1 Michael Hobbes is caught

1 Michael Hobbes is caught so far down a Too Online rabbithole that he lives in a world in which Texas legislators make their laws because of who signed a milquetoast pro-liberalism Harpers letter Its hard for me to imagine how anyones brain could be so melted

jessesingal Brooklyn (insufferable part) 1/ Michael Hobbes is caught so far down a Too Online rabbithole that he lives in a world in which Texas legislators make their laws because of... who signed a milquetoast pro-liberalism Harper's letter? It's hard for me to imagine how anyone's brain could be so melted. I make text and voice words. @fsgbooks, former @NYMag. Cohost @TheBARPod, the first-ever podcast: * jesse.r.singal@gmail.com

joe_warmington GTA Can you explain how it gets Canada out of pandemic to have 3 shots and have children vaccinated? So far most infected with #OmicronVirus variant of #Covid_19 are in your vaxxed club. The virus is raging and vaccines not stopping it. How does more shots help? @CPHO_Canada Canadian

CNBCTV18News Greaves Cotton up 35% in 2022 so far. What has got the stock excited? What is its electric vehicle business and how is it shaping up? Deep dive in to Greaves Cotton on #InsideOut at 2 pm @Nigel__DSouza @sonalbhutra @CNBCTV18Live Follow business news with India's Leading Business News Channel, CNBC-TV18. For more updates, follow @CNBCTV18Live. Telegram:
Niezels @chevonster @esecs1 @RobLMyers @F1 Shootings. As having to pull a gun is a good thing ?! This is so far from how police works where I live (Netherlands). What I’m trying to see I see why any black person in Cleveland will distrust police and law enforcement. But it does not make every police like Cleveland. (2/2)

_TBeaver Grrwr Casino Also the trauma here feels very... simple? Like It's still realistic but it's not detailed enough for me to be like "wow I really feel what x is feeling" it's well written enough that I can understand why characters act how they act, but it doesn't go to far beyond that Any Pronouns / 19 / 🇯🇲 🇨🇦 / Teddy Demon Fan Account

tattooedsaltine penned by teahoe / —@whimsicaldivine— you can take some of my strength—so i’m offering. take it. it’s yours. @WHIPPERGIRLL " sure, how far is it? " ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ( parody )

Hayzee_Santiaga ÜT: 43.665932,-79.370852 Only thing I wanna know is how far I gotta run into the mall? N it’s 20million dollars n not bitcoin or sum 🤔 Owner of ScentTO.USscentz && SWEETBucketzZ // Bad Lil 🇧🇧 Jawnn from da NORFF🥶 🍁#TMC💙🏁💜Queen Leo ♌️ 💜#LLT3LLY🐝 💜🙏🏽#ChristinesFIRSTJOY💚

MartinsWorld420 Cork, Ireland @Christo09787688 @FreeOurPlant1 @sockmonster16 @BobbySmyth4 @DonnellyStephen I acknowledge cannabis is not 100% safe but Cannabis prohibition makes Cannabis far more dangerous and easier to get for kids. Would you ,Bobby and Mary at least acknowledge how harmful prohibition is ? or is it better to remain ignorant of this to suit yer agenda? This show is hosted by Martin Condon. Martin has a BSc Hons in Herbal Science, is a cannabis activist and ran as an independent candidate in Cork North Central.

Oneirataxia_1 What lifestyle changes are you currently making? How is it going so far? Be kind on purpose.

RedPillSimo Australia @LordMcBain @macsween_prue And you know this how? Natural immunity is far better than the leaky vax with a 140 studies to back it up Aussie patriot tired of the narrative - the media is the virus, switch off the fear porn. I would rather be a citizen with rights than a subject with privileges

Sanketsalke Pune, India @FaheemYounus @Nidhi Nothing like I'm super proud of it, but yes, I have got not covid so far. How? Well, adhere to basics, wash hands frequently, always wear a double mask and avoid crowded places as much as possible. Remember, Prevention is always better than cure! Cheers! 23 | SAP Security consultant | Adherent Reader | Traveller | Sports fanatic

TheDinoSociety The Dino Society @its_babyfrog It's great! Wrapped up my office work and heading towards home. How is your day so far? **SOLD OUT** 111 hand drawn 1/1 dino characters. Join the coolest society on the blockchain. Available in secondary now. Discord:
IAmOlaAkin Lagos, Nigeria I’m not one for New Years, I see every year as one, a long sequence, a part of life. However this is it - they are the pauses I need to recalibrate and check if the compass is still pointing true North. Evaluate relationships, skills, spirituality and others and decide ‘how far?’ Communications | SergioCo | The Boys’ Project | Your mental health is your prerogative.

DucatiAZ Arizona, USA @ArmyVet805 My guess is, how were we to know? We just wanted Trump out and never thought it would go this far.

huntGypseaSoul If @USSupremeCourt allows emerg use vaxes/vax mandates under Biden it sets a dangerous precedent for generations for the next admins, dem/repub alike to authorize tyrannical med procedures on the citizens under the guise of health & safety. Where would it end? How far is too far? Fighting for ALS patients, like my husband, gain access to treatments! They deserve a chance at life! Not a death sentence🇺🇸Conservative Florida/Alabama line.

Barry_Yul MTL @DantotheT1 @newsmax Plenty? How many is that? Once you get that number, compare it to the number of people who have been hospitalized and the number who have died of COVID. Then ask which is worse, by far. Then realize, vaccination makes most sense Challenging the status quo

prettymadabnana @Rakugoat How far in the movie were you able to predict? I reckon the first two-third which is understandable. The last bit came as a surprise to me to the point that I felt like it was random if that makes any sense.

NewOutlook10 Northeast, US @StillQueenie Good Morning! Happy Monday Subs! Let me ask you… how is this Monday so far? Would you recommend? Since you’re almost at lunch and it’s still early here figured I’d get some insights 😊😉 Looking gorgeous! 😍🔥. Hope the rest of this Monday treats you well! Admirer of women. Enjoyer of memes and puns. Oh…. and Excel, yeah that kind of cool. Gentleman in the streets… Freak in the spreadsheets!!

TimothyWDalbeck Somewhere in the world. @MandoBatSpidey Afterlife is far superior to the AU Ghostbusters 2016 but there are issues with the story. Janine was in their for 2 or 3 minutes and that's it? And how about how Egon absconds with ALL the equipment and the others just go, 'Well F that guy!' And what Louis? And Dana and Oscar? This bio for rent. Inquire within.

InfamousCalix Home, What is home? It's a place you'll always come back to no matter how far you've ran, because this place is what gives you the meaning of life it shows you that there is a meaning inside this cruel world. No matter how far i've ran, i'll always come back home.

MSAstro South Yorkshire From his site in southern Spain Trevor W. sent this image of NGC 1365, the 'Great Barred Spiral Galaxy'. Unfortunately for us it is in the constellation of Fornax which lies too far south, only just skimming the horizon for us. How many other galaxies can you spot in the image? Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society (MSAS) objects being: the advancement of education for the public benefit in astronomy and its associated sciences.

tappdev60193 @michaelmina_lab @jimcramer how did our own species even make it this far? how quickly our perview of history easily manipulated. There is an incredible naviete. respectfully your soap-box moment is up - the greed of the world prospered. job well done! Don't want followers. The only certainty in life is change. Math is unbiased! It's hard tor everyone to understand it. Learning is a choice, as is freedom.

DirteeDe @Richard18618097 @Jules_Cath @GNev2 How childish are you? Well he did very well for the country with his furlough scheme. It helped millions, it kept 10s of millions in work. No one is perfect, but what he’s done up@to yet has allowed us to grow far quicker than expected Maintenance Engineer, United Mad, gamer, family man and animal lover

nitesamurai India #Djokovic's case goes far beyond exemptions, visa & vaccines. Govts all over the world stand exposed. It was/is only about #authoritarianism & #control. As his dad said, it's about '7 billion people'. How many of them are going to ensure his efforts are rewarded? Mother Tigress. Homepreneur. Opinionated. Intolerant towards Sheeple. Just do your thing. Disclaimer: Follow me or my views at your own risk

100reMap How far is #Nepal in achieving the #ParisAgreement? On our blog, @bhttrpradip reviews Nepal's second #NDC. In the analysis it becomes clear: Good initiatives were started, but the allocated budget for #climateProtection is not enough! @prcnepal @WWFNepal We connect people and social&economic opportunities of #renewableenergy to ambitious #climateaction & #sustainabledevelopment strategies #Vietnam #Uganda #Nepal

AmyDickman4 @AHuebschle How is this possible? Did they have any research permits, any clearance, ethics review? Regardless of the topic, this is exactly the kind of 'research' we should have gone so far beyond: well done for you & local communities for calling it out Conservationist, mother, Joint CEO @LionLandscapes, @UniofOxford Professor, @NatGeo Explorer, ❤ big cats & wine! Views my own. RTs not endorsement. She/her.

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