GOPDo you really how far

GOPDo you really how far we slipped from where you started How you keep bending to make excuses for TrumpBut Bolton just sank you Its done You can acquit him all you want but its going to look like a coverupBecause it is a coverup

Nate_McMurray GOP, Do you really how far we slipped from where you started? How you keep bending to make excuses for Trump. But Bolton just sank you. It’s done. You can acquit him all you want, but it’s going to look like a coverup. Because it is a coverup. #CoverUpGOP Not Bought, Not Owned, Not Afraid. Fighting Like Hell for working families in NY27.
ImpressionistAL Dublin The anger is fading away and it's just becoming a sad state of affairs. How have we fallen this far? I love this club so much, so many incredible memories I've experienced through the years and now it's being destroyed in front of our very eyes, it's utterly heartbreaking. 💔 Impressionist, Shite talker and proud Dad ❤️ For booking enquiries contact Ireland: @aviarytalent NI & UK: @MakeYoursEpic Massive MUFC fan 🔴⚪

BrentWeeks Oregon After several pages of lovely prose showing how my world is alive and in flux, how common people are affected by decisions made by those in power far away, I ask myself a fatal question: "Yes, Brent, this is nice, but how much of it needs to be in _this_ book?" Crap. Working writer. The Night Angel Trilogy & The Lightbringer Series.

leovleord Universe @SIVARAMAN74 @DennisJesudasan @THChennai @chennaipolice_ Aahan...it is very common occurrence during political leaders' Birthday parties... How many got arrested so far? Advocate, Student of Law & Free-Man

Steve85647298 Amsterdam, The Netherlands @DnellStephen @StuFletch1987 @SocialM85897394 @A_myJ @MimiJ9 @KatyFBrand Have you got any idea how ridiculous you sound? The country’s future is being decided by people with the mental age of an 8 year old... it’s quite amazing how far you’ve dragged us down, no wonder the world laughs at us now...embarrassing I got all the time in the world for leave voters...except the ones that still think it’s a good idea...you guys are fucking idiots

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