How far can these Athletics

How far can these Athletics go in OctoberEK Put it this way there is no reason to say they CANT win

MLBONFOX How far can these Athletics go in October? EK: "Put it this way, there is no reason to say they CAN'T win." Eat, sleep, breathe baseball? We do too: Official @FOXSports MLB Coverage and home of "MLB Whiparound" - WATCH weeknights at 11PM ET/8 PM PT on @FS1

JohnWDean Los Angeles, CA We are witnessing the end of democracy as we have known it for about 230 years. The GOP is not only ignoring norms of democracy but they are ignoring the laws. They are playing the system to see how far they can go and will the GOP SCOTUS let them do it? Author, Lecturer, Columnist (Justia), CNN contributor, fmr Nixon White House Counsel, and fmr Goldwater Chair of Amer. Inst. at Az State Un. Pix of my girls.

slpng_giants Hey @SusanWojcicki and @TeamYouTube, how are you still hosting this virulently anti-Semitic video? Why is it so hard to keep hate off of your website? This is just more proof that you care far more about engagement than the safety and health of your platform. A campaign to make bigotry and sexism less profitable. “They’re the worst.” - Steve Bannon

ramz_maphongo South africa Limpopo @Sifiso49448589 @samthingsoweto How is it so far? #bucaa #gooner and the man .... fuck politician's............ Joan na Andisani (Dad with Girl's)