How are we this far

How are we this far into 2019 amp folks are still not seeing this entire situation is a huge dumpster fire of a constitutional crisis that has no precedent amp that both the DOJ amp Congress are failing to address adequately bc theres never been anything like itrubs temples

BreeNewsome North Carolina, USA How are we this far into 2019 & folks are still not seeing this entire situation is a huge dumpster fire of a constitutional crisis that has no precedent & that both the DOJ & Congress are failing to address adequately b/c there's never been anything like it??? *rubs temples* artist - free black woman - we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us
how far is it
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JackPosobiec Washington, DC Now that the Ukraine scandal has turned into an official investigation the rats are running scared Biden’s team has a few prepared answers, but they aren’t sure how to deal with what is coming As far as the rest? It’s all coming out We were never supposed to know @OANN Host. Catholic. National security conservative. Veteran Intel Officer. Macronleaks. Bio:
jakee129 @Waypharers @espn @MedcalfByESPN How stupid is it to act like Auburn and Duke haven’t played yet this year? They have. It’s also stupid how Auburn plays well in 1 game out of the 2 so far and all of a sudden they are “playing with confidence and hot” lol FHO big moron. [Athletic Director] [Head Varsity Basketball Coach] Fantasy Sports Freak- Duke Basketball Junkie
philroyNZ Wellington, New Zealand @daringfireball I don’t get how Apple claims it doesn’t want to know what I’m up to and isn’t tracking my usage…and then Tim Cook says that Apple Maps is “the most used navigation system on iOS by far” in the keynote. How does he know? eLearning specialist. Apple user 30+ years. Former teacher, owner Adobe Higher Education Leader and NZ Flexible Learning Leader. @Joomla junkie
jcvmarch Chennai, India Spirit of cricket and all is bullshit... Naive of Butler to do that.. and it's not the first time for him... that's all... How is gaining advantage by backing up too far in the spirit of the game then.? Also, so cute to see the aussie players calling Ashwin out for this. Life revolves around football,movies, friends.
StrokeyBill @timheidecker I know you got your marching orders from the news but dude, think about it: how far down this rabbit hole are you going to go? Every step has been fruitless. Tim, Did the teenager who stabbed you have a relationship with you before he stabbed you? Is that why you hate Trump?
DrakeMann4 Phoenix, AZ @STLMattinals How is it so far? Just a guy who played baseball and loves the St. Louis Cardinals and is pursuing a career in Sports Management. I am also an extreme baseball nerd.
Sadiqthe4th Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria The fulani crisis spans across the continent. It is a complex issue that requires far more than military action to solve. How do you change the way of life of a people who are not willing to have it changed? How do you make them settle amongst people who hate them this much? Poet/Griot..... I talk and I write things.
UmbrellaFruit_ United States @The_Lemon_God 1. Chunko child 2. She wouldn't go that far tho 3. Random question but how fucking old is Arun??? I've been thinking about it for a while and then I realized you have never said. I shoved a whole bag of Jelly Beans up my ass. Oc account oc @UmbrellaBeanie. Cis she/her but they/them is aight too.
mrxak @Bkaiser1Bill @NateSilver538 You don’t think it’s worth knowing how the Russia hoax got perpetuated? How the FBI were either fooled or complicit in a politically motivated series of FISA court actions? This whole thing is a far bigger scandal/crime than Watergate ever was.
johntv 渋谷 | 中目黒 | メガネ岩 How far behind is Netflix Japan on RPDR? Season 11 has three eps avail so far - what’s it up to in the west? ハチノヨンのジョンです。Tokyo-based game lover/gatherer, 8-4 co-founder, EGM/NOM UK alum, Otaru enabler, OG #vidgames. No Game, No Life くわしいことは本をみて下さい。IG: johntv
ebenfield Atlanta I’m exhausted from our government. It is too much to ask for an honest, decent, reputable, non-corrupt government that doesn’t want to take away basic human & legal rights every day?! What has happened these past two years? How far we have fallen. I am a working mom who is just trying to figure out a life balance. This twitter account is to rant and rave about life. These are my opinions.
br00klynb0und Galaxy Far Far Away @mrbowers @MandaTheGinger Ya Star Trek is so much idk where to start. Like what movies go where? How do books fall into this? I am a lost Trekkie sheep tbh which is why I have only ventured into TNG so far ( I tried TOS and it was just so much I figured to come when I am more invested) probably tweeting about Star Wars • future English teacher • have fun with my ADHD brain • trying to make Carrie proud one day at a time 💗💜💙 she/her
SocializingAI Colorado How to address the workforce disruption AI is bringing? Retraining is part of it, but will take bigger investments than those proposed so far, and it’s not just about retraining. “It’s not enough to teach you to code at 60 years old.” —Gavin Newsom #AI Contextual reasoning models for Human-AI partnering: This R&D introduces AI interaction with a specific person about a specific situation #AI #AIethics #AIbias
usedtobeshelver St. Louis @PressSec @realDonaldTrump It makes me incredibly sad that this is how far this country has fallen in just two years. You work in the White House and you can’t present a better image than this? staying at home now, but missing librarianing
missninaroxy SK, Canada @LinksysAbraham @tpdubya65 @lraitt 52 liars? Isn’t it far more likely that there are only two who saw it that way? I’m not saying they’re liars. I am saying it’s far more likely that 52 are confirming the prime minister’s version. Do you know how hard it is to get 52 people to agree? a public nuisance
shannon__fields Disneyland This is far from the first time experiencing death, it isnt like I dont know how it is. it's just different this time because it is my dad. My DAD!!!! And it's HARD! AND I HAVE TO BURY HIM TOMORROW AND LIKE?!?!?!?!? WHY Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?
shitou1234 @Alotaib661 @twisdon36 @AJEnglish Wat is happening in Yemen?How about u make it clear? Bcz I m sitting hallway across the world, reading news which could b false bt it says that Saudi Arabia destroyed Yemen. Saudi Arabia doesn't have the worst human rights record.The people giving it that label ve done far worse Pro-Muslim! Nationality, Cast, Tribe, Ethnicity, etc don't matter!
HDWilson Maine, USA @IvankaTrump How would you know? You operate so far away from the truth you no longer know what it is. graphic designer & illustrator
kensmith_ken How far Susan has fallen. So which is it? Trudeau said if Scott B hadn’t resigned JWR would still be AG or is it she disagreed with him over this and year later was removed? btw story is incomplete. The judge withdrew because his wife had cancer. Nice. @kathyenglish #snclavalin No political affiliation, don't even vote, advocating fairness, honesty in media & politics. Former Liberal party member who left as it was more about winning
brian_m_moyo @zenzele @nelsonchamisa @PastorEvanLive @advocatemahere it seems that the food aid for the cyclone survivors has been turned into a campaign tool by zanu pf. Food is distributed based on party affiliation. Even the council member is wearing a edPfe hat. How far true is this?🤔
AyuniMSalleh Malaysia How is it that my entire surgical experience so far will be reduced to a 25-minute assestment? UM. MBBS. IPH. Part time foodie.
01_remme @maggsical @charlotteirene8 @jeremiahjw I’m curious how nothing even remotely small has come from this since it was posted over 3 months ago? The whole thing so far is just one thread of hearsay.
svenkatesh34 @iRajaboopathy @bhogleharsha Sir, how much backing up is not too far? There is always a grey area remains. ain't it? A batsman at all conditions should stay in the crease till the bowler released ball that's the essence of the law regarding mankading. avid cricket fan, mcu's biggest fan
rose_a_rosie YG @Lisablackspink I knew it😂 Anyway, how is your day so far? 〔 @ygofficialblink 〕┊ A Korean girlgang who get the best of both world, sweet and spicy. #챙업데이트 CP : @9IRLG4N5
cretells Silicon Valley @drwave Is it a version 2 (HomeKit) or version 1 hub? How far is the hub from the light? Through how many walls? I was able to alleviate some hue issues by changing zigbee channels hardware engineering for iPad Pro. opinions are my own
neverletyoupart Toronto, Ontario @Amberdb721 @PapaRandlicious She had a sister on her bio dads side. She is now her sister only thru biology as far as Adam is concerned bc he gave up his rights to Paislee. Aubrees relationship w Paislee (is very sweet - also entirely facilitated by their moms. How bad does it have to be 4 that 2B the case?? I’m really just the perfect mess. “Take your broken heart, turn it into art.” - @carrieffisher #LoveIsLove 🏳️‍🌈
ourstoryourway why are concerts always located at malawati stadium? that place is like one of the places where I dont even have to think nor consider of going even how badly i like the artist who is going to perform there 😭 it's blady far. shah alam weih shah alam. I’m the one I should love in this world Shining me, precious soul of mine Not so perfect but so beautiful - Epiphany 💜 TAY TAY, BTS, RUNNING MAN, KJK 🐯
cestchocolatmoi The US of A @preshfim @Anyaato @asangelwassayin Rise above... a system that oppressed you? Confidence is healthy but it can only get you so far in a system where people will treat you horrid because of how you look. Are you not Nigerian? You know this for a fact. she/her/herself. vassectivist. low maintenance so men don’t talk to me. high maintenance so they can’t talk to me. still a princess.
antchrz @VoiceOfTheStar How is it so far?
Premos_ Orlando @Callmekiing How far is it? Chillest nigga on the planet!
melodicire NYC "so today, we're doing our most requested topic by far--" "--it's worrying how requested it is--" "sexual health." "how BAD were your teachers that this many of you don't know about STDs?" "(laughs) some of us lived in the midwest, tony." "holy shit--" ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ♡ yoυ're oυт oғ тoυcн! ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀#ᴍᴇʟᴏᴅʀᴀᴍᴀ
jessmondywrites Hiding from my toddlers @Awritesinger @LCMarblewood @laurcunn @AuthorJVinson @canuckclick @aipsnovel @RebeccaKlay @briancebuhl @Lin_Lustig @MaeBaumWriter @eagletrick @erintiffanygrey @Amberfyre @mishilen @George_McNeese @RadinaValova @katrinatputnam @writingsilly @clemmiegirlnz @JamesNealWrites @AuthorSteger @AvaSilurian @CHendersonBauer @dltauthor @AHKennedy1 @WIP_IrisG @normant23 @martinfreznell @ShannonKJMurphy @Inkandmagic @Alex_Micati @HaikuHare @darthchair @GallifreyGamgee @Brian_C_Palmer @contentbyjoy @LitmanSpencer @indyveet @ShannonFerretti @Ned_the_zombie @PWilliamsAuthor @ethan_dejonge @KJWhiteReads @WeberWriting @Moss_Whelan @April_M_Woodard @MikeMorrisonRVA @KayAyDrew @AE_Escence Are Laurie and Crystal in the same place? I can make it to Winnipeg or the big moose in about 12 hours. How far is that for you Ashley? Alex? #WriteFightGIFClub: Co-Founder & Master of Weirdly Relevant GIFs. Ravenclaw. INTP. Mt. Dew addict.
breanna_estrada i just registered for my fall semester classes for senior year... what is happening? how did I make it this far? help i love Jesus & i love chips | MHU '20 | need a prayer? go ahead and ask!
ZiaWestfield Tokyo-to, Japan .•° •.¸Killer Secrets ¸.•° •. fastpaced thriller full of suspense! How far would you go to impress your boss, if it meant keeping your job? Reporter Gemma will do anything to uncover the truth, and detective Jack is NOT going to stop her! #Writer of #romanticsuspense & #PNR where excitement, passion & suspense hook you to the end. #BVSBooks #author #romantic #thrillers #WritingCommunity
realRachelGarr1 that he knows all the holes to wriggle through to avoid a conviction? And all this for mean and unworthy ends, without any idea how far better it is to arrange one's life so that one has no need of a jury dozing on the bench.' 'Yes,' he agreed, 'that's still more disgraceful.' I'm the real-world inspiration for the title character in The Poky Little Puppy. I am a philosopher.