As its apparently isnt that

As its apparently isnt that every week these days can we please have some high profile people talking about their mental strength amp resilience amp explaining how they achieve it Far more useful than celebrity self-pitying woe is me wallowing

piersmorgan London, Newick, LA. As it’s apparently #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek (isn’t that every week these days?) can we please have some high profile people talking about their mental strength & resilience & explaining how they achieve it? Far more useful than celebrity self-pitying ‘woe is me’ wallowing. 'One day you're the cock of the walk, the next a feather duster.'

SarahLudford Am genuinely bemused at how BBC can fail to cover Euro-launch of country’s lead #StopBrexit party - when it’s covered every other party’s so far - & we got almost 1 in 5 of votes cast last week. How is that decision remotely justifiable? There really is #BBCBias agnst #LibDems @LibDemLords Brexit spokes, ex MEP. Islingtonian/Londoner/Brit/European/#CitizenoftheWorld. #StopBrexitSaveBritain #PeoplesVote. Married to Steve Hitchins.

jlist Japan How's your day going so far? Need a "Do your best beam!" to get through the rest of it? Here you go! Anime is Hitori Bocchi no Maru Maru Seikatsu. (sound warning) Providing you the latest otaku goods directly from Japan! Follow our team @JListPeter @Swaps4 and join our Discord
JmillerTV Pittsburgh PA I just googled and this is how far I got. It’s SAM! Did @kimkardashian just troll us all? 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ #kimkardashian #baby #Psalm content creator, 90’s baby still doesn’t understand fully how to use Snapchat.

thejoshl london, ontario @thediegocrespo is that really a take people had? unreal. i found the revenge plot of the first far less interesting than how this one's deconstruction of his craft (how exciting it is and how good he is at it) is consistently undermined by the realization that it's destroying his body and soul. mojito fiend, leftist, host: @sleazoidspod, film programmer & theater operator: @hylandcinema, sometimes i write about movies:
nadiadanielleee Charlotte, NC How far do you go to witness change in someone before walking away? Do you consistently try to remain a light in the dark or is it okay to drop that responsibility? Student•Wife•Mom ~ @Manny_Man33 🌎❤️

JamesGribb23 @JTrenchik @liberalmusing @Ryan_AintLyin @Taylor_LGr What is fcs? And expand my mind??? How far do you think I should expand it? Until we destroy ourselves, until there is no more humanity and we have no laws to keep us safe? Just how far do you want to go? Real talk. Help me understand were you are coming from and are going? Father, served my country in the Marines. Loves my family and God

azardsphere @kbennhold How does a prestigious media outlet get only 3 retweets on the issue of Russia it is obsessed with? Maybe cause u didn't even bother mentioning the oligarchs name, let alone how he is tied to Russia govt. (Neo) Liberal democracy vs "Putin led" far right angle doesn't help either

Bombers_Boss @mareefeb @mackenzie4brock @rohan_connolly Far out you carry on Maree, typical left thinking. How it is up there on your moral high ground? Born and bred Black and Red, EFC member...I follow back because I'm not an elitist. #donthesash #backourboys #standbyhird #WEAREESSENDON