BJPs idea for the empowerment

BJPs idea for the empowerment of women is far fetched dream away from realityThe is just a glimpse of it How will criminalizing Muslim men will embolden the position of Muslim women

nadeeminc New Delhi, India BJP's idea for the empowerment of women is far fetched dream away from reality. The #TripleTalaqBill is just a glimpse of it. How will criminalizing Muslim men will embolden the position of Muslim women? Chairman,Minority Department,AICC. Media Panelist AICC, Former National President NSUI ,Former National Gen sec IYC ,Ex MLA.Tweets=Personal, RTs≠Endorsements!
BayleighDaily To the person who is continuously emailing my father & his job about Chris...STOP. Idk how your hatred has extended this far or long but you have taken it too far. Why attack my fathers job? It’s not his fault ...Ive tried blocking, reporting, cbs and the cops. Make it stop YouTube - BayleighDaily. Instagram - @bayydayy / @bangingbodybay. Miss Missouri USA 2017. Big Brother 20. #SwayleighGang #CurlyGirl #Queen.
JLew1050 Toronto How important is it to lead the Clippers out of the Lakers' shadow? Kawhi: "As far as the last few years, as far as a basketball standpoint, the Clippers have been better." Okay, never mind. Lakers fans fuming now too. Toronto Raptors NBA Beat Reporter @TSN_Sports, @TSN1050Radio, Facebook: IG: jlewgram Snap: jlewenberg
Donaldphejane JHB @encanews invites a #ReputationManagement expert, suddenly the guy is a #PoliticalAnalyst and talks about his view of what is happening in the #ANC, what it does and what it doesnt do for him 😂😂 He goes as far as saying he has no idea how @MYANC won elections, really though? Opinion is like a butt, everybody has one, so do I...
smonkerino Cleveland, OH to the ones brave enough to sit through the chance album, how is it so far? cause bitches be so corny, they is full of corn- Chief Keef, 2015
Rilwan_AM Sri Lanka Interesting pre-season so far, certainly seeing an identity being formed by our style of play, the high press is amazing but is it sustainable with the crop of players we have? Can't stress on how badly we need a CM and a CB, could swing our season. All things Man Utd.
aktahi Az IN SHARIA LAW, AN ACCUSER AND 2 WITNESS BACKUPS IS ALL IT TAKES TO CONVICT. DOESN'T THAT SOUND IN PRINCIPLE EXACTLY LIKE HOW THEY RAN THEIR LITTLE COUP? All the bad actors are all so far up the mooslim bro hood, so corrupted away from the American mind. 55, F, happy loner, off grid in the forest ha! Hard Core truther, old school. PATRIOTS. NO TRAIN ADDS #ISTANDWITHTRUMP, QArmy Constitutionalist ChristWarrior
DAAMoney12 @TheRoddyP @RaidersToVegas @JasonCole62 @RussellRivera How is it unfolding so far? #RaiderNation #Lakeshow #Dodgers and two kids that drive me nuts but love em.
lexa4404 Mood: 24/7 @ school 🤣🤣 How weird is it that it’s already been a whole year in this program???? It’s crazy how far we’ve all come and we only have 10 months left 😳😳
UltraViolenceYT Adelaide, South Australia @MadZenMoment I love those maps. Dunno why everyone hates them. Only bad thing about Citadel and Firebase is how far back the spawn areas are. Equinox should just be a rare pick. It's nice having long range fights. Same with Firebase and Citadel I suppose. How about map voting? :D If you have time to kill... Twitch channel can be found here: | Twitch Stream Schedule here:
Wizza362 England, United Kingdom @MikeLUHGszn And how has that worked so far? I gave up my season ticket, stopped going to games, stopped buying merchandise. Glazers will remain whilst money is being made not because a banner flys over the stadium. I’ll own being a dickhead if it means I’m not inciting hate. There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is Yesterday and the other is Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and Live.
joseykinss California @naijadaddy How is it so far ? 🇰🇪 sad creative
Midgard8_3 Kitchener, Ontario @Rory__Walker @crankyhumorist @John25232301 @clairlemon @jordanbpeterson Mother of conclusion jumpers !!! DUDE!?! How far up Satan's a-hole did you have to reach to get THAT conclusion? Or was it up your own? WTF is wrong with you? Seriously, argue your point if you're serious (vs. just trolling, which I'd understand .. it's Twitter afterall) 🇷🇴🇨🇦IDK you, why would I give you ANY info? ASK, I'm reasonable enough to answer, but I'm NOT Politically Correct Also, I got de-verified, idk why ask Twitter
collin_ph Jim Carrey did an interview and it really makes me sad for him.. "What are we? Why are we here? And the answer to both of those questions is: nothing, no reason, as far as I am concerned." When asked how he arrived at...
lunared0 @Razerwire9 Sadness! And yes! D is just killing it being amazing! How many things is he involved in so far? And of course your little girl is keeping your hands full of smiles, sass, and posing! Games, Movies, TV, Music, Dancing, Smiling, Making and eating food...I'm here to be with my friends. You got me!
LuisAlbertoEG Santo Domingo, RD @TheOfficerTatum Ok I admit it, I really like Obama, he was awful, but there is just something about him, like he is a true leader (a shitty one but a leader nonetheless). But I cant help but to wonder, how did the far left grew so, much under his administration and they never pushed back on him? Un simple observador de este decadente espectaculo llamado vida.
AlphaGarg Rio de Janeiro, Brazil @GenesiusWolf Okay, here's an idea: how far is too far? Could be any specific thing, could be in general, could be several specific things.. I think it's a fun question to ask regardless what exactly you go over. A Brazillian 🇧🇷 game developer, fan of Quake, Half-Life, CS, Battlefield, Burnout and NFS. Proud furry. No pronouns. Also the man behind @hl1remastered
OpenAudible @d1Vinman @supersync @BetteMidler How is he lying? Name one thing in the dossier that has been corroborated that is damaging to Trump. Obviously the Cohen going to Prague would have been a big deal.. had it been true. Same goes for the Pee Pee Tapes. But so far, zilch.. prove us wrong. One piece of true dirt. OpenAudible is the best way to download, convert to mp3 and manage all your audio books. We love (but are unaffiliated with) audible.
MEKyriakides Cyprus Why throw money away? Throwing money on media because it is 'fashionable' makes it untrendy! Use #Malls #Roadside #Sports and & you will be surprised how far you can go with your brand. 👁✅😀 #AdBoard CEO of International Airport Advertising Corp (IAAC)-a company different from any other provider of airport advertising, using state of the art media solutions.
FretwellCory @KamalaHarris How many more times are You going to say this. And why is it OK for You to take executive action but not the current President? Don't think You have to worry about it though. Highly doubt You will make it that far.

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