How could I not be

How could I not be pleased with this commentary We cannot expect Indian consumers to irrationally prefer Indian products but we are naturally delighted when there is an appreciation of how far we have come It encourages us to progress even more rapidly

anandmahindra Mumbai, India How could I not be pleased with this commentary? We cannot expect Indian consumers to irrationally prefer Indian products, but we are naturally delighted when there is an appreciation of how far we have come... It encourages us to progress even more rapidly. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Chairman Mahindra Group
XHNews Headquartered in Beijing, PRC One small step for Chang'e-4, one giant leap for humankind! How did the probe reach the far side of the moon? What is it looking for? #XinhuaSpecial explains all! China insight, global view. Join us for the latest news. For top science news, follow @xhscitech. Latest sport news @xhsports. Our app 📲 
funnydanny Washington, DC How far have Redskins fallen? The metric for keeping a coach is: 'the professional football players tried most of the time' I'd fire Gruden tonight but honestly it doesn't matter until the Snyder/Allen dragon is slain. Host of Grant&Danny Show 10-2 on 106.7 The Fan, Comic, Dork, Standup CD
jessica1118 Philadelphia, PA Did you ever think about how this particular moment in time is a moment that was once so far away, but now it’s here? 4th generation Philadelphian. 1st generation attorney.
ralsina Argentina But it's ok, the main target for the book is web, PDF is just for a vanity metric ("how many pages have I written so far????") You don't want the bio, because YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE BIO! Current Medallian / Ex Canonical / Ex Onapsis / Ex Machina Deus/ Ex terior dañado / Ex plicame esto.
_crystalmaga Illinois, USA @al_82ndAB @realgloriamiles @deathd0tcom @ejanis1 @SilverWingsPega @thedailybeast @SenateDems @TheDemocrats @realDonaldTrump Exactly. How is it a fact that the wall is a waste of time & money? That’s her opinion. We know it will work & as far as the $... we are giving over $100 BILLION to foreign aid. FOH. I do not subscribe to the theory that @realdonaldtrump is racist. I am no longer manipulated and controlled by government run TV. I follow back MAGA. #WWG1WGA.
glynch77 Midwest City, Oklahoma @KrispyTacoBelle How far is your move..your tweets make it seem at least 2600 miles from present location? Married. Attended the University of Central Oklahoma. Earning my B.S. in Kineisology. OKC Thunder, OKSTATE, SF 49ers, UCO Bronchos, and SF Giants.
PoliticsLatest United Kingdom @Lionhearted70 @AaronBastani @toadmeister @JeremyDuns Are you serious, you are really questioning if Bastani is ultra hard left? In fact, that is under selling how far to the left he is, it is really a dangerous position and he occupies it fully Delivering political news every 5 minutes from multiple sources
Skittles77 TriCities K/W Breslau Ont 🇨🇦 @Pink I'm near Toronto and we don't have much Snow, your Mammoth Mountain adventure looks fun. How far away is it from where you guys live? Heterosexually challenged,41, Libra,Jill of all trades🛠🍷.Been Crystal Chappell'd,Xenafied,Wentworth'd.Check out the website....⤵U know U want to #VENICENATION
samuelnevils Kansas City @blvkbri @simsboyz1 @sigmoe17 @Minquell @afeisha2545 @Socialist_Blogg @jadapsmith This is how far I would go, Me---"Robert, give me some names of some producers you know... R Kelly ---"Uh I could work with her and....." Me---'naw, we good" R Kelly---"Man you see how I made Aaliyah famous" Me---"I know about all of it my dude, you got those names?" Graphic Designer
nbacommish17 Tempe, AZ @BriannaMilam1 I know you are being optimistic and im being far from it. I'd love to be wrong but this is how i feel it'll play out. Now will i still watch and hope for the best? Yes. But this is just my real feelings on it at this moment. The young core has been extemely disappointing Auto Broker | Entrepreneur | NBA fanatic | allergic to BS | I cherish real people | IG: @Juliano480
WhatJesus74 @mistymoonlite88 @CanuckAtheist @Gospel_Truther @BikiniClaire @SpectremanKnows @Delmarva123 @globalist13903 @rokro111 @Harley_Dogg @ChrisOfTheNort1 @josepha31935267 @foxbarlad @Gr8Believer @CharlieCanFly @lucasplaysgames @Rants4Science @Artemisbell @DSL1912 @Theflateartherz @Wannabe_Mangaka @kayenne22 @TheMasterOfGa10 @acquiredcool @gamers_far @Andytomo33 @T__E__S__L__A @FlatEarthCity @indio007 @FLATHORIZON @_Gravity_Man @DomeDweller21 @WeAreWakinUp @ItsFlatFolks @Spacehehehe @a @FlatEart That's not what atheists believe. How can you be arguing against something you won't even take the time to learn about? Atheism is the lack of belief in a #God due to lack of evidence. But if some day there IS good evidence, most of us would be honest enough to admit it & believe #Atheist, #Woodworking, #Anesthesiology, #Evolution, #Art, #Hiking, #Science, #LGBT, #Pianist, #Singer, #Painter, #Programmer, #Skeptic
cpwest90 @StallingsMario @tankathon haven't had an impact player since Ewing Kp is not proven yet Zion too much hype because he knows how to dunk? If you haven't noticed it's a pull up from 3 league now 50ft he won't make it too far
momfarts @JeffFlake Would you prefer we say "We're going to impeach that asshole?" Or how about "Article 25 that bastard already" To pretend this Nation is not divided and at each other's throats because of Trump is not realistic. Nice words won't change that, it's far too late. serving Trumpsters a helping of shut your mouth daily...I own the copyright to all my photos. Anyone using them will be prosecuted
thinktesting Canada It’s 2019 - the New Year is here! You have come far in the last 12 months - but how far do you still want to go? How many regular human-sized paces will it take you to get there? #makeaplan #selfimprovement #processimprovement #justdoit 100's of software projects...
milkand2 @dougie2022g @antionneodel @Traffic_M6 Not good. How’s it looking from there as far as letting traffic through? Or is it totally blocked? Military upbringing now #ThinblueLine Proud of both. Tea Please, NATO standard.
Jefe_Quan014 Baltimore City @_EricAston @__ima_leaa Because of me it you did even a quarter of this we would be under the jail you don’t think they want R Kelly ass gone ?! Celebrity worship is real along with the how far the culture of harassment and rape has expanded to now which was totally different even just a few yrs ago LONGLIVEREGGIE #WestBMORE Z-29
OkayTokay369 North West, England @_AlexHirsch Wait, why is the Gravity Falls guy tweeting about Pokémon? I mean, it's awesome to know how far it's spread, but why? Wait. Why am I complaining? Oh yeah. THERE WERE NO OBVIOUS POKÉMON REFERENCES IN GRAVITY FALLS!!!!! EVEN THE FLASH HAD THEM!!!!! My name is Okay Tokay 369. I am a Gecko. I like games and other stuff.
Pray4_TheWicked London @Mark_42Stark "Anytime, Tony." Ollie smiled warmly at the other before looking out the car window to the streets lining New York. "I can't believe I've never been to New York before now, it's beautiful." The younger man thought aloud. "So how far is your place from here?" He wondered and+ Fandomless OC. Same writer as @_Teenage_DrtBg_ Tech genius, and works for the highest bidder. 26 and gay (Subs) FC: Brendon Urie.
efeltonf Philadelphia @EPoe187 @diachronist Isn't that thesis far too general? Do you think many people would actually disagree with it? You need to be specific about how human nature is understood to be constrained (and in what ways) and why it is thought that we should value stable institutions (and what kinds). I have a PhD in philosophy. Interested in disability studies, STS, the Frankfurt School, 4EA cognition, science fiction, all critters, and weird shit.
MrsPsp An article from 2016 on how Putin destroyed free news media. How far along is Trump? It will send a shudder up your spine. Everyone needs beauty and humor in their lives to stay sane.
TylartheHooper @lenaexnicole Bet. How far down is it?
BenevolentAaron Earth Okay so I'm watching Sixteen Candles for the first time. I'm wondering how is this movie "PG"?!?! There is cussing and nudity and it's PG?! Not bothering me. I'm just surprised from the rating. but so far it's a good movie enjoying it.

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