seek legal counsel for violating sharia law: How far is Twitter going to accommodate the brutal regime? How much information are they sharing? Home address? Bank details? Geotags? Editor, Publisher, Geller Report Author, FATWA: Hunted in America (Slayer of dragons, Facebook follow: How far is it?
TheDragonsRage Earth-33 I love how it’s 2019 and Frieza is still around. Like what?? Super has done some fun stuff so far. "I am not, nor will I ever be, most people" 🇪🇨 🇺🇸
fejj_keff @badimo Hey, can you guys make the handcuffs have less range? I have lost count if how many times I have been arrested from far away. Another Idea is to have it when you touch the criminal with handcuffs they are arrested.
SarahMaeSutton In a Book @realbethweg Same here! I have no idea what a "block" is. I mean I know it means something in distance, but how far, exactly, is a block? Self-proclaimed demon killer. #YAAuthor #AmWriting something top secret (not really) Jeremiah 29:11
MxskedManClaus @NowherePSIboy "How far is it....?" "..." "What?" "I'm always here for you @FuckOffPigmasks"
wingod All Over @runvc The problem is though that contrarian involves risk, and it is far easier to invest like the herd and hope you have picked the right horse. That is why we have 60 funded small launch vehicle companies with no possibility of more than 2-3 winners. How do we beat this? I design and develop new space architectures and am interested in the confluence of history and technology. We live in the 21st century, time to act like it!
ratboyyyyyyyyyy McMinnville, OR #hitechhockey It’s cool that y’all are trying to add these things, but it’s honestly not that great to watch. Who cares how far apart the players are? Do we really need to see a blue line behind the players? They aren’t hard to see like the puck is sometimes! The time on ice and
jmcgvino Perth, Australia @australian @NikkiGemmell It’s officially a young country given federation only took place in 1901, we enjoy far more freedoms than most of the world, we are indeed surrounded by sea, we are abound with the gift of nature: beauty, rich and rare. How is that anthem wrong exactly? Sounds pretty accurate. British-Australian #drinksindustry trained wine-nerd, #pubquizzer #electronicmusic enthusiast & occasional promoter. #Gay & proud 🏳️‍🌈
Jasmine_Jewels Chicago, NYC, LA @SpeakerPelosi Did @brianstelter & @RepAdamSchiff write this thread for you because it sounds just like a @CNN fake story. 😂 How is it do since President Trump has imposed far greater sanctions than Obummer ever had? Luxury Atmosphere Model & Companion • TS Entertainer • Lingerie Enthusiast • My Boudoir awaits you 💃🏻 Available Worldwide! Wishlis
grxyscastle This is the compilation of fails so far, how much longer will it get? @Joe_Sugg @dbuzz6589 I would like a jam sandwich
Si7entMajority United States Why? Let Saudi work out their own problems. We have enough as it is. But, if you're really interested, send the socialists & Dems over there. Let's see how far they will go. God👑 Christ👑Jesus, ❤Family, ❤USA ProLife.❤Animals #MAGA💯.Here 2 support #Trump2020. (Bckup Acct) IFB Consv. & Indepen.🚫Porn🚫Lists
firecrackersma1 LOL How much has Mexico Paid! Trump will never see a Wall approved. It is far more likely the Southern Border will look like the Northern Border in 6 years. Why ship everything from China? Let's Buy it from Mexico and other Countries all the way to Cape Horn!
prayforsanity2 @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump What fund raising have you done so far? How much are you getting for the children taken at the border? 50-60K a head is a good price and lucrative business. Much better than most of Donald's have done over the years. BTW it's Romney isn't it? Believe in America and have morals. Guess I'll never be President.
RJDownard Spokane WA @Jandrewgotsguns @RubrumDiaboli @TertiusIII @TakeThatEpi @EBatterson @Melbajapan @glennmc60 @C_82l @JohnSmith_LA @show_tao @sethgambee @LeannEAF @zalphaprime @orna_verum @malo_j @umfpt @MaddyShenanigan @Canna420Uk @HaircutSpock @geraldpayne25 @jools6691 @bubbacav85 @andyguy @Liberal_Leigh @Genesis31292337 @1pckt @treyj_miller @2Cents69 @CubeSteve @TBesserwisser @tklforgiven @AtyHans @hauxton @michellmybell1 @c_element6 @AdamBlackstar @TheophilusPrime @Jesus_is_G_d @JamesSandzik @Cern_lXXl @zythophiliac @rmbctious @gulminaHi @chrischristex16 @bobcat7000 @TakeThatChem @phyzayo @djslanty @Mwforhr @carlsmythe No we haven't seen much evidence of that so far, J. What would be an example of how punc-eek is applied in the real world (and it has been)? Recount your knowledge there. #TIP Troubles in Paradise anticreationism project + new "Evolution Slam Dunk" science book & "The Paralogs of Phileas Fogg" steampunk mystery sci fi adventure
ChiefPrinceAdam I'm a Supreme Organizer right? So I can see how man could mistake an angel for a god. Monotheism is a huge idea, and that's why it took Friday, Saturday, & Sunday to explain it. The weekend but its far from the weak end. How perfect is my lord the supreme? Business/Music/Film/Fashion/News - Boss Of @EEnterLLC (One-dollar salary) & @Back2TheFresh And Founder Of @Excalibershine😎
Heisenberg2893 @ewarren So your plan is to steal money from our strongest sources of economic growth because you say they don’t need it? Do you understand anything about how the economy works? The far left is a joke. 😂 Father, Husband, Grinder
NYBombers56 Coweta, OK @realDonaldTrump Hey, motherfucker, you know as well as anybody that the Dossier has so far been verified. Ya’ worried about the pee-pee tape? You and Ms. Lindsey in a threesome or just together? You surrounded yourself w/an incompetent staff and cabinet. Is this how you thought it would be? I love the Yankees, Celtics, Redskins, Kentucky basketball and Notre Dame football. Americana music and Liberal politics.Steinbeck, Doctorow, Banks, Hornby.
DestinySquared in ur buttt Watching more of GT while I work: it's kinda sad how short the baby saga is?? I'm on the last saga with the dragons and like....idk....I'm sad Baby is gone??? He was so interesting and had a good origin....the dragons are 'ok' but nothing special so far :/ ☀Artist with some NSFW🔞 ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀COMMISIONS OPEN;
OverUnderClover Crawfordsville, IN @VABVOX It is terrifying how young most of these shooters are. Has anyone looked at whether they were participating in similar social media or had a similar media diet? These cases are all far too similar. How much of this is trump cult flipping out and externalizing their rage/loss. I KEEP PENCE RECEIPTS, DM ME WITH YOURS: LIST OF TOOLS FOR #RESISTANCE (txts,apps) :: donate to @spreadthevoteus
cinematic_rand Morwell, Victoria, Australia This is the theme to Bundy's Tapes, the theme to Bundy's Tapes. Teddy called me up and asked if I would write his theme song. I’m almost halfway finished. How do you like it so far? How do you like the theme to Bundy's Tapes? #TedBundyTapes Servant of physical media, pizza nut and Planet of the Apes enthusiast. 💿🍕🐵 FB | Proud sponsor of @CTCrunchcast
Obs509 @mitchellvii @gtconway3d @BreitbartNews Oh boys, this is so sad. Making Pelosi look strong gives you a better chance of getting a rogue EO through the courts, stealing money from DOD? Okay, have at it, see how far you get. The Freedom Caucus is the Achilles heal of the GOP, it will forever poison your future.
47young1 Teaching #ReadingRecovery #FrightClub Hi guys. How is it so far? Mom.Wife.Headbanger.Teacher I was here B4 computers.I❤️ #horror #ReadingRecovery #cancersurvivor #MentalHealthForAll Young at❤️Tags Sat PM on @HashtagRoundup
grllzlyricbot ▶️ Are we just too far to be as one again? Are we obsidian? Is this how it is? posts gorillaz lyrics once an hour @saturnzbarz
ExaltedForseer Traveling to make sure no Grimas are afoot She only drinks a small amount before spitting some of it up; the display is far from elegant. "Gods this taste awful. How can the Belmonts drink it as if it is water?! Bleh..." I will not be restrained by the outcome of the past. A new future will be carved for the people!
silvrfoxdelight Mars Ugh! Why does progress take so long and how come one person is able to duck it all up? Why isn't one person able to tear down all the barriers that have been standing in our way for far too long? Why does it take so long for us to wake up and stop playin these GAMES 'Cause all my thoughts are lavender and pastel green 🧚🏽‍♀️💋🔫💎🍇

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