Donald Trumps day so far-

Donald Trumps day so far- Colin Powell endorses Joe Biden- Bush and Romney refuse to support Trump- Ben Carson total meltdown- Trump caves withdraws National Guard from DC- Hows the food in the underground bunker- Trump is going to prison- Its still only 1019am

PalmerReport Los Angeles, CA Donald Trump’s day so far: - Colin Powell endorses Joe Biden - Bush and Romney refuse to support Trump - Ben Carson total meltdown - Trump caves, withdraws National Guard from DC - How’s the food in the underground bunker? - Trump is going to prison - It’s still only 10:19am Political analysis ahead of the curve.

goldenglobes Los Angeles, California "When you sit down to write something, there should be no guidelines. The main idea is not supposed to be, 'How many different ways can we sell it?' That's so far away from the true spirit of what music is." -Prince #BornOnThisDay The Official Twitter Account for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and the Golden Globe® Awards.

jk_rowling Scotland Sarabel, how can you be only 9 years old??? This is one of my favourite King Freds so far! It's an INCREDIBLE painting and really does show the king as a handsome pop star-ish figure! I also love the detail on his clothes - beautiful work! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #TheIckabog Writer sometimes known as Robert Galbraith

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superchrismarsh United States @BakaOmubo Mine is on the way, how you like it so far? Co-Founder and Director of Research of the Omni-African Collective YouTube:
SHattrick England, United Kingdom #bristol Bristol has a Labour mayor, Labour led council and has been for years, how come the statue has not been removed prior to yesterday? Fence sitting, endless meetings. As far as I can make out the mayor's excuse is it's because he is black wtf that's not an excuse. Sarcasm falls out of my mouth, just like stupid falls from yours

KartikeyBhatia3 Victoria Island, Nigeria @ggknoth @Michelle_TCL1 Hi GG yes that’s an amazing idea! I am a writer too and I am looking for a good platform to start posting work and monetizing it. Where did you start to post and how is it going for you so far? (Instagram: kartikey.bhatia)

SaneQuite United States @MickGooren @MNiTwining @davespade35 @ChidiNwatu @realDonaldTrump @BarackObama @BillClinton Yeah so I know where it is, it’s also how far from America??? Sane Individual, believe it or not.... I don’t post much, more here to comment on the hysteria that has become the Country we love. Bless our souls.

hoshi_kurai Lost In Translation. @RealCandaceO Is it wrong to find a brain erotic? You have a sound mind.😉 Keep up the good fight. All lives matter. Most of these whiners never left the states. Come to Japan or China and see how far the why me shit goes? Truth is stranger than fiction.

ReavisJoel How do you organized criminals want to take it? Before you know it the CIA is going back downtown to fun you far away and make sure you never leave your fucking home again. CIA will treat you gangs like KU students and scare the hell out of you never to come back downtown. I Am An American Farceur & War Profiteer.

Nobby248 Wales uk @SirWilliamD Go to our museums, galleries and public parks/town centres. It full of art, monuments and images of unsavoury people... celebration of these figures is where the problems start. British history and world history is full of such. How far back can you go? Old Testament? Thoughts Old soldier

_AndyHemming On't Hill. @MethodiaModels @FenrisGames I look forward to seeing it... how far from the top of the queue is it? Born to party, forced to work. Screaming Argonaut. Not fast, Occasionally furious.

angelof_d Calgary, Alberta @gpusch1954 The question I haven't seen asked is how far can they stretch qualified immunity before it breaks? Political opinions galore. Abandon hope all thee who enter here. I delete my tweets periodically. So if you look and there's nothing there, that's why.

KellyMartin_UK Gloucester, England @BraddAaronF @piersmorgan Lol 😂 sure...or the aliens came in, which is a big possibility, how about our cathedrals? Many died. How about knocking down colleseum in Rome or take all places where terrible things happen and build on top of them and pretend it didn’t happen? How far are you prepared to go? Author of 'When Everyone Shines But You' | #MentalHealth Blogger & podcaster | Former Radio Producer & visionary behind @PeaceRadioUK

andrewpclark London @Phillip_Thomaz @BBCr4today @JustinOnWeb @BBCsarahsmith @bbc5live Phil, how did you do at school? One Internet article is not the way we judge a life. There are some excellent biographies on Churchill that would fill in the gaps. He was far from perfect but boiling it down like this suggests you lack critical thinking. Unhinged political junkie. COVID19 expert since 2015. Expert on PPE like everyone it seems. The opposite of #FBPE so quite normal

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keane_of @Mamabear1710 @JD42019682 @QDigitalArmy1 Normal might be the wrong word, because that was far from normal. I just think they didn't move in that madness. How bad does it have to be that POTUS is isolated on Airforce One? Bush did it on 911? I don't know? It's all a puzzle with the pieces falling into place. WWG1WGA Q sent me

BraveMuslimBoy Pakistan @LadInUS Sir both parties? Means a party that wears it and a party that gets to decide how they should wear it ? As far as compulsion is concerned I have said it 'no one gets to decide it for other.' You may have personal likings for e.g I prefer modesty but I shouldn't compel others The world today needs brave muslim boys but I would stand at their fall-in and eat popcorns.

CathersMcG Scotland @mcbainne Is this some sort of gaslighting agenda to make us forget the motives and actions of the far right? Claiming there was no "racial tension in the UK, based on race"? What's it based on then? I'm going to have to read up on the NF. See how they use language to explain things. Rebellions are built on hope! Dons Rule