Do you know how tough

Do you know how tough it is on a platform dominated by the far left to get and trending That is how bad her tantrum looked to America

CarmineSabia Do you know how tough it is, on a platform dominated by the far left, to get #PettyPelosi, #PelosiTantrum, #PelosiMeltdown and #Classless trending? That is how bad her tantrum looked to America. Christian conservative. Managing editor. Writer. Yankees fan. NRA member. Israel supporter. To hire me to write for you contact carminesabiajr@gmail.com.
WalkerBragman New York @MikeBloomberg During the Q&A, Bloomberg was asked about the inequality crisis around the world: how it's fueling the far right and what business leaders' responsibility is. Bloomberg's answer? It's not a crisis because the poor have cars, cell phones, and "72-inch TV screens." Journalist, JD, occasional cartoonist, 🌹. Shares medical crowdfunding. DM me
joncoopertweets New York This is NOT cool, @BernieSanders. It’s bad enough when your rank-and-file supporters act this way, but it’s far worse when this hateful garbage comes from one of your leading surrogates. If you can’t control your own campaign, how can you be trusted to run our country? Chairman of @TheDemCoalition; formerly LI Campaign Chair for @BarackObama. Any endorsements here reflect my personal opinions. Views=mine #ImpeachmentTaskForce
nickswarb Oxford, England @SENwarriormum @rondelle10_b Far too many variables to make a judgement: who are they with? How will they get home? Is 17 different from 18? At 17 the 70s I might make it home by 2:00... “Sing me frumsceaft.” Tutor/researcher of those things in childhood that make up what Susan Cooper calls “the catch of the breath, the lifting of the heart.”
rmcline59 United States @thehill Just WHAT DID THEY DO? YOU CORRUPT PART OF A WHOLLY CORRUPT FAR RIGHT and, lately, most Right, CULT? All you can come up with is something that you people would do. It's really sad. You Fools don't know how many you have turned against your party. Including me. Single mom. Love my family, friends, my country, and, especially, my Lord. I believe, I KNOW, all people ARE CREATED EQUAL. Men and women.
kibe_kahoro Nairobi @Sameerbry @AonjelaPel 😂😂😂 how is it going so far? Music, adventure and friends.
Okhamiogue One might be able to do a whole lot of things at once, the question to ask is are they being done well? It makes me to remember the common saying that "it's not how far but how well" If need be to decide between giving time to doing A BIG or NUMBER OF SMALLER THINGS... An optimistic and firm individual with blessed mind towards everything about life.
newsnet___ Arizona City, AZ Translate this: How real-time translation breaks down barriers when you don't speak the language Lost in translation? AI-driven machine translation on your phone, computer and smart speaker has gotten good, but it is still far from perfect. bit… Is ‘news’ an acronym?
erock23175 @MrBrendanJay You really have to take the CSW/Satoshi problem from a wide-angle view before you understand that he is a sociopath, and is making most of it up as he goes along. How far do you think he would have gotten if his investors dealt with the level of shit the judge has?
tanya120284 and sister do not think I can live alone. "How are you going to get to work? how are you going to get groceries? how are you going to eat when you don't know how to cook? You do know that where you want to move to is too far from where mom and I live, right?" It's questions like "Wonder is the desire for knowledge" -- Thomas Aquinas #albino #disabled #visuallyImpaired #legallyBlind In a relationship with a beautiful girl named Alex.
i_M_wat_i_am hyderabad @cinnabar_dust Come on it is the producer and without black money india can't sustain. Many families or business in india practise or do business in black money. It is hard earned. Money How many muslims or Christians are raided by income tax departments so far ?? Hardly 2% of them... I m one among the idiotic and selfish bunch of fools... Trying hard to come out of it.
PodcastJump Chicago, IL @eyyohbee Didn't catch the stream, but how is it? I was seriously torn between this, Dead Cells, and Salt and Sanctuary. Absolutely love Dead Cells so far, though Podcaster, dog father of three, editor, and snake handler. I rant about Mega Man, JRPGs, comics, stupidly difficult gaming achievements, retro games, and MMX7.
ameliaburgs Brooklyn NY @madeline_starr wait how far back? that's v annoying especially for host-read ads that are like, part of the episode! dynamic insertion is only allowed if it's objectively just a commercial the 54th ranked shuffleboard player in brooklyn. news archiving @ nbc. opinions mine you can’t have them. she/her

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