Examining howwhy Andrew Gillum lost

Examining howwhy Andrew Gillum lost to DeSantis in FL-GOV -- in a Dem year -- is an instructive exercise for Dem strategists and votersWas he too far left for this swing state Was it race Would Gwen Graham be GOV today Is FL too hard for any Dem not named Obama

mmurraypolitics Washington, DC Examining how/why Andrew Gillum lost to DeSantis in FL-GOV -- in a Dem year -- is an instructive exercise for Dem strategists and voters. Was he too far left for this swing state? Was it race? Would Gwen Graham be GOV today? Is FL too hard for any Dem not named Obama? Mark Murray is the senior political editor for NBC News, as well as diehard Texas Longhorn fan.
how far is it
SupaBwe Chicago, IL Real question, how do unsigned artist get on large @Spotify playlist? I honestly don’t know so I’m asking everyone. Like, is it possible to succeed without a label, as far as getting your music in rotation goes. | supabwe@gmail.com
PoliticusSarah Pennsylvania, USA How much does it matter if that’s Northam in the photo? He was okay with a person in a klan costume on his page. The far right kkk used terrorism to achieve their political goals, including murder. The KKK is currently active here in Trump country. EIC @PoliticusUSA 💯% corporate free SAG/AFTRA “Scandalous trash," Rick Perry Bookings@politicususa.com
CDChambers62 Elizabethtown, KY @DLoesch How can RINOs go against POTUS in good conscious when he is taking the most Conservative stance for life in several generations? This should not be a controversial position. It shows how far the Democrats have moved to the left. US Army Retired. Conservative, Southern, Christian, Married. Interests Econ and Finance, Disasters, Military, Space, Farming, Critters. Go Trump, Go! #MAGA
Teddy_Godcast hole in ground Okay you know how Spider-Man ps4 has the BEST fake Twitter? KH3 has by far the worst fake Twitter there's ever been. It is so goddamn cringeworthy 18+ I kinda podcast sometimes. I like games, anime, and sexy strong grills.
joseonfuckboy huta’s useless shirt buttons good morning @bANGELciaga today is #angelhelix2k19 +1 day, how is it going so far?? did u crush it in ur sleep? i hope not underage pls mute 🈲 cindy | fake 🇮🇩 melo | older than everyone | all btob pics ctto | pls note that i talk abt mh till i froth at the mouth
heyincendiary Lumberton, NC @googlefi Thanks guys. I will desist my Tweetstorm for a bit. I've followed you! I have only one request, which is can you set me up with somebody, I don't know how to say it... internal enough to help? I've had a bad time of it with y'all's support so far just kind of shrugging at me. breaks hearts, minds, and electronic devices, and stands firmly on only one thing: the ground.
Tantrika93 earth @Pontifex 3) celibacy? To control population or harness masses n guide it? Wouldn't it b easier 2 provide healthy working economies so humans r not forced n2 cohabitation. N give em SPIRIT which is far more addictive than sex & better. N teach em how to properly release there is no me without you thanks
Conaldinho_ Australia @ThePhifthQ I can't really get over how many layups Toronto have had. Why is it so difficult to stop them getting so far inside???!?!?+?+?+ faaarrrk #PhilaUnite #WeFlyAsOne
tjoosten U Wisconsin Milwaukee Sometimes I just feel like #sotu is an episode of SNL because this is so darn far fetched it's funny. Like, seriously dude? How can you even say this with a straight face. Good to know celebrity apprentice prepares you for presidency. scientist, social~ launched @UWMDETA #DETAresearch ~ wrote Social Media for Educators #edusocmedia ~ me = #3wedu #gopackgo #iamhiphop #phd4life #detadivas
turtlesmyrtle New York, USA @MelanconHailee @magentawillow @itsmeadria @_OliviaCampbell omfg imagine if someone casually confessed this to you IRL. No matter how much you seek to empathize with him (which is far more than he's obviously done for black folks), you wouldn't blame others for not trusting him or letting it go. what's the difference here? he made movies? a vampire at a campfire
TertiusIII Kingdom of His Son. @EBatterson @ellen5e @TJMair @zalphaprime @orna_verum @Jandrewgotsguns @TakeThatEpi @enterosoft @Jesus_is_G_d @rpratt039 @deepinsights19 @malo_j @ClayCassius @Christgodtweet @jools6691 @PragmatiqueC @chrischristex16 @Catholica93 @RJDownard @RevSteLilimborn @andyguy @VincyBigJ @GizaIzabella @michellmybell1 @ntlady99 @Bacon_Eater @HaircutSpock @PleasureOfDoubt @geraldpayne25 @Fishtiks @KotobaruSanSama @Catheri77148739 @Loriniowa @cootey59 @alan244g @Ammadillen @TedPerkins10 @rmbctious @halcyondon @donholtmac @Cern_lXXl @Zessshy @zythophiliac @yrysbryd @jstuart197 @BenefactrChurch @LindaEver4 @UBlasphemist @brainoutREAD @Squirrely99 How do you know what dark energy is? As far as you know, it’s immaterial. Prove me wrong. Christian, Husband, Father, Conservative, American. I tweet scripture, theology, politics & refute #Atheists & #AGW nonsense. #LNYHBT #MAGA; Tertius - Rom 16:22
Resistadelphia1 United States @ElieNYC The lies, the twisted numbers. How may orgasms has Mike Pence had so far during the speech? Or is he faking it? #Fauxtus #Flauxtitz Liberal, Gay and voting at the ballot box, with my feet and my dollars!
mrspacman4800 @sashachavkin @yashar @Liz_Cheney this is just shameful. How about you talk about the homegrown white terrorists & their crimes against our children & citizens. Homegrown citizens commit more crimes including violent crimes than immigrants. Stop stoking fear. Apple didn't fall far from dad did it? Smarter than average bear, kind, fierce and an unabashed supporter of ALL human rights.
GaroonGate New York, NY @BingingWBabish How does moving pasta from the pan to the taco "decimate" it? A lot of people use this word wrong but this is by far the most incorrect usage I've ever heard. Making stories @toooldtodate | Wrote a few rasslin’ books | All things NXT over at
TheShreks Illinois, USA It’s 9:03pm. Why is that loser still talking?! How many lies has he told so far? I have retreated back to Netflix. #SOTU You can save your illogical arguments for someone else. Thoughtful, civil discussion accepted. No need to be rude. We all want what’s best for America. NO LISTS
strwberryjello krpoc.lit/illit.maybe?nsfw.18+ Today I rearranged my desk a little bit! How is it looking so far? 「 ғɪɴɴ ᴍᴏᴏɴ 」 ㅡ just a boy obsessed with plants and bullet journals!
streetXXtrash Harlow Essex, UK (uʍop ǝpᴉsdn) Would you ever consider a very long distance relationship? — depends how far away it is. i habe only been with people from like up north in the UK. furthest away i guess. Self-deprecating humour & very foul mouthed. Staffie mum. Horror movies, gaming, NJPW, booze, sarcasm & reading. I host @CTGYpodcast. Talk about epilepsy alot.
laurencaporimo Brooklyn ny @JuJuBeeGrrl How far is it from the port? office assistant intern
tthomasuscu Can’t imagine drug companies care to hear what POTUS is saying about cutting drug prices. They make billions on Americans who are ill and dying. They haven’t had a conscience thus far, and it seems like POTUS is risking a loss of their support. HOW will you cut costs? #SEGL102
MaXx__Wolf__ idk help me im lost @laurenrosedawk And? How is it going so far?! It’s different here in America for me, but I personally like college/uni a lot more than any of my other education years. they/them💜YouTuber? in a sense.... author,photographer 💜there's always something to laugh about 💜#OneOfUs
cloudjmnie 09/28 a question for the tl: how far do you think is too far when it comes to shipping? there’s constant issue with ship wars and i want to know what everyone thinks is acceptable and unacceptable i beat jungkook in roblox death run and now he won’t answer my texts // was @allegsa
Luis_Z3phyr11 California, USA @jessphoenix2018 It's sickening how he's using those families as an emotional piece in his argument for a wall. Where were the invites for all the families who have lost a loved one in all of these mass shootings by white citizens? This POTUS is far below that of scum. When you feel like giving up, remember why you were hanging on in the first place.
jclap84 Bedford, PA How is it that you’re wearing an organized outfit that displays your pride and excitement for how far women have come in the modern world, and you can’t even stand up to applaud for women’s success at the #StateOfTheUnion ? “Why does there have to be laws against this?!?” -@Tan_O69 🇺🇸Out of Many, One. 🇺🇸
JoshuaPotash Queens, NY @RBReich The question is how far from normal, and how dangerous, will his own party allow him to be before they do something about it? The fight between people trying to get by and the rich who want more is the fight between good and evil.
PastPerfectsale West Hollywood, CA @tedcruz Oh my god I can’t take how far your head is up trumps ass ... a true politician. I can just hear you. “Donald you talk about my wife you cross the line “. Your such a wimp ! Did you tell your girls about it before you took a pic with him at White House ? Kiss ass!
Resistadelphia1 United States The lies, the twisted numbers. How may orgasms has Mike Pence had so far during the speech? Or is he faking it? #Fauxtus Liberal, Gay and voting at the ballot box, with my feet and my dollars!
realPitBullDog Lakeland Tennessee @ImStillaYankee @mugs10 @BigJoeBastardi Worst winter ever in Tn. The part of the country where he had his coldest forecast (the SE US) is well above normal so far this winter. Joes job is to spike nat gas futures. He even admitted to it. How is that not corrupt? Alliance of therapy dogs. West Tennessee therapy dogs. Making the American PIT BULL Terrier great again.
DavidMaswary NY/Rio de Janeiro @kenaviba @GPFutures @JacobShap @OneColeAltom I obviously know Brazil and Argentina much better, but Venezuela is do far down the rabbit hole, I find it incredible that open revolt hasn't taken route. No food, no government, 3 million refugees in 4 years. How has this not boiled over? I'm curious as to what it would take Interpreter/Translator/Copywriter Polyglot MMA/Grappling/BJJ Fighter Investor/Geopolitics Student
ParentingCake USA @BlueCollarRisin That looks awesome!! How far is it? Helping moms and dads become parenting pros! Newborn Tips | Baby Bonding Ideas | Tons of Positivity! Check us out on IG!
AlexChaudhari Elmhurst, Illinois @omarteran19 @blissfull8674 @DDayCobra And I even looked at the quote he’s complaining about. He’s complaining about how a movie is like activism when it reaches far and wide. Isn’t that what franchises in movies are supposed to do? Gamer. Trump supporter, Assassin (As in fan of Assassin's Creed), #MAGA, #KAG and future founder of a far superior America called Eternal States of Freedonia.
AngelSpit_ My bed 🛏 how is one as perfect as you?! — I’m definitely not perfect. Far from it. 💖💖 1/14/19 @PuppysDaddy1 💖💖 My owner ^^
Lady_Bennett Elkhart, IN @sheikhofchic How is it going so far? I'm skipping the first bit. I wanna catch @staceyabrams though. Mother of one beautiful son. Makeup lover. Karaoke is a hobby. Singing is what I have to do. Appreciator of fashion. Proud liberal snowflake. Cheesecake expert.
Equivo_Kate @kurteichenwald Is this a joke? Remind the republicans how to behave, they need it far more than we do. These words are lucky I'm even writing them.
AmberIVYnoRose 📍GA @SheJustCallMe_2 How many is it so far? Jeremiah 29:11
weeknighthero United States @royalforge How are you liking it so far? Is it any good?? Name: Kent // Streamer: 5-8pm PST on M, W, Th, F, Sat // PhD Student //
ThomasBatesIII It looks like Pelosi just said, “How can you prove this?” Agreed. All of this is nonsense so far. #SOTU
Madelin68785335 the constitutional convention By supplying all these facts about how his presidency has been so far and what accomplishments it has seen, Trump is hoping to encourage voters to support him in 2020. Will it work? #ncdsapgov ap us gov!! #starsandstripes #ncdsapgov
clairealvarado_ near food It might just be me, but I feel as if Trump is saying these things to see how far we’ve gone back since all those accomplishments. I appreciate the positivity, but where’s the current reality? #pols2470extracredit love is patient | utrgv
printingstrings he/him @makotoadmirer How is it so far? Interested in languages of all kinds, but too busy to stick to any one of them ; I'nahchyo Kihtee @ Balmung ; GFL: 391 ; tweet at me in Japanese ; 🔞NSFW⚠️