Dear Rest of World Let

Dear Rest of World Let me introduce the new civilian street patrol in the West Midlands ENGLAND Diversity is our stre ermMulti-cult erm women are equa oh bugger it Just how far are we from sharia patrols in the West Midlands

KTHopkins Dear Rest of World. Let me introduce the new civilian street patrol in the West Midlands, ENGLAND. Diversity is our stre.... erm.... Multi-cult.... erm... women are equa... oh bugger it. Just how far are we from sharia patrols in the West Midlands? Telling the truths not being told. My supporters lead the way. Sign up: E: katie@katiehopkins.co.uk Office:mwc@khp.ltd

neiljonesgoal Liverpool, England Klopp on Solanke. "We will see. It was brilliant for him. Nobody should worry about the future of English football, eh? It's difficult for Dom, that's how it is. If he continues like he did so far, then everything will be fine. He's our player, & if I decide, he will stay." #LFC Liverpool FC Correspondent for @goal, part of @performgroup

BryantMckinnie New Jersey & Miami I just feel @ this point it’s two games left, start looking fwd to the off season & seeing how & what we can do to help moving fwd. This season is too far gone @ this point. What’s y’all thoughts?🤔 2001 National Champ (University of Miami) & Outland Trophy Winner, 2X All-American,1stRd Draft Pick (7th overall) Minn.Vikings, #NFL Pro Bowler, SB 47 Champion

judyhoppszpd pt-br/en just putting it out there in the universe that I honestly deserve a legit nice guy, alright? 'cause all I've got on my list thus far is childhood sweetheart turned (then) closeted dude; a man-child with bad breath ; & a psycho/semi-stalker who really knew how to kiss. every now and then I fall apart

GianniVoices Ottawa, Ontario @RyanCentral_ but like, it keeps hitting the same note over and over and over. And again. It's like drowning in lavender infused milk. Honestly delete all the characters and just make it like some indie exploration no dialogue shit is how I feel so far but the gameplay? fun, I like it a lot Voice actor! #Battlerite, #DeathBattle, #Tower57, #FistfulOfFrags and more! Need voice? GianniVoices@gmail.com! Art by the love of my life, @MKDouma6.

tylfoster 07112 @M_Malgieri Nah not yet I gotta get down there. How dope is it? I’ve just been to FanDuel thus far. Parlay I took over on Washington and Oklahoma and the under on Florida and Georgia Tech WQHC. Mr. Irrelevant Podcast:
steve_tunder @LenaHorn99 @ReligiousJrny Yeah lets see.....ham sandwich indicted. No longer indictable because it was eaten. How many prosecutions that lead to removal from office? -0- Hmmmm....what is 0 x 23? ZERO....0.... So far no evidence after 2 freaking years of any wrong doing by POTUS. Math? 15 million for 0?

Thelullz 20.2763° N, 73.0083° E HOW MANY SO FAR HAVE BEEN JAIL UNDER "POCSO" ? .MERELY MAKING LAWS WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM.IMPLEMENTATION IS KEY & BEWARE TOMORROW SOME ACTIVIST MAY TRY TO MAKE IT LEGAL BY CITING EXAMPLE OF A 377 5-year jail for child porn possession, no baiL मेरे द्वारा किये गए सभी tweets काल्पनिक है,जिसका किसी भी व्यक्ति से कोई सम्बन्ध नहीं है.यदि किसी के साथ साम्यता पायी जाती है तो इसे मात्र एक संयोग माना जायेगा..

pattipetersonny @realDonaldTrump @USTreasury @stevenmnuchin1 In other words, Steve is out of your administration by the end of the year. How many people have left so far? For sure, it’s a bigly number.

HassanBadema Nigeria @Bluestallion10 @DrJolaoso @awesomenez_slim @cashoggy @ogundamisi Good morning! By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed, keep reading. None of you seem to answer my question - Poverty, Kidnapping, Insecurity, Lack of job and Healthcare, how far? It is not by inflation Grammar like I mentioned earlier. RTs aren't endorsements

Laurie_Kikora Tulsa, Oklahoma ...it’s clear this man is pushing for violence & even civil war. How far are we going to let him go? We have to stand up to him. The very fact that the Republicans are letting this slide, shows who they really are. Nothing but racist elitist only wanting to line their own pockets laurie.a.hicks@gmail.com

slondonuk UK - London I’m watching #AirforceOne and can’t believe how far fetched it is. The US President in it is brave, clever, likes black people & is fighting Russian baddies. Who wrote this crock...? TV Man; Media bod, ex-Journalist, Dad/Hubby. Only opens mouth to change feet & all opinions mine and mine only. Tweetito ergo sum. ‘Mildly diverting’.

realpalmtrees11 @Statsmanuk @explicitleanos @imacelebrity How is it lies when he DIDN'T pick the 2 of the 3 people who won the chance of them getting the care packages. Oh and calling people cretins isn't being troll? I'm not ashamed of myself at all, far from it. Thank you. I'm me: dog walker by trade, love them. Rescued by my little rspca boy, Archie. My ramblings about nowt in particular 🌈🌈

DeeSnuttsss Georgia @jessesingal How the hell far away from that do you think the United States is? We already have identity politics and affirmative action. Giving people extra points and privileges solely on the basis of race or class. Give Equifax a chance, they'll come up with a way to score it. Boom, done. ... ain't no thang but a chicken wang

booatticus63 long island ny @dougered @KathleenLincol9 @OMGno2trump What do you think Trump's end game is? To cause havoc & make Family $$? It's not entirely clear to me. Don't get me wrong I want Traitor Trump gone but just not sure how he saw this ending. So far he's gotten a free pass but I hope the Dems get him out. Independent

yuurusai @SylvanFlux 3) blood dragon and far cry 3 are redundant (play blood dragon instead it's extremely stupid), 2 is ??? (can't play i get motion sick) 4) stalker is so complicated and bizarre i couldn't figure out how to play it and i've spent 5 hours trying to learn one an unfathomable disaster of man that somehow still keeps chugging | Bemani | 美少女げー |日本語ok | Opinions do not reflect employer

takeitorkissit Florida,and New York USA @SonjaRDupree1 @socal_chi @jenonbandwagon @GodOfHentai88 @MichaelAvenatti @PatServatius Follow the money Sonja. Something is up. Why are these Republicans so far up Trump’s Ass? He’s making them richer and they don’t care how they get it. I have never despised Republicans as much as I do now. Crooked, Lying, Cut Throat Bastards. Working mom, Democrat, love of God, Family,Country 🇺🇸and My Job. Comments are are strictly personal, I block Idiot Trump Supporters,Lock Him Up🤡👺

barbara_lampkin The most western/northern border town in NY for now. @AllAmericanGi16 Ah, it's becoming clear now. In the water or the air something's altered the minds of some in AZ which could explain the senatorial election results and the disgusting behavior of some young children. How far will it spread? Is there an antidote? Is there hope for the future?🤔💉 🇺🇸The God who created us is the force behind all good and the defense against all evil ☦✡ Clergy widow|WWII AACorp SSgt dghtr|Civil War Gen Wm Sherman dscndnt

PepsiYourTeeth Utah, USA Just how far does freedom of religion go? How much does it protect? If a religious practice is evil & abusive, should it be protected? I think not. “There is no good government but what is republican.” John Adams, 1776. Will willingly shout into the Twitter void even if no one hears. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #MAGA

King_ExDEATH @PilesOfRocks @MaskedNozza @IGN @WatchMixer @hellogames Pretty much ME:A 2.0 where people said anything just to get 5 secs of fame. So far, there's a lot of people enjoying it. False, it is $20 lower like most games that came out recent. How is it that ppl find things to do in these boring worlds? Not every game is about killing love to game, cook, explore, debate

samjarvis49 Beach, Toronto, CA🇨🇦 @Rubiconski @Kiwi_CGFX @TaggartRehnn @Jr3597 @reddogsusie @msmorgan1968 @leighjalland @WinglessBird_ @Jasamsdestiny @BadProductionz @CassJSpring @Alt_ReddTruq @Barbann56 @Barbi_Twins @RJ_Cal 700 is far too many .. makes one wonder what percentage will be claimed. Everybody must know they're there but perhaps some aren't prepared to take care of them yet as they're trying to get their proverbial shit together. I can understand some but 700?? Well see how it plays out. Love animals; hate haters; detest injustice and $GREED😈 UPSETTING ANIMAL PICS?? ANIMALS LIVE IT 😢 🐶 🐱🐰🐒🐋🐕🐬🐯🐣🐯🐘🐻🐃🐖🦈 🐄😭 Sophie/Lake Ont.

Mickey37454183 @StephenKing The movie you are watching is so far out of your intellect, the end is near can you see it yet? How does it feel to be the one everyone is laughing at?Mabye if you jump up and down you can stop what's coming."NOTHING" Mother of 3 Grandma of 2 all men. God is good! #GENERAL FLYNN#MAGA#KAG

Acuriousdog Bloomington IN This is the theme to Garry's show, the opening theme to Garry's show. Garry called me up and asked if I would write his theme song. It's almost halfway finished, how do you like it so far? This is the theme to Garry's shandlings show. Artist and writer with ADHD. I've started a million projects and finished 10. Not a stand-up, but still funny.

AlyseSteves Atlanta, GA Allyson Owens only wanted to help the human race. She wanted to bring them a better way of life. Instead, she was tricked into starting the Cleansing, and now the human race is facing extermination. How far will she go to stop it? EBOOK ON SALE NOW! #ScienceFiction and #fantasy #writer. #Author of #SciFi novel Child of Humanity. Fantasy #childrensbook Savannah the Kind coming January 2019. #writing #editing

soBrittanie New York, USA Like... if the police banded together with white supremacists at that time and organized to burn an entire town down to the ground with the people in it... why is so far fetched to understand how police interact with black ppl today? Like that mess ain't coded in their DNA. Smh 28 | Try Jesus. Don't try me. 🤗

TariahStillDraw Chicago, IL I like how both Golden Kamuy and Dorohedoro are both so similar??? Well, not In plot OBVIOUSLY but at least, as far as how easily likable majority of the characters are and the dark humor mixed in with gore ajsjsj. Dorohedoro is just actually WAY more excessive with it. WAY MORE. ||DO NOT REPOST MY WORK|| I post doodles and maybe rant a little if I need to.
jm_tan62 How is it no matter how far I am from Walla Walla I always run into another student???? Like just ran into my lab TA??? always anticipating change

MattAudiophile New Zealand @LizzieMarvelly @mstevnz I think comparing likes to comments on a topic is not a fair way of understanding what the public thinks. How many people like it because they like you as a person? It's far easier to click like then it is to actually type out a comment. IMO it's just not a fair comparison SEO Consultant - Umbrellar, DJ MMA Fanatic, ­All thoughts are my own, not my employers

JamesAddison BC, Canada @jesselearmonth Didn't read the article, but my big question is: How would we undo this atmospheric chemical dimming? You know, in case we go too far, or don't need it because other factors cause temperatures to drop. Husband/Dad, tech #founder @ 3 #startups on the #westcoast. Late bloomer on the acoustic #guitar, and only person I know who doesn't like #coffee.

NDslane @NoLayingUp Is there a side bet on how many times “apropos” is said??? So far each have said it.

_mufeeeda How you finding mistborn? — i’m reading two books simultaneously (which btw is a no-no) so I haven’t gone far but it’s alright for now. civil engineering | 🍜

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