Am genuinely bemused at how

Am genuinely bemused at how BBC can fail to cover Euro-launch of countrys lead party - when its covered every other partys so far - amp we got almost 1 in 5 of votes cast last weekHow is that decision remotely justifiable There really is agnst

SarahLudford Am genuinely bemused at how BBC can fail to cover Euro-launch of country’s lead #StopBrexit party - when it’s covered every other party’s so far - & we got almost 1 in 5 of votes cast last week. How is that decision remotely justifiable? There really is #BBCBias agnst #LibDems @LibDemLords Brexit spokes, ex MEP. Islingtonian/Londoner/Brit/European/#CitizenoftheWorld. #StopBrexitSaveBritain #PeoplesVote. Married to Steve Hitchins.
ggreenwald As this clip reflects, I do think it's legitimate and important to ask @TulsiGabbard about her views and comments on Modi, but it is also revealing, I think, that Obama's praise of Modi was far more gushing yet attracted almost no criticism. How come? Journalist @TheIntercept - author, No Place to Hide - animal fanatic - HOPE (- IG: glenn.11.greenwald
Botanygeek HOW MANY HARVESTS ARE LEFT? (A thread) According to the headlines, our soils have been so degraded that we are now decades away from agricultural Armageddon, where farming as we know it will no longer be possible. Sounds bloody terrifying, but exactly how far away is it? ⬇️ Botanist with an interest in food crops • Teaches about plant & food science for work • Columnist for @NewScientist & @ObserverUK • Lives with 500 houseplants.
sanyaxnh @NiallOfficial @NiallOfficial How far have we come, both in life and scrolling!!! I think it's enough stalking for today!! Now can you follow my instagram? the username is @sanyaxnh (just kidding)😂😂😂😂 , love you, now and always.❤️❤️ still a flicker of hope that you first gave to me, please don't leave♥️
AMusicNerd Anthony Macky’s Tooth Gap @spiderlingdaya @xX_idmocha_Xx Endgame Spoiler • Let’s be real if they are willing to kill off the man who started it all how far do you think Spidey is going to get before being sucked into a wormhole or something? simply pulling off one more surprise and IRONDAD IS CANON
javi4g You know what's funny to me right now? The fact that I can tell you how many MG's of THC I've taken because of the legality of it. 😙💨 These edibles hit right now and this movie is good as far as I can tell. IMAX in Modesto sucks.
DaMadMattster California, USA @Melanie33720945 @Seamusss2 @The_Bible_Geek @AiG How is carbon dating calibrated so that it accurately gives the results? How far is the spread of the multiple tests on a single test item with something 10s of thousands of years old? I serve the Lord Jesus, who is the Son of God, and who was raised up from the dead by God the Father. Love Prophecy.
Carl68R Hull, England #LUFC Considering how this season has gone I don't have a clue what will happen today or Wednesday. It is a lottery as far as I am concerned. Can we do it? Will we do it? Impossible to call. There are 4 very capable teams going for the big prize & any one of them could do it. #LUFC #HKR Married to @richmondjayne 21+ years. Love our 2 children & Sootie 🐶. Happy to listen but not happy to be dictated to #Respect 😀
tesfaye_ber Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia @BirhanuLenjiso As far as I know Dr. Berhanu Nega is an advocate of land privatization, how are they going to achieve such a contradicting policy of social justices and liberty? It seems they are just adopting the name regardless of its principle. Ph.D. @UniBonn|Ethiopian| Interested in Agr. Policy Analysis + Water allocation problem + Sustainable Land-use #Environmental #Modeling
ibrahmaizare Kano NG @ayshahbukar @bae_swanxy She went a bit far☺ hope the guy is not on twitter, the way she tweet about it and how she's responding looks like she does it deliberately. And i think if you're close to someone you can ask them azumin ki/ka nawa? Its just tsokana ai. Autodidact || Humanitarian || Introvert || Ordinary || Night owl || Optimist || ☕💙 Be good, do good! Atlas field Group Oil & Gas Co.
OHCATruth Sterling IL @RealCandaceO i saw a lefty say that other countries watch the same movies and have the same video games.... is this how anti-science the left has become? Our country has moved so fast and far into a secular culture, it has become a powder keg of misery. We drug our kids more than anywhere. Husband, father, son, knight, volunteer, parishoner, job creator, truth seeker, striving to be like the saints
JapanBlogList Tokyo @Level20EastGuy I’ve got as far as getting the id. The best time to try the site with no queue to get in was 5am this morning. Can’t decide what to see or how much to pay! I assume each seat you request is a separate lottery? It’s not all or nothing if you book say 10 tickets? The list of blogs about Japan. All new blogs added to the list get tweeted.
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moondropbunny CA, United States @Das_Hazel How far away is the con?? D: lately it's only been light rain so hopefully nothing hits rough this weekend Hi I'm Raquel, a full-time loser. she/they/24
IsaacNathi Worldwide How far is it from the truth that white DA members refused to were DA regalia with @MmusiMaimane face on them, does madam Helen Zille have one shirt with her leader's face?? @Powerfm987 #SAElections2019 I tweet what I like I'm the son of the soil *** product of bantu education
er_srijit Bengaluru, India @DavideSantaro How far and along is the transfer BBC reporting it's done yet? Die hard Man United Fan!! Likes to booze and party!
UmeshBasavaraja @AOSmithin How many hours will you need, pls be specific. 10,000 hours, 20,000 hours or even more? it's 47 hours so far. Ur factory is between kanakapura and Mysore road right? Are you still making Geysers? Ur ads should say "sorry water heaters we have lowered the bar".
itsrossgd somewhere far i see that you have gained a lot of admirers lately and it is immeasurable how far i am from their level. but i wonder if they write poems for you? affectionate / 04-19-19
KeepingTabz_ Rocinante @QueenOfSpunk Oooo how is it so far? The nicest Slytherin you'll ever meet..... Bookstagram 👉🏽 Wishlist: Booktube 👇🏽
noclockdude ÜT: 45.510988,-122.680787 @_Brad_Schmidt What are you implying? The timeline is pretty clear. Rushing into a domestic is how officers die. Back up is far away in rural areas. Tactical even harder to assemble. It ain’t like the city bucko. Centrist. SF Giants fanatic. Portland Pickles original fan. Perpetual Zen beginners mind. I prefer my music live.
shinsuou she/her | 18 | lesbian I really can't wait for haikyuu season 4 is it gonna be 25 episodes again???? how far in the story are they gonna progress?? please I need content shinsou hitoshi is a bitch and I like him so much // bsd + hq + ons + bnha + tpn
IanBarwise 34.0522° N, 118.2437° W @chadloder @einbert1986 @absurdistwords @someinfosecguy @IronProle @jackscerebellum @estarianne @GivePoetry1 @GOP @brysonbort Yes, let's blame all the world's terrorist orgs on the U.S. because it's their fault. Listen to how that sounds? It is ridiculous. Has the U.S. made mistakes, sure. Plenty, in fact. But I wouldn't go as far as to blame it for terrorist orgs being created. That's false. [in]security researcher. guardian of cyberspace. OSINT. DFIR. DIY privacy. steg. trust no one. verify everything. leave no trace. dad^3 @USMC(ret.)| views=mine
fred_oganga @RalphKasuku I really enjoyed it in absentia & even yearned to trek to Bondo frm Amoyo Kanyadoto.....Ndhiwa,Rapedhi,Riat,Amoyo routes are too waiting..How far is soon?
scwhorf @WSJ So it has come to this. That we even give discussion space to this topic is a shocking indication of how far we have fallen. What next? Stripes with polka dots? Red wine with fish?
Fukuhana7 Subtropics island in JAPAN @snowfairyjin @luzdalucy i see😭 it is far....wonder how long is the flight? ❤️Yunyuru Hanyu*TCC&many other skaters⛸⛸ Proud mom of Nyuru, Pon& LucyPon🐈🐈👩‍🦰 Header made by @luzdalucy
_timelessxo_ New York, USA How you going to cancel a show knowing you left it on a cliffhanger? So many unanswered questions, please keep this show on air. This is by far the best show on tv. #SaveStar It's my life, I'll live it how I please | 25 yrs. old |
Paizleygrl Queen Creek Arizona @amydiehl Anita Hill is not wrong in this statement. We must #BelieveSurvivors. Amazingly, this same scenario in 1991 was replayed in 2017. That's how far we DID NOT MOVE the needle. It's not all Bidens fault, we have had 19 years to fix this. Why haven't we? Why didn't we? Lifelong Arizonan. Tech Career Girl. Devoted wife, mom & grandma. Maverick for truth. Causes: Human Trafficking #DemocraticWomen #RESIST #EMERGEAZ
Jaime4ou Middle of NoWhere OKLAHOMA! @MicheleLPoitra I just recalled it for you. How is he my enemy? He sent Wilkie to my little town to personally AWARD my Governor (Chief) as TOP VA Program in the Nation. We don’t go to the VA. Our healthcare is far superior. #TRUMP2020 #MAGA #ChickasawWarriorSociety #DEPLORABLES #BuildTheWall #SemperFi #CONSERVATIVE #PATRIOT #NRA #2A #MolonLabe #BoomerSooner #Trumponomics