Does he know how many

Does he know how many people lost jobs in blanket factory shutdownsHow many families shivered in cold winter because they werent allowed to use coal-burning stovesYes pollution is very badBut theres a difference in how govt tackles it This is far from accountability

LiYuan6 Hong Kong Does he know how many people lost jobs in blanket factory shutdowns?How many families shivered in cold winter because they weren’t allowed to use coal-burning stoves.Yes, pollution is very bad.But there’s a difference in how gov’t tackles it. This is far from accountability NYT Asia tech columnist, WSJ alum. 袁莉 Views here are my own. Tips to li.yuan at DM for Signal

Carra23 Liverpool How far offside is allowed before it’s not a c**p joke?!! Offside no matter what interpretation will always be about being one side or another of a line & there’ll be hundreds of tight calls. #VAR Family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 LFC⚽️ Sky Sports📺 Telegraph📝

Nigella_Lawson London I went to school so far back in the last century, so it may well be that things have changed, but was anyone taught civics at school, ie how this country is run and what parliamentary sovereignty and our (unwritten) constitution means? Nigella Lawson's eating - and other - updates. If you need to contact me for work, do not do so here, but email Jonny Geller gelleroffice@curtisbrown.co.uk

Globalist_Mo Mostly UAE at the moment @NGrossman81 I mostly concur, but perhapsimpeachment proceedings will be divisive only if *unsuccessful*. How far can the process can go before a majority in the Senate is necessary? If the Senate can stop it early, Trump will call it a win and the US will become even more polarized. Just a casual account to respectfully explore a few private observations.

duelistjax @DimitrisTvGr It's HILARIOUS how far people have to stretch to attack Greta (and barely scratch her message) "Greta, didn't you know plastic is one of the most widely used materials on earth? That means if you touch anything at a supermarket your message is invalid!!!" This was supposed to be a meme account but now it's all politics... FUCK

everceee She/her! it wasnt even real horror but this is exactly the reason why i cant do horror......it sticks with me too much. i start thinking, how far am i from this villain? am i just a bad person sitting underneath a decent facade? what would make me snap and start killing my friends, etc Hannah/evercee• Pretentious fine artist 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈• you can contact me at hgpasedag@gmail.com

MotherResister Northern California, USA @objkshn I know he’s not going to resign, but seriously, how far is this thing going to degrade and what kind of crazy shit is he going to pull to try to save himself? We’re all going to have to descend into this madness, as if it hasn’t been bad enough. Married | Mother | Accountant | Dog-rescuer 🐾 | Immigrant 🇨🇦🇺🇸 | Atheist | Feminist | Liberal AF | Retweeter | #ElectWomen

tweet_brent31 Central Alberta How do you know when you hit rock bottom? Everyone says it only goes up from there. Just be nice to know how far down it is... Site Supervisor-Central Alberta Fencing, lv4 Hockey Alberta official, beer league GM/backup tendy, slo-pitcher (Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a battle)

mike91005108 @Twitch how is it possible that @Twitch is so far distant from its user base? how is that possible?

ultramanjones Atlanta @NPR How about turning around and RUNNING? No she shot out of an instilled self-righteous judgemental attitude instilled in the far too many cops everywhere. EVEN if it were her own house shooting so fast is a reaction of a person who has little regard for human life, besides her own. They are all crazy, brother. Don't try to find one that ain't crazy. You just have to find your flavor of crazy.

FrankKemp3 United States @LaurenGallaway How far is it from the wifi? I edit. A lot. Most recently Stick around for the weirdness of Frank From Twitter.

MollyDa89236229 Portland, Oregon @SarahLongwell25 But is it really doing the right thing or is it self preservation? Either way I'm glad if they flip but we can't forget how far they let this catastrophe go and they need to pay with their jobs come election time. Just trying to get thru each day with a little dignity #votebluenomatterwho 🌊🌊🌊

realExGman Florida, USA IF history teaches us anything re current circumstances, is that the proletariat NEVER rises against a totalitarian gov't until it is already too late. American men have been far too docile (amiable) for many years. Truly, how many of YOU have ever been in an adult fist-fight? • Christian • Vet • Anti Communist • Anti Zionist • I do NOT stand w/ Israel • #1A #2A #Trump2020 #MAGA #ΜολώνΛαβέ Read: The Progressive Virus @ link

memobug @karenamyatt @thehill @manuelofreire @IvankaTrump How would resignation protect anyone? How is anyone’s inheritance at risk, regardless?How would the Republican Senate find any basis for conviction on charges as weak as these? This is a smear before the election, and that’s as far as it will go. Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. - Thomas Paine #MAGA #KAG #TRUMP2020 #PATRIOT

chicagownage CHI @TuckerCarlson How far can you and @seanhannity get your tounges up eachother's anuses? And when @realDonaldTrump gets involved, do ya'll double team his stinkstar & race to see which one of you can suck the most shit out of it, or is it more like a #HumanCentipede kinda thing? If you aren't living on the edge then you are taking up too much space.

LuigiValeno Boulder, CO Tweet for class: One thing that I have found fascinating in my CMCI-2030 course so far is our discussion of conversation. It has me asking the question, "Have we forgotten how to talk to one another?" There is nothing in this world that I care more about than I do music. I am always seeking new inspiration in all parts of my life. To love is my only way.

ConradTheGreat1 @SenpaiRingus How is it so far? I was thinking of getting it, but I'll have to choose between this and Modern Warfare in my current situation. Reformed Christian. Best State: Texas! Here for the Halo. Libertarian/Republican. (Depending on what you mean by the term...)

Bigrich104 @EWErickson Is this how far Never-Trumpers will go to sustain their TDS? Deny Biden's own bragging that he did it with Obama's backing? Disgusting!

ccfaille @JimOstrowski "So far as I know...." -- how hard have you looked? And are you simply hoping it will never occur to them? Bribery is rather explicitly there in COTUS. In impeachment context. I'm pretty sure you'll hear of it frm others than me, although I guess I'm happy to have been the first. Uniting Rothbardian anarcho-cap with Jamesian pragmatism. I blog here:

AFilindra Chicago, IL So far for three years it has been "managed" @realDonaldTrump ? There is actually room for more chaos? How? Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago. @JournalREP editor. Politics and history nerd & food lover. But mostly nerd.

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