Dear Decent People Who Voted

Dear Decent People Who Voted for TrumpThis is a kind of a disaster isnt itIt would be nice if you could admit that your vote then was a terrible mistake but your silence now is a far more grievous oneWhat are you waiting forHow horrible does it have to get

johnpavlovitz Wake Forest, NC Dear Decent People Who Voted for Trump, This is a kind of a disaster, isn't it? It would be nice if you could admit that your vote then was a terrible mistake, but your silence now is a far more grievous one. What are you waiting for? How horrible does it have to get? Author of 'Hope and Other Superpowers.' Unapologetically committed to equality, diversity, compassion, love, and justice.
sciam New York City The hunt for habitable worlds and the search for extraterrestrial life: how far have we come in 2018? Here's a thread of our most popular stories on aliens this year. #TopScience2018 Awesome discoveries. Expert insights. Science that shapes the world.
funder Putin must be cashing it all in. Pulling out of Syria, and now Trump is removing sanctions on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s company? I wonder how far our useless Republican Congress will let this lifelong criminal stay in power for. It only gets worse for Donald from here. Co-Founder/Lead Investigator @TheDemCoalition. Host of #DworkinReport podcast. Proud member of #TheResistance. Democrat. Helped uncover #TrumpRussia.
bschnatterly21 Cranberry Township @Big_DC_21 @sean_odonnell6 They play a team like the saints so well yet lose to Oakland & Denver. We know they have more talent so what causes these ups and downs? It happens far too often with this team to not question how it is being run. Top down W&J baseball alumnus '18|Seneca Valley '14| 2X PAC & WPIAL Champion | 2017 DIII World Series runner up | RT/Favorites not endorsements
PenningWyse @GagnonGaming Awesome man! How is it so far?! XBOX/PC Gamer... Twitch Affiliate Beer reviews, events and chat Plenty of Games to go around!
PSD3618 Huntsville, Ontario, Canada @SamuelLJackson How the muthafuck is he "70"??? That can't be right! I don't believe it! As far as I am concerned he's still 40. I'm a 21 year old Actor/Singer and Writer. I'm loudly opinionated about a lot of things. (For professional inquiries email: Patrick.S.Dempsey@outlook.com)
jhunt23 Buffalo, NY @MSNBC Bernie has no prayer whatsoever of defeating Trump. Beto is so far above both of them it is not even funny. Can you imagine how unhinged Trump world get trying to debate @BetoORourke ??? Omg it would be worth the price of admission.
brentsobleski Cadiz, OH @geneclemons How so? The Ravens were 9-7 last season and already had the league's No. 1 defense in place. The Browns were a complete wasteland last season with a seven-game swing so far. Does it take more than QB? Absolutely. But it's undeniable the impact Mayfield is having on entire org. NFL analyst @BleacherReport, contributor @TheOBR, comic dork, pro wrestling fan, beer snob, husband and father, aka SOBO. Livin' the dream.
moshpitgirl Cartref yw lle mae'r galon Frightening to think of what will continue to happen to more poorer or more vulnerable people. Older people, children, disabled. How far does it have to go before something is done? How many more people have to become homeless, hungry or die? #universalnightmare i'm just a loser with the blues. i am also a big fat nerd 🤓. Sharing my issues with the Twitterverse, whether they like it or not. #talkaboutmentalhealth
alyssa_falcone discord says you're playin __! how far are you? i'm not playing it. this is my emotional support menu song Texannn. 25 I also go by tittyphat
1beardedgolfer Lexington, KY @GorseNod @gfordgolf @tonyjdear How far is GCA away from this cycle of minimalism's high water mark? Also, in 30 years, what are the important courses that mark the pendulum swinging back to grander course construction? Is it Arcadia Bluffs South? Is it the remodel of some of the PGA courses? #GCAThoughts Realtor, golfer, #GolfChat, UK fan, father, husband, dog walker, and publisher

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