Chairman Schiff is a patriot

Chairman Schiff is a patriot And hes right the Trump campaign colluded with Russia Period Thats a fact The question is how far did it go We need to see Muellers report

funder Chairman Schiff is a patriot. And he’s right, the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. Period. That’s a fact. The question is, how far did it go? We need to see Mueller’s report. #IStandWithSchiff Co-Founder/Lead Investigator @TheDemCoalition. Host of #DworkinReport podcast. Proud member of #TheResistance. Helped uncover #TrumpRussia. The #TrumpLeaks guy.
spikesmag IG & FB: spikesmag "Where I come from, a rural farm in southern Ethiopia, that’s just the way of life. Need to get water for your family? You run.  Buy some things at the local market? Run.  Get to school, no matter how far away it is? Grab your books and run." WE LOVE | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | Bringing the world of track and field to life. All things running, jumping, throwing & racing. Powered by @iaaforg.
Mo_IbrahimFdn Updating skills & strengthening mobility are key to retain and make the most of the human capital in #Africa. But when it comes to digital accessibility, how far is there to go? We'll be talking #AfricanMigrations, youth, jobs & mobility at #MIFAbidjan 👉🏾 Official Twitter account of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, which supports good governance and great leadership in Africa. #IIAG #MIFPrize RT ≠ endorsement
DrBrooksRousham Suva, Fiji @WomenReadWomen This is fascinating and to the heart of the issue. How, unless you're a woman, can you 'feel' like you're a woman? What is feminine? As far as I can tell it's all stereotypes and none of my girlfriends conform. I love the outback.
mirajelaa Malaysia you can legit see how far it is from the field to the girls dorms and i find it unfair that boys get to go on a bus from class to dorm but girls dont get that from sports to dorm??? r’s
How far is it?
docfarai Ikoko kwandiri @cdesetfree @mdczimbabwe how far true is it?? and shows that anyone can be bought....and i mean anyone? I can't describe myself in words. I'm simply beauty with brains
BradBraus Kansas, USA I Like It! Does This Make Any Sense? I Think That This Is An Obvious True Statement! He's An idiot That Doesn't Care How Far He Goes So That Is Not To Be Person That Has Concern For His Own Family So How Could He Ever Care For This Country! # Selfish Greedy Wrong Motives Period!
Steve_S_1967 Santa Monica, CA @certainlee3 @Michael86171616 @sam72692 @stephan632 @SuperPatriotone @StappElizabeth It's amazing how much undeserved credit Trump gets. Obama is far more responsible for the US having more job openings than job seekers. Do you really believe it's because of Trump? There is some crap up with which I will not put. "We all lose if we embrace ignorance with open arms." #Resist
meetumashankar Chennai @AmanKayamHai_ET @Nidhi Is this allowed? @ECISVEEP how far can democracy bend and it is not long before will break? Free and Fair election? #LokSabhaElections2019 #Elections2019 IT Professional
UltamisiaReal @realMrRikkles @ShadowBanished but how is that going to far then it is this type of experience they're going for? Me and a lot of friends play ed the series because it's challenging and there's no illusions about it. To pass Giant's tomb, you need specific weapons you grind for. it's the game's gameplay loop i draw stuff. Obsessed with Mass Effect, Halo, Gears of War, Borderlands, Xeno (Series), Overwatch / Pharmercy MAY INCLUDE ADULT CONTENT! 🔞
Steve_S_1967 Santa Monica, CA @l_jxson @leene50 @DanCrenshawTX @benshapiro @TheEconomist It's amazing how much undeserved credit Trump gets. Obama is far more responsible for the US having more job openings than job seekers. Do you really believe it's because of Trump? There is some crap up with which I will not put. "We all lose if we embrace ignorance with open arms." #Resist
cbcoger Missouri State University else right to liberty? How far does liberty extend, is it just democracy and self determination or would one include consumer protections, affordable housing, and healthcare into the definition. 7/7 @MissouriState Junior: Political Science; Foreign Affairs. @MOStateSGA Senator, @MSU_ModelUN, @MSU_Forum, Debate, @MSU_Chess, @mostatepad. cbcoger@gmail.com
cbcoger Missouri State University say that killing someone would be the violation or someone else could say that simple emotional abuse is a clear cut violation of your rights? How far does the right to life reach, is it acceptable or a crime for the government to order executions of those when individuals 2/7 @MissouriState Junior: Political Science; Foreign Affairs. @MOStateSGA Senator, @MSU_ModelUN, @MSU_Forum, Debate, @MSU_Chess, @mostatepad. cbcoger@gmail.com
TheLastDruidess California @BurgerKing In this age of instantaneous communication worldwide how is Burger King so far behind that it takes 3 weeks to get an electronic coupon out? I'm not holding my breath waiting for this coupon. My guess is going to be closer to the end of the bball season. They're hoping you forget Author of The Last Druidess - An act-adv series about the convergence of bloodlines bestowing lost powers upon a teenage girl with whom the world's fate rests!
FlatsRuin The question is who is in it? How far does it reach? Does Edinburgh need a Robert Mueller? Certainly looks like it. Just look at all the signs or no signs. No billboards, no signs, no posters, no notices, no leaflets, no stickers Please retweet and Share our Facebook Page (since 2014)
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pwaggoner7 Colorado @ChrisCuomo It's as stunning as it is obscene that Trump displays no hesitation or regret for lying about a man whose 7 year old daughter just died. That, plus his mockery of refugees, speaks of a lack of empathy and conscience that should genuinely frighten us all. How far will he go? Writer (who isn't?). Defender of animals, kids and this lovely blue planet. Determined to be hopeful.
podcastbymata youtube.com/thepodcastbymata How is everyone's Friday night going? I'm enjoying it so far! Drinking a few and thinking of doing a show! This might be a wild one if it happens! Anyone wanna call in via Skype? 18+ We Podcast info from Sports,Wm Softball, Adult Industry, Music/Modeling, Gamer! Find us on YouTube (18+account) Graduate of univ. of Trial & Error
RaiAtulRai New Delhi Imagine..'famous' names with 1000's & Lacs of followers were pedalling #FakeNews ! How deep is their hatred for @narendramodi and BJP ?? Modus Oprendi is simple : *Spread Fake News.. *Retract later.. *In the meanwhile, followers spread it far & wide.. *Mission accomplished !! Avid reader...believes in saying my mind and give it as it comes. RT are not always acceptance or confirmation .....
DenishLawrence Boston, MA When you think it’s enough it’s not when u think you’ve maximized your true capacity your not even close the sky is the limit how far from the sky r u? And when u hit the sky keep going cuz it ain’t ever enough don’t ever settle don’t ever stop go until the last breathe of air 💯 I’m a stepfather to a beautiful little girl. I’m a boyfriend to the most beautiful woman in the world!! 27 year old aspiring pop singer tryna make it!!
ann4lucia Carazinho How far is it possible to live with pain? just one thing.
misslainamae Everything in Ohio is measured by distance to Cleveland. “Oh, you’re from Troy? So like, how far is it from Cleveland?” Me: “It’s literally on the other side of the state.” Writes for KentWired. KSU. News junkie. Pen hoarder. Story ideas? Tips? laina.yost@gmail.com
Ryan57017243 Gold Coast, Queensland @Jedi_Archivist @HamillHimself But you listened to them when they kept pushing this Russiagate garbage for 3 years? Barr is an ass, but to think how he is the single person that is keeping 2.5 year investigation from it's conclusion is simply incorrect. Far more factors at play here. Moderate Libertarian, aspiring entrepreneur and pilot that is terrible at making twitter bios.
DeplorableLucy4 Florida, USA @Matt_hewH @TomHill31672547 @Kevin_Clutch8 @LandofOzJazzFan @VP @EricHolder @POTUS Whew! Am I ever glad you pointed them out to me too. How ever did I get this far without you,Matt? You know what they say: "Behind every smart woman is an even smarter man whispering the answers into her ear." It's a good thing I'm also adorable for all those times you were AWOL Christian,Pro Life, mom and grandmother, Opinionated, but respectful. No personal DM's. Thank you, Pres. Trump! #MAGA @POTUS #QAnon #WWG1WGA #WalkAway
Ragnarok_FGC Blood Flow: Haven't used this one but considering how good Blood Ball is already I could see it being a valuable addition to her build. Will experiment with it this weekend. Retch-Rebution: Used this a handful of times. Prefer Boiling Point thus far. (4 / ? ) The Eater of Worlds: Free Agent Business Inquiries- CxRagnarok@gmail.com #TwitchAffiliate #YouTube Partner Community Streamer @NobleGG
esseeeayeenn This is a very interesting thread. It raises real questions about whether we should and how far we can stretch notions of equality to respect cultural differences. Can equality mean different things? (I don't think so.) Le méchant sorcier de l'ouest.
JessicaJFulton DC Whenever im in LA, I’m always taken aback by how far I have to travel to visit friends because it’s so spread out. How is this sustainable for people who commute here every day?!? Econ Policy Director @JointCenter. Board Chair @blackswanacad. former @equitablegrowth @dcfpi @chiurbanleague. @UChicago & @DepaulU Grad.🔺🐘 #myviews
yung_phos the wired @DrCullenPHD how is the gameplay so far? i really wanna play it but i've never been huge on dungeon rpg's max/20/genderqueer/gynesexual/they/them/steam: yung_phos/psn:stampface1/dm's are always open uwu/play p4a ultimax
lizinthelibrary Anchorage, AK Anchorage parents, how did you do in the lottery? Annabelle is really far down the wait list for the charter school we wanted, so it’s a good thing we love our neighborhood school too! librarian, youth services coordinator, reader, dreamer, crafter, cook, mom, feminist, ally, gun sense advocate, work in progress, Christian
NusratHMoore London At that time I did not know what a cemetary was a metaphor for. Now my educated guess is dead sorcery as toilets are live sorcery. Do you know how massive the cemetary I saw? I did not see but a non-Muslim cemetary but it was as far as the eye could see like in the pic Anti-misogynist award winning writer-director and photographer. Class of 1439 of Al-Quran at The Ahlul Bayt Institute. A Nisaan Nabi of Rasulullah. Salawat.
DahlSabre Yeah, yeah, I know. When you can do it already. And the answer is so you can do it. From REALLY FAR AWAY! Like on the ceiling and shit too with those mag-locks. And they're like 'oh what dude but Maya was in front of this how is this possible?' Then BLAM! Guns & women. And sometimes dudes. ⠀ [[ Post-BL2&TPS || Art by kanatariaaaa ]]
MattWebblol Cheltenham, England @dannydoes As a Chelsea fan, is it unreasonable to think that because we won the league a few seasons ago, not competing for the league this season shows how far we have regressed? #CFC
Alakotila Midwestern United States @C_Dobbins I have to wonder how far spread this is? I had a vague @ some time ago, but I am thankful someone pointed it out. I don't want other non binary people to feel unsafe with seeing it -_- hnnngh. I hope these sparkles are safe. I love fantasy & sci fi! I make SFF comics w/ sweet romance: Spidersilk, Sunlit Silence, Fell Swoop💗💛💙 They/Them! 🏳️‍🌈Support my comics:
KelliThornhill1 Midwest @RealSaavedra @idawhannadoyou Why would she? She’s as devout as it gets. Her beliefs are not compatible with our Constitution. Not even a little bit. Speaks volumes about how lost MN is. MI is not far behind. Obama flooded those states with his brothers for one reason only. Dirty 🐀bast*rd. #Trump supporter from day 1 Blocked By🤣Jake Tapper🤣 #MAGA #BuildTheWall #ThankGodTrumpWon🇺🇸followed by @GenFlynn🇺🇸@DrGina
casunilkejriwal Mr Ambani, how far Jio's looting policy is correct? They neither respond to the emails nor to the tweets which shows that it is all intentional. Pl look into d same and stop this immediately @UfterYou @aajtak @ANI @ZeeNewsHindi @ndtv @abpnewstv @toi @TelegraphNews @indiatvnews