At Pakistans command Twitter warns

At Pakistans command Twitter warns me to seek legal counsel for violating sharia law How far is Twitter going to accommodate the brutal regime How much information are they sharing Home address Bank details Geotags

PamelaGeller At Pakistan’s command, Twitter warns me to seek legal counsel for violating sharia law: How far is Twitter going to accommodate the brutal regime? How much information are they sharing? Home address? Bank details? Geotags? Editor, Publisher, Geller Report Author, FATWA: Hunted in America (Slayer of dragons, Facebook follow:
jonworth Berlin This is so chronically bad. Is she ignorant or deliberately lying? Or both? It’s hard to tell. She was a Cabinet Minister. To non-Brits who follow me: this is how far UK politics has sunk. 🇪🇺 citizen, 🇬🇧 passport. Teaches @CollegeofEurope. Blogs about EU, politics, #Brexit. Travels by 🚅. Member @die_gruenen.
swarup58 New Delhi How far is it true to blame politicians for all the mess in the country? They have there share but 5 C's (CVC, CBI, CAG, Courts & CIC) are the biggest inhibitors to decision making. These "august" institutions are manned by non-politicians (civil servants). Time to introspect? Former Secretary, Govt. of India promoting #nexusofgood.
notthatPhonyWAZ Northwest Ohio @Souls_101 @LadyThriller69 @margyw123 How would you know if someone was a pedophile unless they acted on it genius? Acting on a pedophilic urge is a criminal act. Technically no the charge is not pedophilia but it would be announced as such to the general public. As far as IQ goes, I’ll compare any way you want! Dad. Grandpa. Proud American. Dog Lover. Regular Dude. Reader. Thinker.
maddox_wells Los Angeles, CA @mostlysleepless Getting stranded on an island with no food or water or way to leave isn’t a reality check tho lol.. how is that reality? It was just a disaster/scam that isn’t something that happens very often therefore far from reality love. Austin to LA // writer, artist, activist
Find out how far it is between any two cities.
kjtodd37 Hampton, VA @jenadunn76 @PalmerReport @Sparkypete777 @GOP I know you didn’t literally say it. But when we start asking “how would you feel if it was happening to you,” how far are we from turning on those fighting for what’s right, and forcing them to give into its demands? There’s no doubt, this sucks! But the @GOP is responsible. “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” - Benjamin Franklin
CRWNDKING_Brand #Celtics #Sparks @Jehwauhn 2 out of how many? Scratch that b/c I don’t wanna dive to far from the question b/c it’s bigger than R.Kelly or Bill Cosby, this is a normal occurrence. We can understand and ID that in any other scenario except this one, and that’s what confuses me... My tweets are somewhere between Malcolm, Martin, Jeezy, and Pimp C...like one day you could like my shit, then the next you block me...just sayin
PatriotJoe3 @GovRonDeSantis @realDonaldTrump Hopefully you discussed how Far Left Nutjob @AOC wants to turn Our Country into a 3rd world sh*thole like Venezuala too? Why is it Our job to save the world? We got Our own issues to deal with. Like Building a Wall for starters! A True American Patriot who does Love his God, his Country & his guns! Sorry Libs, we will Never agree on anything w/you Godless Cretins! ✝️🇺🇸🇳🇮
beautygarde Seattle, WA BeautyGARDE is based on innovation and offers clever, beautiful products... Love your lashes? So do we. via @yotpo Company
C_4_D_3 W4RN1NG @Electrify_1E @CGoatss @aitaikimochii All might became the greatest hero without 6 other quirks right? So... If he could do it with his own power then why can't Deku do it aswell? I Think that Hokiroshi has to measure or explain how far ahead he is placing Deku compared to everyone else.
diontanoto But it appears that we can't even become that; if a star is a star, then I can only be myself. I wonder how far I could go? Simple. NTU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering '12
zelos_txt Meltokio Lloyd! Are we there yet? How far is it to that storyteller dude? I’m tired… English bot for Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia.
Havingmysay2 President speaks out ......... 'do you think it is just him defending his hat?' WOW Cuomo has lost it. CNN cred already in toilet. How far can it be flushed? Looking Forward to a New Year. Exposing Labor / Union Lies.
TravisVarga Enroute to Atlantis @gregsand84 @michaelmalice @CarpeDonktum Conservatism is an ism about conserving traditions from the past because they are from the past. How far back? Which traditions? It’s subjectivism ultimately. Lover of reason, philosophy, technology, aesthetics. Member of the smallest minority. Objectivist - Reason, egoism, capitalism, romantic realism.
CEODhaval NYC via Chicago @_deepakanand @instagram How is CBD illegal black market drug? Article implies she was selling weed, but it was far from it Founder of & @Canna_Wine 🌱🍷
PatriotGirlDT How in God’s name was she elected? Part of the problem is the media is building her up and her ego is swelling and that can be dangerous. But eventually she will take it too far and the media will turn to someone else and she may just crash and burn. LEO/Vet wife, mom,G-Ma,#Conservative #Christian,#BlueLivesMatter,❤️#Trump2020, #Military, God,family, Friends,🛥🏖🍷honesty and a good book,#Kavanaugh #MAGA🇺🇸
ammohalo We saw how far “fisting” got Stormy Daniels. And, who or what is a CardiB??? Never heard of it/her. Former: L.A. Deputy Sheriff, Former LRSD/ABN soldier, Volunteer Firefighter/EMT-B IV certified.
adriana_mqw Brasil @SwissCognitive @cathybassett @pauldaugh @Accenture @DalithSteiger @andy_fitze Personally, I cannot think #AI or any other #technology without responsibility associated to it. But it is a good point for reflection: what defines “responsible” for #AI? How far we should (or must) go? 😏😉 #ThinkAboutIt Technical Specialist / IT Architect. #SAP #cloud #IBMAoT #TLCBR. Mother, Wife, Pianist, iPhonePhotographer. ❤️ #STEM #TechnicalCareer ➡️ Opinions are my own ⬅️
ericlong60 Fresno, CA How is this even in the conversation for Best Picture? The movie was incredible in how it inspired so many in the black community, no doubt, but the movie itself was meh. Infinity War was a far better movie. Romans 12:2
AaronBeDarin @HeyJoshGames How is it thus far? We got it free on PSN and was thinking about checking it out. Father. Husband. Gamer. Geek. YouTube/Twitch. Gaming Let's Plays with commentary at max difficulty. Reactions. Reviews. Streamer (10PM-ish EST). #smallyoutuber
zypisfy @geraldpayne25 @Jandrewgotsguns @StandBackUp2 @fromgoo2ulies @malo_j @blackdazed2 @Atheism_Has_Nil @CriticalCripple @zalphaprime @AndyBuzz72 @jools6691 @MaryVMos1 @orna_verum @TakeThatEpi @Schmoop0521 @JHerbatov @God2Evolution @EveKeneinan @Helge_001 @questions_faith @nullifidian222 @TheDemonEyeX @DucadiSpalato @PleasureOfDoubt @TedPerkins10 @CrispyCurry @HaircutSpock @TertiusIII @DraisyMorris @BadBunnyBrigade @Cern_lXXl @Imabrokeassfuk @RTheatheist @bobcat7000 @Mwforhr @the_godparticle @4b85e900d1ed489 @atheistic_1 @GardenerN21 @Jonywalker56 @travisdon1981 @hackenslash2 @RLBays @hauxton @Print2Fits @CollinOctantis @umfpt @Kopernikus1966 @Sikools @marcodelrio1610 You don't think that any one is trying to understand how the universe began? The very question is how we have gotten this far in understanding how it did. With the little that we know. There are two kinds of knowledge, one you live and one you experience, but you have to live the knowledge first.
ThoseSkyrails Under Skyrail MELBOURNE @SpringStSorse @9NewsMelb @andrew_lund I was referring to a trench. Even though your argument is far fetched. Im sure cats, rats & termites? will occur under #skyrail. As for your pipes comment, it goes to show how out of touch UR with the project. #SKYRAIL caused major #Melbourne city water works both ways for miles! No one wants to live under a train bridge. You don't notice a train trench if you choose not to see it.That's what's great about it & what is wrong with Skyrail
thatniqqa_nano 510//209//707 My verbal AKs slay faggots And I don’t mean disrespect whenever I say faggot Okay faggot? Don’t be so sensitive if you want to get fucked in the ass Thats between you and whoever elses dick it is Pause maybe that line was too far Just a little joke to show how homophobic you are thug in peace to my niggaz dead and gone.
crispygleesh Pompano Beach, FL @GPSloan_149 @Melodee4 @AdamParkhomenko @Alyssa_Milano The kids were already jumping around and chanting to drown out the verbal attack from the "isrealites" when Phillips WALKED UP TO THEM. How are u this dumb? Are u just too far gone to admit youre wrong now? What is it thats keeping u from criticizing everyone but the children? blem forreal
fox_feathered Forest @SocialPowerOne1 @BarneysNose It is truly mind blowing how scared these grown men are of a young, new congresswoman. She is only saying what those who voted her in want. Are they so far removed from the people they serve they don't see this? Can't they at least come back with viable input instead of freaking? Fighting for nature* Fighting for the Resistance* Any follows that support Trump =🚫
OmegaFlowey64 Barton, VT @ThumbsUpMaster I heard that Captain N is a bad show... but JO, how have you felt about it so far? Artist / gaming fan/gamer / aspiring voice actress / she/her
paddle_down Eating poutine at a rink I feel bad for Oilers fans. The Katz group has their heads shoved so far up their arses it's not even funny. How they can continue to employ the front office they have is beyond me?! Goalie. Loves poutine, whiskey & all hockey. Partial owner of a Big 4 team. Used to also speak Swedish, Farsi, Gaelic & French.
immortalyellow Universe 7 @S_G4577 @leetTRON @MarvelStudios Gary Oldman said: "At the Oscars, if you didn't vote for 12 Years a Slave, you were a racist." Really? This is the kind of thinking that got it Best Picture? How sad. Right now, Marvel's campaign for BP and the Oprah remarks aren't a far cry away from that same kind of rhetoric. Dragon Ball is my anime fueled obsession turned into a passion for health and fitness.  ❤ Vegeta. Likes anime, strength training 🏋️‍♀️ and geeky things 🤓
HariniNagendra Bengaluru, India Kempapura is near old HAL airport - a distance. It must have taken hours. I ask the grandmother - how do you walk so far? she only shrugs and says - what can we do. They live in shacks in Kempapura. Yet there they are, by 8 am. Ready for a full day of exhausting manual labour 3/ Mother&Other. Author Nature in the City: Bengaluru; Prof @azimpremjiuniv; #UrbanEcology #UrbanGeography #Forests #RemoteSensing; Sr Ed @ConLetters @RSECJournal
chancefaulkner Peterborough, Ontario. This is horrific. How far will it go? Come Lord Jesus, come. Husband to MA. Father to Titus, Ezra and Frances. Unworthy recipient of God's grace in Christ. @cfaulknerphoto @hesedandemet
sandicandie Northern New England I wonder if Obama swears… I'm serious. Well I guess anybody can keep it under wraps. But I am not happy conservative talk show hosts r saying the CR-P word. How far away is F word?Do U know swearing dumbsU down? Seriously-u will forget adjectives adverbs-the spice of life "Innocent, until proven Republican". Remember that. Gird your loins and prepare yourself for the fight of the republic
jthebombdotcom Unfortunately, those who have been indoctrinated by these propaganda mills are too far gone? Which is exactly how Hitler would have done it! Scary! God, guns and America! #MAGA "Persistence always wins over resistance!"
_chloechristy98 This is by far the most ignorant thing I’ve seen today. First we can’t dress a certain way w/o asking to be raped.Then we can’t stay out late w/o asking for it. Now we can’t go out and have fun w/o asking to be raped? LEARN HOW TO TREAT WOMEN. U CANT TAKE WHATEVER THE FUCK U WANT
trade_setup Sunshine Coast, Queensland ASX200 is extended up into resistance around 5942 and is starting to look heavy...watching for a pullback now but the question is how far may it go?!...bulls would like a pullback to 5781 but the bears may have other ideas Bringing you live trade alerts every day!

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