How can it be right

How can it be right that the disgraced prime minister remains in office till 5 September Eight weeks is far too long He should go now

RhonddaBryant Porth, Rhondda How can it be right that the disgraced prime minister remains in office till 5 September? Eight weeks is far too long. He should go now. Labour MP for the Rhondda. If you are a constituent with a casework query, please contact my office on 01443 442521.
DestinLegarie San Francisco, CA Destiny 2 PVP is in the worst state it has ever been. Playing Trials this weekend just reminded me how far it has gone. Overshields for everyone? Players not dying to double melee attacks? Feels like the mode is abandoned and has felt that way for too long. All Tweets must be taken seriously. (Yes that is sarcasm) Watch my personal YT @
hardlynormal Los Angeles Meeting Sophia messed me up. There’s far more to this story than what I can put in a tweet. She was gracious enough to allow me to take a photo. She would have done a video, but my heart was so broken talking to her, I just couldn’t do it. How is it so many people are homeless? Do-Gooder 💓 Storyteller 📹 Marketing Consultant💡Keynote Speaker 🎤 Founder of @InvisiblePeople ➤ See. Learn. Take Action. ➤
AaronLemingNFL Texas @itszacharyj Honest question- How is it not? Mooney is far more proven than anything the Packers have. Both teams don’t have great groups & neither are overly proven. I’d give GB the upside but both are bottom 5 units on paper IMO. Biggest difference in the QBs. Write #Bears words & stuff for CBS Sports’ @BearReport & @WCGridiron. Dog Rescuer.
originalJavaJoe Davis county, Utah @avuinovic @RelevantQuest How it is related to anything John did? That connection was made centuries after the fact. And as far as we know, no apostle wrote anything, they were illiterate (Acts 4:13) again how could the BoM testify of anything? It is a 19th century artifact. Nothing in it existed before Software guy, writing legacy code.. daily Ignorance is the soil in which belief in miracles grows. - Robert G. Ingersoll
wibashi2067 @planet4589 @sobalsoft Maybe stupid question😅 Galaxies in far far away is running away from us by expansion of space. right? So, we cannot see galaxies running away beyond speed of light. It's like a theoretical visual limitation. How far is it? 13.x billions light years away? JWST can detect it? A huge fun of SpaceX & Elon. Confession: Until 1st launch of F9, I thought Elon was another jackass in space.
ranrovor @Dubai_community @Bettermnt_Digt What is the real target of #Bettermnt_Digt ? is it intended only for publications or could it also be implemented in contracts between people? How far do you want to take #Bettermnt_Digt ?
MichaelLeinbach @EruditeMMA @MMAFanInAVan @Menace155 It was not a toss up. MJ outstruck him the entire round. And both had a knock down. But MJs knock down was far more significant. Not to mention.. He outstruck him by a lot. How is that not a robbery? So tell me........Who is it that "Shall not Limit Undermine or Encroach on" the people's right to own and carry armaments? This is a very simple question
AceofWitches Commissions OPEN! @Starlit_Prince Same. As if furries aren’t already villainized enough by media, now people are trying to attack each other? Fe/ral porn’s certainly never been my thing, but like. How far removed is it really from anthro shit? 🤷 ✨ 26 | she/her | aroace ✨ warning: 🔞nsfw and 🔞problematic content 🌿 Mod for 💥@BnhaBottomBaku💥 📍@BnhaVacation📍 ⏱@MonomaBowl⏱
charles4691 @TechyRodd So far so good. Got some nice rain here 2 days in a row!! How is it going for you?
sumeetism On a zoom call Isn't this a regular occurrence? Linking it to ARS is too far fetched,at least monthly there is a news report of stones being pelted on Shatabdi. Also if it was a targeted attack on Sidhu, can anyone tell me how the stone throwers were so accurate? Mountain of a molehill A lil weird,A lil crack,a lil imperfect,Cricket Buff & Political Satirist. Cancel Party President.Female chauvinist
JunkyardSam San Diego, CA @OliveOy53221888 Seriously?! How common is this?! Another friend's dad took the shots, got severe Covid. ICU and his feet turned black and blue -- amputation was a possibility but it didn't go that far in this case, but it was still very bad!! Junkyard Sam Art & Music. Lockdown Ruffian. No New Normal.
LilPenguin222 5hrs 18min 😜 NW of The Big 🍎 @bigmacdturtle How far into this picture is om nom nom nom nom though? Does it end at the pellets, or include the fresh veggies??? 💛🐧 & hugs make it better💛 #Namaste #yoga🧘🏻 #Rain☔ #CucumberWithAnxiety #SelfCare #MentalHealth #Coffee🥤#Pyjamas💤 #msnbc🗞️#pbs📚 #GoPens🏒 She/her
cazztaway IA… will always 💙 K.C. @KidPags @AngelaBelcamino How is it "being proven"? Most of the testimony thus far has been given by Chump supporters, staff, and/or associates. Your TV must be constantly streaming a speech from June 16, 2015 at Trump Tower. Now, THAT was the premier example of proven bullsh¡t. Happily married ❤️ since '86… Kansas City Royals ⚾ Oklahoma Sooners 🏈🏀⚾ K.C. Chiefs 🏈 K.C. BBQ Autograph chaser ✍️ Left-leaning Independent
hikarukusakabe_ Tokyo And you didn't rethink it after all this with you and me? Think about how far it is? Well. Great. No, not great, but... It's just... WIP bot. Posts Kusakabe quotes from the official English manga release. @rihitosajou_ 💕
PerforatedB Minnesota, USA Bogota is the opposite of Leviosa. It is not Bogóta it is Bogotá. And definitely not Bogadda, as I hear far too often. How... what is the thought process? This account protects my "main" account from 18+ interactions. I enjoy understatement disguised as hyperbole. Ally to everyone, even people you don't like.
mouthoftheloud How far can person run in 100 seconds? Is peace not on the table anymore, can we try it and complain about that instead. Self proclaimed proclaimer
EngrNnaemezie @simon_ekpa Hm! This demagoguery should stop now. You have deceived people enough to earn your living. Since you have been saying it's today, it's tomorrow. How far now? Now tell us what is happening now that assures your 2023. Just na asa the gullible isi. Oleru gi! Simple person
AnthonyGoodin8 Our enemies may start a war with us in August. Funny, if Russia is fighting a war with Ukraine, how is it they are going to be participating in "war games" in Venezuela? They come far & from the east. I just posted the last 2dys what Yehovah says about this very thing. Take Heed! Truth Warrior
ytc8438 @guardian Lol. Talk about blowing it. Albo is already turning out to be a disaster. How many people will die of COVID under Albo? Probably far more than Morrison given the all round denialism at all levels of government.
_MarshallJ Chicago, IL @harveyknws1 How is it so far? God forgive me for my brash delivery•GM at Parlor Wicker•Instagram: _MarshallJ
chivalricmaiden 🌊 @seraphineswu @seradotwav OMG MONKEY KING IT’S BEEN FAR TOO LONG! HOW IS LIFE AS BEING A STAY AT HOME DAD? IF IT HELPS… I THINK YOU COULD LAND A ROLE AS CURIOUS GEORGE! 🍌 7teen 🇲🇾| damn i got it, i’m iconic 🎤✨
aarjanistan London, England watching probably the worst elden ring critique video i've seen so far. not saying the game is above criticism but some of the stuff people have said about it are just baffling. this guy is going on about how there's no major bosses in caelid?? amazing stuff. londoner, bengali, writing about climate, culture and capitalism host @leftoverpod (he/him)

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