40 I have to say

40 I have to say this feed was pretty dead on about certain folks being far too conservative in estimating how this probe will play out Its almost over Nope Flynn being sentenced means his information wont lead to new indictments Wrong So this is a bad day for Trump

SethAbramson NB: all opinions mine. 40/ I have to say, this feed was pretty dead on about certain folks being *far* too conservative in estimating how this probe will play out. It's almost over? Nope. Flynn being sentenced means his information won't lead to new indictments? Wrong. So this is a bad day for Trump. Attorney. Professor @UofNH. Columnist @Newsweek. Analysis @CNN, @BBC &c. NYT bestselling author, @SimonBooks. Proof of Collusion:
ShujaUH Jammu And Kashmir, India Building tall statues and making people euphoric over them goes only so far. It is the real work that matters. Stick to that. How clear can the Aam aadmi get? Journalist I Reports Kashmir conflict @indiatoday I Writes opinions for @dailyO_ I Views expressed & RT's made are in personal capacity.
PGSittenfeld Cincinnati, OH I have asked City Mgr Duhaney to provide an update at the end of tomorrow's full Council mtg on enforcement of the bus-only lane, specifically: - how many total tickets/citations have been given out so far to vehicles blocking the bus-only lane during the hours it is in effect? Lucky husband of Dr. Sarah; #Cincinnati Councilman; Entrepreneurial Spirit; Cheese Coney Connoisseur; Alum: @Princeton @MarshallScholar. Every day is a gift.
RobV96 Liverpool, England How u doing in your new environment so far? Is the move to Liverpool worth it? — Loving it. Still getting myself settled but I’m having a whale of a time thank you. Uncultured buffoon
ilent2 Brisbane, Queensland @MQMLab @uqomg The aim is for it to be usable by new students in our group including undergraduates. We plan to release it once the paper is finished (hopefully soon). I can send you an early draft of the toolbox and maybe we could develop new features for the workshop, how far away is it? PhD student in computational physics working with optical tweezers and beam shaping
DieselWeazel USA How far out of touch is this twat? It honestly boggles my mind that anyone can want to be involved with what he represents 🤦‍♂️ Is he going to try it? He is you know. Oh I say ! RN Vet, I'm in the pic somewhere COYS
abowley Clifford, West Yorks @Mrsorou1 @NozAhmed Look how far we've come mate. I remember us having to win against Wimbledon to stay up. '98 was it? My guess is you were barely born. We just went to the nou camp and got a result. Be proud. It's coming. Marketing man. Music snob. 3 kids. Love a retweet. Things are getting better one day at a time. #COYS
badejoculture lagos @VIKT0H @Tunnieez @iam_Davido In the music world davido is far influential than her so it’s nt comparable sef davido owns a record label ad manages many artists and made them stars she can’t have that effect in the music world u know how many African musicians look up to davido? No musician looks up to Selena fashion is the way of life