3 How wide-ranging is Muellers

3 How wide-ranging is Muellers reportIt may be far from exhaustive at least judging by Barrs summary Even its length is unclear But the attorney general says the report is divided into 2 parts

tictoc 3. How wide-ranging is Mueller’s report? It may be far from exhaustive, at least judging by Barr’s summary. Even its length is unclear. But the attorney general says the report is divided into 2 parts Global news for the life you lead.
aaronjmate Brooklyn, NY For people who somehow still believe in a Trump-Russia conspiracy telling me to wait for the full Mueller report: based on how it’s gone so far, do you really think the report is going to help your narrative? I can’t wait for the report. Contributing Writer @TheNation. Ex @TheRealNews @AJEnglish @democracynow. Somewhere between New Jack & New Age. aaronmate@protonmail.com
originalspin Los Angeles, CA “Science should not be partisan,” says @AOC in this amazing barnburner. But it is, and has been since the GOP became the party of regress. She asks why we can’t rise to the challenge of climate as we ascended in WW2; the real question is how have we *descended* so far? @CNNOpinion Skyler & @HudsonDYang's dad #TheyCallUsBruce w/@angryasianman #BLACKWOMENLEAD👇
FFiOsNY Yonkers, NY @TheKompetitor @VitaminBounce I’m assuming this is the new Mortal Combat? How you guys like it so far
Dclantis Johannesburg, South Africa Thread, I fully agree with it. Imagine how far we would be today had we banded together from the word go. Affirmative Action and BEE killed South Africa, and that's a FACT, look around, how is it working for you? It takes just one screwed up man to destroy a nation. But it takes a united nation to stop him dead on his tracks. #UNITE
CandoLalrissian @amarshsa @planet4589 It doesn't really matter how you define tiny since velocity dominates for orbital debris. Even in a galaxy far far away we know the kinetic energy of an object is proportional to the velocity squared (v^2). This is big when the impact speed can be >10 km/s. Mass?...meh. Alt-mayor of cloud city. Never froze my friends in carbonite. Don't drive after a Colt 45. Hot tub philosopher.
SouffleLumiere Seattle, WA @JonathanTMiles How is it so far? Editor @writecraftquest | Writer of YA| #Poet | Eggnog addict | BookEater | Japanophile | Ravenclaw #WickedAesthetics #writingtips 🌌🦋
ChrisDGibbons Detroit/Milwaukee @thegnc How far away from the list is Frank from making it? As somebody who has been conditioned to be against Badgers Basketball in all forms, Frank was one of the few players that made me want to cheer for them. He/him. Sad Michigan/Detroit sports fan. Wrestling/music takes as well. Sometimes writer for places like @XXL, @GBM_Wolverine, @theboombox, @PotholesInBlog
sabxcolleen out of my mind @ArianaGrande how is it so far tho!!??? your ass is grass and I’m gonna mow it
NSalwen @politico Has he made that claim before? Has he ever provided something that could masquerade as a plan "far better than Obamacare"? How long is it since he first made that claim? What would allow him to do it now when he hasn't in the past? Come on, you are the reporters. Do your job.
ShadowLeRawr The Havenlight Kingdom First time doing in suit Gonna do some.more in the morning outside where there is light. So far how does it look? I Am The King of Cookies, I Own @FurBroadcastNet I Am A Furry
GodHatesTheUSA @DescantCantus How far back is the English translation? I just bought volume 11 earlier today. It’s my fave next to Elektel Delusion Not affiliated with the WBC
rdjca4 @CoryBooker If Medicare isn't working very well for far too many seniors, how on earth is it going to work for ALL Americans? You are very WRONG, Sir. Conservative Independent and Opinionated #MAGA #KAG
snakesandaggers @_sweeterserpent "No! Fangs, it's not like that--" he realised only after Fangs reaction how it seemed. Well, in reality, it wasn't far from the truth. "It's not the same, okay? It's not that you spend a lot of time with him. Okay, it is, but... it's complicated, I just--" he cut himself off -- human embodiment of (ง'̀-‘́)ง #corvid
Robert_John6 @ArIStOcRAtE23 @cricketcomau How it is selfish innings? It's a great innings by far on slow wicket. Pet lover/ exploring the new world.
Find out how far it is between any two cities.
oceansregina unique ? maybe even special ♡ how fucking stupid are some school students ??? bc now my train is delayed bc they tried to fuck with the doors it’s not that hard to act responsible in public far out slut for swanqueen; digital artist.•ॱ♡.*◌̥*⃝̣ ⋆✩ multifandom ♥︎ ⚢
afewcrayons Wisconsin, USA @AOC You need new experts then. Because his presentation was far more believable than the GND. I taught Econ. How the fuck did BC give you a degree.? Your plan is impossible, scientifically, economically, monetarily. Trying it destroys our economy, and kills hundreds of millions. .🍺⚽️🇺🇸🥓🇺🇸🌮💒🐶
c0stc0_ch1ck3n Michigan, USA @iamdamonwilson @MikeTaylor2011 @ManitouSkipper @GovWhitmer Can you prove the link? Autism as far as we can tell is genetic in origin, meaning that it is decided long before you are born whether or not you are autistic. My source: We also know better how autism presents, so it's natural to see a spike in diagnoses. Massive nerd and meme enthusiast, Precinct Delegate in Lyon Township Precinct 9,
Gabru_Ca @YusufDFI ah, saw your this tweet after sending a reply on your other tweet about Window closing on ASAT capability possession. Can you please evaluate how far India lags behind other 3 in terms of HSGV capability? How long it will take for India? Is Brahmos 2 project dead?
QuinnRod Sydney, New South Wales how far down the pitch should a batsman be allowed to creep before he can be run out? There is a crease there...stay behind it. now available for all your JP and JP-related needs. 2002 Australian Potato Tasting Champion.
groshkovapavlo1 In Limbo @poeticdiction @Chazelena THIS. Thank you both for your (far more eloquent than my) input. UCLA is one of my favorite teams, and when I see something like this, it hurts. Like, is this how people perceive me? That makes me mad, because it isn't true. Aine: She/her. ASU Devotee. Gymnastics. Feminism. Simpsons references, and my screen name always is one. Sardonicism. Poetry. Policy. Probably in that order.
misticaax Houston, TX i don’t understand how both guys & girls be easy .. like did ur parents not teach u the value of self respect? I’ll never be that way it’s ugly & respecting myself is far more important than any of y’all & y’alls version of “living life”
DcvonGarland ᴘғᴘ: @ɪᴄᴇᴅᴄɪᴛʀᴜss @exquisetry ❝C'mon El, I gotta look good for everyone. Including pretty ladies such as yourself. It's in my job description.❞ A low wink was flashed to her direction, before he reached at his glass on the table... Which is empty. ❝So, how am I doin' so far?❞ ❝yoυ мυѕт вe ĸιddιn' мe, dιd ya really тнιnĸ ι coυld ѕay no...?❞
LamHaidee @laypics_ @eternallyixing This is so shocking, I mean It's EXO 7TH ANNIVERSARY guys, Yixing can't be excluded just coz he is less active in Korea or in group works, this is way too far and disrespectful, how these people can't show the slightest appreciation for Yixing? I am sad. Be happy, be kind, be humble, be generous, and that's all we can do.
eddiedavidson @iwrotesham @CNN @FoxNews It’s easy to spot when the right goes too far. They’re idiotic and easily ID’d; the right and center-right will call them out. But how far is too far for the left? And what Dem has EVER called out the left for going TOO far w/ their ID politics and grievance processing apparatus? Lawyer. Listener. Lifelong Learner. Loves Life, Law, Litigation. Likes Letter L. Lots. Let’s look. Let’s listen. Lastly, let’s learn. Later...
RonnieRisk Los Angeles @WWENetwork365 @mikethemiz @shanemcmahon @JRsBBQ @THEVinceRusso @TripleH @VinceMcMahon @TheJimCornette @jimmykorderas @mauroranallo @WWEgames @WWEUniverse IT APPEARS NEW YORK IS ON FIRE...SMOKE RISIN BURNIN' EYES AND HOW FAR UP MUST ONE REACH TO GET SOME AIR WHEN THE CITY IS BLAZIN' WHITE HOT AT NIGHT???
bashusofani but sperms die unless it is in a 37degC condition. how do u expect the sperms to travel that far in the pool without dying first? The clumsy kid