Donald Trumps day so far-

Donald Trumps day so far- Seven year old girl dies in one of Trumps immigrant camps- This is murder- How can this be happening in America- When is enough enough- Trump is the one who belongs in a cage- Lock him up- Its still only 820am

PalmerReport Los Angeles, CA Donald Trump’s day so far: - Seven year old girl dies in one of Trump’s immigrant camps - This is murder - How can this be happening in America? - When is enough enough? - Trump is the one who belongs in a cage - Lock him up! - It’s still only 8:20am Palmer Report: timely, accurate, honest political analysis. Followed by President Obama. Blocked by Donald Trump Junior. Do the math.
ggreenwald NPR is apparently a notoriously pro-Trump outlet devoted to disseminating far right talking points. How long will we have to wait before someone accuses it of being a Kremlin asset due to this heretical article on Mueller and "collusion"? Journalist @TheIntercept - author, No Place to Hide - animal fanatic - HOPE (- IG: glenn.11.greenwald
JARiiseOfficial Can’t even count how many times I have been called a Ginger c***. I even still do, especially on twitter.When it gets to a point where you expect it and think it’s ok.but is it though? Let’s love football and support different teams, have passion. But know when it’s gone to far Official Twitter account. CEO of Europe Global Finest Athletes jriise.gfa@gmail.com Manager: Erland Bakke: +90015200 erland@motormouth.no
ZakuulanFlame (Time crash AU) Suddenly all the Jedi are missing.... And she needs a healer for this arm. Lovely. ..... How far is it from the plaza to the temple? #SWRP ( art is not mine) song: Love the way you hate me, by Like a storm [Walking nexus, fluid, Dark bias] FC:Lzzy Hale Under the watch of: @LordofTorture
OGHomme Mancave @RoyalHotnesz [Open my mouth to say something but eat the cake instead whilst glaring] oooo killer heels how you gon walk home in them I wonder. You know how far this place is from the Plaza huh? Would not wanna be in your shoes right now haha get it Throw me to the wolves and i’ll return leading the pack (RP, FL, 18+) #Seperated
waywardriot icon: kenzichi @aestheticriku how big of a leak was it?? like is it something that seems further in the game? (im just trying to figure out how much is spoiled so far) david | he/him | 20 | mainly kh | very tweet heavy | local vanven stan who can’t shut up about vanitas
khalidkarim @tooovooooo So... 15 minutes is about 1 km slow walk.For cycling it's 3 km or something. Now...let's find solutions that can double the walking and cycling distance w/out "additional discomfort". Hv u tracked how far u walked each time u go to a shopping Mall?
MakeWay4smile Crying at 3am, turn on the 🔔 How do you prefer to travel? — Depends on how far it is, since I had motion sickness | Banner @eeelzzza2 | Group Chat: We All Love You (DM me to enter) | Overly caring
JohnnyKanuk Ontario Just caught up on #TheRookie and how can it just keep getting better? I really enjoyed ep 7 I think it is my favorite so far.
katie_torres San Francisco, CA @shaunking Seriously, why the fuck do we let it get it this far? How do we let a woman tie back her hair, pull out her keys and umbrella, and start swinging before someone steps in and is an ally to a person being targeted? I was about to close the damn deal with the Vermont people. (She/her)
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OptiUnderground United States @kylebobbydunn @LeylandKirby @Spotify I need to hear it. Can't imagine how far out it is, considering part 4 was wild territory. Unless he bends back toward recognizable sounds here? music blogger. new shit, old shit, weird shit. also sometimes I spout opinions on capitalism and shit.

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