Good discussion What if part

Good discussion What if part of problem is the cost of collegehealth care far beyond the actual value Making it free whigher taxes only spreads out cost Heres how they solved a lot of the mess in Montana One woman successfully went after cost

SharylAttkisson Washington, DC Good discussion. What if part of problem is the cost of college/health care (far beyond the actual value)? Making it "free" w/higher taxes only spreads out cost. Here's how they solved a lot of the mess in Montana. One woman successfully went after: cost. Nonpartisan Investigative Journalist @FullMeasureNews *Note* RTs not=endorsement; RTs may be interesting, silly, wrong, outrageous. Think for yourself.
JoshuaRush (𝙘𝙖/𝙙𝙘/𝙪𝙩) (𝙝𝙚/𝙝𝙞𝙢) What Justice Holmes meant in that famous quote is that everyone has rights, but the exercise of those rights cannot endanger others. When will it become the case that the Second Amendment has gone too far, breached the line of another man's nose? How many will have to die? Polling higher in Iowa than John Delaney. I like politics and I’m on TV sometimes. Tweets deleted after 3mos. Host of @realNewsinaRush. Merch at link! ⬇️
RepMcGovern Massachusetts, USA Trump rolls out the red carpet for North Korea. He bends over backwards for Putin. He ignores Saudi Arabia’s terrible crimes. But he cancels a trip to Denmark because... they won’t sell us Greenland? It’s hard to overstate how far beneath the dignity of his office this is. Dad. Husband. #Worcester born & raised. Chairman of @RulesDemocrats & @CECCgov. Co-Chair of @TLhumanrights. Fighting to #EndHungerNow #OverturnCitizensUnited
puddingpaw church of minecraft bee I still really am fond of the username "kittydrool" (that's taken on here so it'd have an extra "y") But Puddingpaw is just such a well known name, what do you guys think? There's rumors FA will finally allow username changes, idk how far away that is though.. ⚠️WARNING: 18+ Content ahead!⚠️ ▫️ Female / Hetero / 24 / ♍ ▫️ Digital Artist/Hobbyist ▫️Commissions ❌ ▫️Requests ❌ ☕️ Ko-fi:
Leratomontwedi South Africa @ref1ref2 How far is it from the stadium? Instagram: _Lee.raay ¦ Accounting student 📚¦ Authentic ¦Shy ¦ God fearing ❤️
rorotea jiang wanyin's teacup If you've started grad school, how is it so far?? — i'm starting next week!!! q_______q i WILL UPDATE Y'ALL WITH MY STATUS 20↑ | she/her | animanga + danmei + seiyuu + games | ao3: rorotea | ½ of my braincell: @miryuul 💜
the_olive Cape Town I am still waiting on a response from @Opodo_UK and @Alitalia who owe me a refund and it is now 3 months later!! How far do I need to push this to get you to carry out a legal obligation of returning money to a customer? Here I am! What are your other two wishes?
UGnaire GrandHustle 🇺🇬 @Lady_Malaika It's fine so far., Just set off for work. How is yours? Dream Chaser• Introvert• Baldie•
america1778 @SenKamalaHarris 🤔 the United States is only 243 years old. How did the first slaves come to the US when it wasn't a country? Second, people of color are doing far better today then ever! Stop spreading hate because everytime you open your mouth I dislike you more. #MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸, Vet🇺🇸🇺🇸, #Trump2020, #KAG. I support our President and love this country. 1A, 2A.🗽🔫🇺🇸🎆 #BUILDTHEWALL IFB all Trump supporters

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