Further evidence that it is

Further evidence that it is not the Right who has moved It is the Left who has moved and very far left at that If Biden said these statements today just 13 years later how would he be received by the progressive-that is the Left Not well

politicalelle New England to SF to DC Further evidence that it is *not* the Right who has moved. It is the Left who has moved – and very far left, at that. If Biden said these statements today, just 13 years later, how would he be received by the progressive-#woke-task-force that is the Left? Not well. senior contributor @FDRLST | editor @brightemail |@ClaremontInst alum | @HooverInst alum | @Middlebury alum | @fedsoc rep| conservative | pro-@Israel jew | 🦋
Lyricoldrap Charleston, SC Happy Mother’s Day to @BridgetteWest. It feels so weird to say it. You’re a mother. I know it feels like this entire process is never going to end but look how far you’ve already come? The second trimester begins and before you know it, the third. I’m so proud of you 1/2 Just a guy who likes to film his life & show it to the world. | @BridgetteWest |
ggreenwald As this clip reflects, I do think it's legitimate and important to ask @TulsiGabbard about her views and comments on Modi, but it is also revealing, I think, that Obama's praise of Modi was far more gushing yet attracted almost no criticism. How come? Journalist @TheIntercept - author, No Place to Hide - animal fanatic - HOPE (- IG: glenn.11.greenwald
RolVillarreal RTs do not equal endorsement @TIME How is your score so far? How many hidden hints you have discovered that would change it #InvestorRelations @GrupoSalinas @ExITAM @TWUAlum @VCAlumni @Canucks @TeamCanada @FightingIrish @QantasWallabies @OranjeHockey @HC_Men 🚫#NiUnaMás🚫
xsacrilegiousx Utica, NY There’s been decisions in the last season that I’ve disliked or that is just didn’t understand. But it hasn’t made me hate the show, what? I started GoT in 2012 in the middle of season 2 and told everyone I knew about it and I’m SO excited about how far it’s come. 🌹freelance graphic designer & artist 🌹 Jared💘 ⛓vegan straight edge⛓ art insta: @rachelgreenblue
Find out how far it is between any two cities.
gahyyeonie lepakscorner | 0705 @sugarpIumm Yeah. The pain is not there anymore hehe just memories. How's your holiday so far? Or it just getting started? [ RP ] Lee Gahyeon, 99L princess who owns two types of sides reflected on which one you deserved to see | 🇺🇸 🇲🇾 | ZOИΞ | 🍪💜's little princess
LaneH_98 Forest, LA @AJFrena How many is there to collect? So far I've got Cap, Black Widow, Ironman, Thor and Hulk. Is that it or is there more?
officiaIptg how was your day?/how is your day so far? — ehh it was alrightt i got to spend the day w my family which is good but the traffic back to my house is rlly bad so 🤒 i am not “in love with kihyun”. please do not put in the newspaper that i am in love with kihyun
susan53167746 This man Richard Lighthouse sopposely study how far this goes up the rabbit hole ? lesson if you like take it with a grain of salt. Because we know it's boots on the ground targeting us. I do believe everyone is targeted in the world difference we know.
TheGentlemaan Abuja, Nigeria @heyyberv No matter how bad the ruler was, it never happened. So why will it happen now? Nobody killed Robert Baratheon in order for Ned to be king so it is far far FAAAAR fetched to assume that she'll be killed for Aegon that will not even accept the throne (ESPECIALLY not like that). Centrist. Logical Agnostic Atheist. INTJ. Vivere vehe et fervido acrique
Sly_Tsu_Nami Deku's Tears @kat_zuku It's just how the Internet works. I personally don't care what you ship (though I am a diehard bkdk and todobakudeku fan here) but not everyone is me. As far as I've known though it seems like its mostly k/rbks antagonizing bkdks? Correct me if I'm wrong though. 🌊 Nami | 17 years old♦️ | Aries 🌊 I like anime and video games. That's all, really. ➡️🇬🇺 ◇English/日本語OK◇ #Jokermain #dekubowl #出受
HarryChemay Australia Of all the policy positions announced during this election campaign, the LNP's "First Home Loan Deposit Scheme" is by far the most hare-brained. And Labor has agreed to match it. 🙄 How's the "First Home Super Saver Scheme" going, Treasurer? #auspol Co-founder @Clover_au. I live at the intersection of finance & technology. Cyclist. Raconteur. Results-driven Bon Vivant. Energetic procrastinator.
AmputeeAtheist USA "@vader614 Far from popular. Even skeptics agree. Once again your opinion matters nil. Back your claim." how dumb are you? no matter who agrees it's irrelevant, what is relevant is evidence. for #Jesus there is no evidence. Reality Trumps Mythology-#Atheist #Humanist #Skeptic-Pro:#Feminism~#LGBT Rights~#ProChoice~Actual #Science in schools~#ChurchStateSeparation-Anti:#Religion~#Gun
Taylor13Brian I just don’t even know how to feel right now. Do I blame Dany for taking her angry out? No. But do I think she took it too far and became her father all over again? Absolutely. Which means Jon is going to have to kill her Lander 2018 Isaiah 40:31 RUH RAH ATΩ Seize the day while death holds the time
DCrazsh Mexico Dude, that girl is leaving with that “member” you’re talking about, how could you imagine that? Besides you bff said “it’s good he got fired” as far as I remember that member is still working at ttec, isn’t he? If you’re looking for happy endings you’re in the wrong profile.
EJSmith94 pa ⏩ nyc ⏩ sea ⏩ back to pa @LesBowen Blackwater is and always will be one of my three or four favs. Isn’t it telling, though, how far the show has come? We went from Tyrion passing out to get around a battle to 90 minutes of dragon fire and war. To me, the ending was always going to be unsatisfying to some. Producer/reporter @phillysport. Previously @seattletimes, @CBSNews & @TheTempleNews. Trying to be a good husband and dogfather.
yayaishakk Embarrassed to be Johorean rn Is that how you plan a betrayal Varys? Do it elsewhere, far away from Daenerys, fuck that stupid #GameOfThrones I like movies, TV series and books. So I'm gonna talk about those a lot. I joined Twitter just to talk nonsense. Don't mind me. Cheers!
AnWallaceWriter West Texas, USA @MXS_Nightmare @AutismAnecdotes What makes you certain of that? How many autistic adults do you know & interact with on a regular basis? With me it's several in real life (including my husband, son, & siblings) and dozens of the internet. I assure you, intelligence is far from rare in autistic ppl. An #ADHDnovelist tweeting about writing, #neurodiversity and #disability acceptance. Prone to random obsessions. No DMs before we've interacted in public please
Bryanakashima Bakersfield, CA @AmericanIdol How did Laine and madison make it this far? Mockery is what the show looks Husband, father of 🚹🚺, Fan of sports. Founder of the nonprofit Kickstart a Smile. Trying real hard to learn to trade stocks, forex, crypto.
LaurenEnchanted Indiana, Indianapolis Thinking back on all the seasons and it really is wild how far the story has come.? Unorthodox mom | Copywriter @LaurenTWrites | Teller of Dirty Jokes | Community Individualist ♏️❤️📝📒🧘🏾‍♀️
jangoblamba Somewhere on the internet @AdriaanBrae @sunandchai It's creepy that I say that medicine would most likely improve in the far future and that's a statement that has a lot of controversy?? Like, why wouldn't medical tech work like that? Is that in your sci fi novel? And if so, how are you working it? That sounds cool! Writer, reader, player of games. I also do other things at other points in time. Email is jangoblamba@gmail.com
JanEllenBall Ringgold, GA USA (for now) I am only just now watching Downton Abbey. How is that even possible? I guess I did have quite a busy life when it was originally broadcast. Grateful to be able to see it now. Loving it thus far! 😊 Autistic Chick. Anglophile. Theatre Major. English Major. Cancer Asskicker. Incubator for Multiple Autoimmune Diseases. Language Lover. Wheelchairie. Spoonie.
YourLilPapi California, USA @KuavoKenny Well how is it so far? 19. Fuck Life
VGKim29 Las Vegas @mysteryspiff @VGKRaiders I get that but what about what comes next? Dany will have to go so how do they kill Drogon? I saw some spoilers the other day and so far they’ve all been right. If the rest is right, I sure don’t see the sweet part in it Marketing 🔸Doxie Lover 🔸VGK Fanatic🔸 I’m only here for the hockey, NO POLITICS PLEASE!!!🔸#VegasBorn 🔸#VGKims
Shauna74891161 @BoSnerdley How in the heck is Trump being authoritarian? I really don't get where that comes from, he is far less than Obama... or even Bush. I just don't get it.
6fortyfive @lorddaenerys Cannot understand how this episode made any sense, Daenerys is not evil. Wouldn't it be far more faithful to her character for her to die in a blaze of glory dying to protect the people she so desperately wants to preside over?
CoreyontheWeb Struthers, OH @JarJarChapStick @_Geminice What the fuck you getting shitty with me for? I’m just trying to debate something there’s no reason to get shitty with me. Explain your points don’t just imply “yEaH tHAts ObvIoUs iDiOt”. As far as I’m concerned This is what George wanted, this is his story, they knew how it was cashapp: $CoreyontheWeb
SpecterM91 @brandonorselli How is it so far? Been interested in giving it a shot but too broke to risk it. Sometimes I make shitty podcasts and reviews. Sometimes I don't. Mostly I don't.
DawgoneCrazy Cloud City - Seattle, WA One-seed Northwestern is probably the worst host. But it's not by a lot, and the national #16's regional is always going to have one of the weakest hosts; that's how seeds work. But by far the worst part? (4/6) Seattle sports nut/sportswriter. Contributor @SoftbalAmerica. Sports editor @ebbtidescc. VB/SB/etc writer @UWonSBN. The guy behind @NCAAVBScores.