First How good is the

First How good is the evidence that is more transmissible Its still far from a slam dunk But as told me Were relying on multiple streams of imperfect evidence but pretty much all that evidence is pointing in the same direction now

kakape Berlin, Germany First: How good is the evidence that #B117 is more transmissible? It’s still far from a slam dunk. But as @AdamJKucharski told me: “We're relying on multiple streams of imperfect evidence, but pretty much all that evidence is pointing in the same direction now.” science journalist. molecular biologist. curious. Contributing Correspondent at @sciencemagazine, reporting on #covid19. Interested in all things #blue
politico Washington, D.C. The Senate Republicans opposed to certifying Biden’s win are heading toward a hefty defeat tomorrow. The only remaining question is this: how badly do they lose? So far 13 senators are part of the effort — and many more have come out swinging against it. Nobody knows politics like POLITICO. Got a news tip for us? 👉
SInow New York, NY Lamar Jackson and the Ravens have a rematch with the Titans in the wild card round of the NFL playoffs. With Jackson at 0-2 in the postseason thus far, how important is it for him get his first playoff win? TikTok: Instagram:
WhyWaffle London, UK @tafkag Funny that this actually makes the case for masks. Typical from you morons. Is that how far you think this is how far you would normally exhale during exercise? The mask isn't going to stop EVERYTHING, it is to reduce the amount exhaled. But you know that already don't you. Completely impartial. Pointing out the nonsense. The public need answers and action, not waffle.
postcapitalistT Cosmos 🌌 @LunaOi_VN @Xenophon28 @EmericanJohnson Then how come corruption is still such a big problem in Vietnam? Even after all these years? I read that they aren't doing enough about it, by far. Even the government has said the party has become corrupted: Post-capitalist. I reject both statism and capitalism. Anti-authoritarian. I believe in a better future. #exmuslim ☯️
nviriannn ur mom's house @AnselmosSon @gummybabiee unfortunately a couples years ago he made a very edgy joke about 'death to all Jews'. However, it was less of a joke and more of a social experiment to see how far people would go online for money, but it was to far for many people which is valid. They also said 1/? Stan Joanne Tucker and the guy she's always with or whatever her/she /// BLM
zackeryjohnston nottingham @TomRoper95 Swerved that well Tom , ignored my point. I’m glad you said that , how is a walk less of a risk than golf ? The likely hood of being in contact with another household is far greater on a walk than golf , is it not ? Do you need to go for a walk ?
camhelt @21stNightLiar @Spytrue How far in is the golden thread arc? I believe that is what it was called, been awhile since I read it

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