How after wrestling once in

How after wrestling once in 2 years as a favor is it news Im retired I had a knee replacement and stem cell therapy to heal my wounds Now Im in the best physical shape as far as function than Ive been since 1986 when I destroyed my right knee I worked 29 years on one leg

RealKevinNash Florida,Detroit How after wrestling once in 2 years as a favor is it news I'm retired? I had a knee replacement and stem cell therapy to heal my wounds. Now I'm in the best physical shape as far as function than I've been since 1986 when I destroyed my right knee. I worked 29 years on one leg. Insomniac, Detroit born,Native American. Army veteran Centrist Democrat. H.O.F wrestler. LBGTQ advocate. Instagram @realkevinnash No Facebook

sumanthraman Chennai Who do you think hit the #JNU students with iron rods and sticks yesterday? Don't laugh at this poll. It is meant to make you reflect on how far we have fallen. Television Anchor Person and Commentator, Political Analyst, Doctor and Healthcare IT Professional.RT's not endorsements

bubbaprog Tampa, Florida how is it that the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Lakers—the most famous and dynastic organizations in American sports—have by FAR the worst broadcast teams in their respective leagues? @Burkecomms/@WGAEast/@jobsitetheater/@LWVFlorida. Before that @thedailybeast & @deadspin. Beagle rescue foster dad, @scrippsjschool alum timothy.burke@gmail.com

MarieJaks Estonia @yusubov_kanan That's epic! How is it going so far? Unlocking the future of tech by building a @codemagicio CI/CD for #Flutter by @Nevercodehq. #automateallthethings Space, Music, Future

breezy_fasheezy Bozeman, MT I wish more people I'm friends with were into the shows/movies I like. I mean do you know how badass it would be to have a bracket for Marvel?? FOR ANIME??? SO FAR, THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN THE BACHELOR OR WHATEVER No one is born into this world to be alone.

chibitenten Algeciras, España @MissBliss1294 @maine_witch @Mamodokod A good argument I have been using with haters lately is the fact that they didn't have a relationship in the movies at all, they were flirting with each other so how do you have an abusive relationship when you are not in a relationship? It has worked so far 😂

IshmaeKea South Africa @PravinMustGo @IOL The problem is that,so far witnesses have failed their sworn,their testimony it's fabricated and f""""d up,so,how is the credibility of commission looks like? Avenge strategy is destroying the hope of us poor people,last cent is going for no good I see myself in this reflection,I was hanged by Codesa and constitution of this democracy till generations to come,

Proud2BScotBrit United Kingdom 🇬🇧 @BrexitBetrayed @PoshDOSHy @BorisJohnson Can you please ditch Holyrude? It costs the British tax payer over £100m a year and all it is used for is breaking up the UK. The attached graph shows how far our NHS has slipped after 12yrs of the SNP in charge of it. Our children's education has slipped too! In 1707, Scotland became part of this great Union with England. We have achieved so much together. In 2014 we voted against breaking up this successful Union!

rmgedam NCR New Delhi How far is true "sab ka sath, saba ka viswas". Had it been true why is so much unrest all over India as reckoned from 30 cr people participation in Bharat Bandh, universities protesting, etc. What should prevail - Will of citizens or will of Cabinet of govt? Whose benefits? Dr Ratnakar Gedam, Former Adviser Transport Planning Commission New Delhi, FM IIM; M. Sc . Development Management Glasgow; Ph. D. Economics Netherlands; LL. M

mauricx bitches said “ i hate it here how far is Iraq?”😭🤦🏽‍♀️ 20.

ShadowGates442 Oregon, USA I realized a few weeks ago how far my self esteem has come. I had to be measured for my wedding dress and the designer is in New Zealand, so it was all in centimeters not inches. My hips and therefore ass are exactly 100cm. And i was.... weirdly proud of that? Communication Designer // Belly Dancer // Crockpot Enthusiast // // {she/her}

criha Iowa @realDonaldTrump All is well? So far, so good? How many killed? It certainly is not well with them or their families. You treat the deaths of others so cavalierly. And all of this started with the death of a contractor? Is that balance?

lovleymoomin @haleymmorales how far r u in the office? and is it ur first time watching it basically a haley morales fan acc

BoringPrufrock Manchester, England @AirWaterSnow Ed you are wrong! How have you determined if it is cheaper ? We have not finished yet!!!! How much have TBC spent so far???? Also you are comparing a Hard Rock machine to an EPB machine!!! 😂 Also the TBM is 7 weeks into it's 29 week schedule, lots & lots of time left! I Run a YouTube Channel Focused 100% on the Boring Company. Please Check it out ! 👷🏻‍♂️ 🚇 🧱
terrymum Somerset How far would you go to bring about a thousand years of peace? I would do anything, but it is impossible. Not only possible but simple.Withdraw all American troops. From where? Everywhere. Congratulations to the writer of #Messiah. This couldn't be more relevant. Mother of five with a thirst for knowledge.

strongfortori tori followed 6.8.16 ➳ I’m so proud of myself for how far I’ve came.. is there progress to be made still? Of course but just knowing I’m getting help and it was my choice makes me so happy. Anxiety won’t win. 🙌🏻🙏 ✩ All things tori kelly || fan account ✩

shafinasrinoa85 Kajang,Malaysia @itsakyo How bout PA2? It is far from the stage since total for each section is about 540 seats? I’m scared people seating there will see her on the screen..🥺 my life is like a puzzle that needs to be solved..by my own~