Allegations of money laundering may

Allegations of money laundering may not seem like it affects the lives of the average British Columbian But when it puts the price of houses out of reach for many its a problem How far does this alleged corruption reach You deserve answers

BCGreens British Columbia, Canada Allegations of money laundering may not seem like it affects the lives of the average British Columbian. But when it puts the price of houses out of reach for many, it’s a problem. How far does this alleged corruption reach? You deserve answers. #bcpoli Authorized by BC Green Party (1-888-473-3686)

ScottMendelson California Am I imagining things, or is this a perfectly rock-solid #AcademyAwards show thus far? It's moving briskly, the presenters are fun and relaxed, there are at least some exciting wins, the speeches are enjoyable, etc., etc. How did they go right? Film Critic and Box Office Pundit for Forbes. All opinions, attempts at humor, speculation, or typos contained here are not affiliated with said outlet.

RuvhenekoP Harare, Zimbabwe It makes me so sad when 'men of God' use God's name in vain. He is God- do they forget how high His office is against mortals? Exploiting he Church for fame & wealth; it has to stop. Congregants, do we hold our Church leaders accountable when they've gone "too far?" #pastorlukau Journalist | Radio & TV Talk Show Host | MC | Brand Ambassador |

suleolayemi8961 Valhalla. From the results in thus far, Buhari likely won the election. How do I feel about this news? I am totally indifferent. The alternative Atiku is equally as visionless as the incumbent. One day, we hopefully will get it right. Persistence is the greatest virtue of all. Liverpool FC fan #thekopp. Retired Nigerian (enough is enough)Views are my own.

MSadyH London, England How did they get all the way to Balakot? It's is 50 Km far from LOC. #Balakot #PakistanArmy #PakistanZindabad #PakistanAirForce PD in Risk Management, Oxford University. MSc Project Management & MBA University of Bedfordshire UK.Member Youth Parliament, Civil Engineer. Chakwalian

johncasselberry Simi Valley, CA Since @CaHSRA between LA/SF is going to be so far away, the state needs to act and restore conventional rail between LA and SF. We could use a champion like @Scott_Wiener to get it rolling. The infrastructure is there - what's stopping us? #rail is the how we start a CA #GND City of Simi Valley Planning Commissioner, President of the Simi Valley Democratic Club, Avid Traveller, Proud AFSCME Local 3090 Member

UKinSFO London @Bill_ee_O Erm ....well 1) genetically there is no such thing as race. There’s DNA and RNA. Full stop 2) So how does Brexit preserve this white supremecist ideal? I don’t understand how it helps. The UK now begs 4 trade deals from far off countries. In exchange they request Perm Residencies The lovely California years are over ....

td8675309 New Jersey, USA @maziehirono Don't you think it's really becoming ridiculous at some point how far you libs go with abortion? Do any of you really think that abortion is a good thing for either the mother and certainly the baby, it's legal but stop saying that it's a good thing it's kind of sick halfwit

Bettercallyogi Sitting in Dodger Stadium @DC_Douglas And it’s always the morons with 20 or below “followers” lmao this is how far these trolls are going? Wasting the Denver PD’s time 😂 A die hard sports fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Super Bowl LII Champion Philadelphia Eagles, FC Barcelona, Pumas, LAFC, El Tri, nerd/gamer🤓 LA is my home💙

drtucker54 @DougJones Will you introduce a bill to allow doctors to club a new born to death? Like we saw with baby seals That is the next step isn't it. Just chunk the new born in the trash. Put it in a sack and drop it in a river. My, my look how far we have progressed..

meilinjinlong @NBCNews @NBCNewsTHINK exactly how far reaching chen? this is 21st century, this is America, maybe for you a backwards, barbaric solution is ok, but no longer. it is obvious who signs your paycheck. Planned Barrenhood is an archaic medieval apparatus, smothered by $$$$ and lucrative selling of tissue.

UnBearJew Probably stuck in traffic. @BilldeBlasio How can you dare to close Rikers? Having a prison on an Island instead of in a populated neighborhood seems to be far more sane. Oh, and it just happens to be they want to throw a prison in MY neighborhood... This is highly irresponsible. Proud American Jew. Truth matters. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. ✡️ 🇺🇸 #PinstripePride