ARMY its time to put

ARMY its time to put Stress Yourself Again on replay How is the War of Ticket Sales Pt2 going so far

Koreaboo Worldwide ARMY, it's time to put "Stress Yourself: Again" on replay. @BTS_twt How is the "War of Ticket Sales (Pt.2)" going so far? Koreaboo is an entertainment and digital media company, that creates content focusing on K-Pop and Korea, reaching 60MM+ unique social followers every month.

theprojecttv Australia It’s #InternationalWomensDay and in the wake of the #MeToo movement, there is more momentum for change than ever before. But how far do women still have to go to achieve equality? @JamilaRizvi, @SusieYoussef, Lauren Jackson, @SenatorWong & Evie Macdonald reflect. #TheProjectTV News delivered differently, 6:30pm Sunday to Friday on @Channel10AU. Join the conversation using #TheProjectTV

csittenfeld You know how people say being nominated for literary prizes is humbling? It's not. Something that IS humbling is trying to learn to skate at 43 & being by far the worst person in your beginner class 😩⛸️ Short stories in YOU THINK IT, I'LL SAY IT. Also: Prep, American Wife, Sisterland, and Eligible: A modern retelling of Pride & Prejudice

hunterros3 @JLow161 @chick_in_kiev In what way is Zionism not a right wing ideology? I get that it may be held by those who don’t believe themselves to be right wing, but I think that’s bc of being propagandized since birth and not delving too far into how it contradicts other ethical beliefs. Just spending way too much time here.

EMMillerStudio Los Angeles, CA @PeterLe29857073 @AOC Actually, @AOC is an elected official (not a bartender) and it’s literally her job to be worried about climate change if most of the world’s scientists tell her it’s how to save lives. As far as calling her a bartender — what exactly do YOU do for a living? Freelance photographer and writer. Opinions are my own. Believes in kindness, coffee, books, art, science, magic, a free press, and a more fair & ethical world.

LincolnDrost @hiHunterHolland No matter how it was supposed to sound, the words still stung — more than he’d like. “Is that really how much... you cherish our relationship? To think I would just abandon what we had for something far less meaningful? No.” ⇢ If you want to test a man's character . . . give him power.

tinysoobi he/him ♡ dino나라 190309 ♡ hello my love! how is your day going so far? i hope that it's going as lovely as you are ~~ (which is, very lovely my darling) did you know you make my heart flutter an endless amount of times throughout the day? well you do, & it's the best feeling in the world 🥰🥰🥰 choi line enthusiast

nascar_girl_24 Ski Country @JillDunlop1 my students in Simcoe North are worth the investment..:don’t you think?!? Education should be seen as the investment that it is. Funds should not be cut...especially since we are still working /w the funding formula from 1998. How far back is your party going to go?! Wife, essential oil user, teacher, reader, crafter. Lover of 80s & 90s comedy.

Cook68442157E United States @dylanmsmitty Absolutely positively right! I will bet my retirement badges on it! They were talking about him as far back as Atlantic City! And the criminality. How in the hell do we have a criminal sitting in the Ehite House? Vetting process is for only some! Retired Cop 👮🏽‍♀️ Chicago / Army Vet, Correctional Officer Black Woman with common sense! Mother of an Attorney, mom of a Navy Vet. Grandma No hookups -no Dms

OdinBsmart Pikes Peak, c @signsoflifeJen If you are only getting it from a silver platter - you are so far behind... you don't even know, that you don't know so most haven't figured out the basis or sauced it yet. The real question is how to explain it, yet how do I know what you are missing? YEARS...feel good its... Just wandering about, looking here and there. Creator of sorts...

SchwartzD3bra Alberta, Canada I have pondered the same thought of late. How did we get so far off track. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Trust in government is gone, trust in media is gone, trust in your fellow citizen well that is...well let’s call it is near in to gone as well. What happened?

Dr_Bubbles @coreysundquist @FollowThePuck How was it ridiculous? They were outscored 18-5 and outshot by over 30 shots in 3 games. They were blown off the ice in 2 of those games. It was by far the most likely outcome, so not ridiculous at all. EP is playing fantastic, which is awesome to see but no one expected this

PopRamenComedy Pittsburgh, PA Cynophobia is a thing and usually develops early, apparently most often between 5-9. The target demo for PR is not that far off. How cool would it be as a kid to have see someone with the same issue you have and still be a hero? 9/ We are a improv and sketch comedy group. Why? We arent entirely sure yet.
How far is it?
extrafivesos and i’m so ??? why do they think 5sos are trash? is it the music? because they have bops only. they need to listen to youngblood bc it’s a masterpiece. is it them as individuals? bc that’s so far from the truth. i can’t even express how untrue that is 😤 #show5soslove | 18 | heart 5sos sm 🥺

Anoop_RK Bengaluru / Delhi Just a couple of days after Women's Day, people so far away from Alia (or even RK) commenting in such a cavalier manner. Also, this implies that Alia is dumb & can't think for herself & is just under RK's spell. Let them live their lives. How does it matter to anyone? 🤦🏻‍♂️ KA 04 & KL 11 | Strictly personal opinions - anyone thinking otherwise, it's on you | RTs / Likes are not endorsements, just mere sharing

geargolem75 Jersey @Brandon_Nocaute But the SS’s were how is it not what you watched that’s the numbers lol? I guess agree to disagree Iganov definitely did a good job but I valued even bens few and far between leg kicks over his body punches that were to the hip half the time MMA Fan, SSB Fan, funny memes fan, vaccinate your children you mongoloids

intuitivegrpco College Park, MD Do you take the time to write down your achievements? It's such a great way to get perspective on how far you've really come. This time of year is perfect for reflecting on all you've accomplished this year. #determinedtosucceed We simplify #GovernmentContracting. Our number 1 goal is to create the bridge between small business and resources. Passionate about partnership.

Adira_August under siege @BernieSanders So when do you get the concentration camp in Arizona with the kids torn down? And how is that not your first concern, Bernie? What have you done about it so far? Daughter of the American Revolution

cherieh1776 Trump’s only God has been himself and money. No other. It should be a crime against your God to have that atheist sign your bibles. What is wrong with those people? How far from reality can people get? Mass insanity. Patriot, mother, grandmother, photographer, books; don't like bullies and injustice, Ind. since 72, animals #countryoverparty #peacefulresistance #impeachTrump

BradleyNordell Lincoln, NE My cat Tesla has so far chewed through 2 echo dot power cords (& 2 laptop cords), & now I finally outsmarted him. But he did give me that look, "so this is how you want to play it? Beware, human, you've started a war you cannot win." May the odds be ever in my favor. Physicist, #SciComm, #Science #blog #writer @SciDotCoffee, #amwritingscifi, #Podcast host @SciWithFriends & futurist. Views my own.

simoirangcha Imphal, Manipur How far is Noida to Delhi? OK! coming up a new Airport (Domestic or International) in and around Delhi NCR is good and it was projected many years back.... Social Worker...

SuplexCityLimit Parts Unknown How far have the #JustCause games fallen? #JustCause4 is free on #XboxGamePass 3 months after release and I won't even bother to download it. Suplex City Limits is an uncensored comedy / pro wrestling POTcast. New episodes every Saturday everywhere podcasts are found!

dmp2you @JoyceWhiteVance How far fetched would it be to think maybe Mueller is going to indict ,say 8 or 10 all at once? All that are in a conspiracy? Or is that just stuff movies are made of ..

FakeCCA Really like how Koe is running the team but stop asking the front end if they like a shot. Does it matter? BJ knows enough to just agree all the time. Good chemistry so far..#brier2019 All opinions are those of Curling Canada.

FIRSTSAINTEVE NEW JERUSALEM aka PHILADELPHIA 💒👩🏾👑🍎 @B52Malmet What kinda sick ass games are these folks up to? I tried to rationalize her “fakeryness” by thinking she was sans makeup! If this is a #FAKE_FLOTUS, is it a bridge too far for even the most diehard Trumpers! How can you have any trust in DJT! This is some real sick shit! NO JOKE! I AM REBORN TO RESTORE CHRIST IDENTITY! HONOR THE WOOL! I AM GOD'S FIRSTBORN DAUGHTER REBORN REVELATION 3:7-13 🍎😇💒🙏🏾✝️👑✡️✌🏾❤️

DisquietedWolf La Push @BrownHairedMinx - " It's something I would have preferred saying in person but it's out there now. Anyway...how is your trip so far? Everything you imagined?" ] No matter which direction you take, it will lead you to your destiny. Mine happens to be Claire. [[18+ RP]] #Intrigued #TSO

JoshMom96 South Carolina, USA @ZacharyLevi what is "failure weight" when you work out? Is it a specific weight or is it more about how far you push yourself? I'm tryin' to edumacate myself so I don't do something wrong & hurt myself. Mom to an amazing son. Singing brings me joy. Proud supporter of Zachary Levi. Musical theater nerd Favorite quote: You Are What You Reach For~Zachary Levi

rockmyworIds Did Michael plan for that clothing line ? Is there a pic of these clothing ? I want to see how creative he was for making… — I don’t think he got far with it “Susie’s got your number”